Trump & The Jews

Nathan Cofnas tweets: “Trump’s biggest donors and closest advisors were Jews. Virtually all mainstream intellectuals were against him, Jew and gentile. He would not have won without Jewish support, and he wouldn’t have taken a strong stand on immigration without Miller.”

Chaim Amalek writes: “That’s like saying “Jesus’ biggest supporters and closest advisors were Jews” while skipping over the fact that but for the militant agitation of the Jewish establishment of His time – the jews of the Sanhedrin and the temple high priesthood – the Romans would not have bothered with Jesus. In the future, after the Hollywood Jews and the New York Times Jews and the Washington Establishment Jews have claimed Trump’s scalp (wigged or not), angry gentiles will come to regard Trump as their Jesus, destroyed as per the wishes of the Jewish establishment of our time. It won’t be fair, it won’t be right, but then, neither was the last 2,000 years of history for us Yidden.”

Nathan Cofnas tweets: “Jews are highly overrepresented among the top Republican intellectuals and political donors. There wouldn’t be (e.g.) a libertarian movement in any recognizable form without Jewish leadership, and even MacDonald never claimed that libertarianism is a Jewish intellectual movement.”

Chaim Amalek: “Which group benefits from having the goyim adopt a set of principles like libertarianism that real Torah Jews will never, ever adopt? If you can socially atomize those you secretly regard as your opposition, who benefits?”

Nathan Cofnas tweets: “I think you can simply observe people’s behavior and see that most people don’t tend to act in their ethnic group interest.”

Chaim Amalek: “On the issue of immigration into the USA, most non-whites certainly ARE acting in their group’s self interest. On the other hand, on this same issue and encouragement of Muslim (e.g., Somali) immigration into the US, the secular Jewish establishment is acting DIRECTLY contrary to Jewish interests. Go figure.”

Nathan Cofnas tweets: ” I don’t know about LA, but for sure less than 5% of white gentiles in NYC would agree that “America must protect and preserve its White European heritage.” But *most* orthodox Jews in NYC would probably agree.”

Chaim Amalek: “Would this question be asked under conditions of privacy sufficiently strong that the questioned believed they would have true anonymity in answering? If “Yes” then I expect many more than 5% of white gentiles would agree.”

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