Demographer Pini Herman Assaulted At Jewish Federation Of Los Angeles Meeting

Pini Herman posts:

People have been asking what happened at the Members Meeting of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles this Tuesday, on June 12.

Well, I was assaulted and battered in the Sanders Board room of the Jewish Federation of Greater LA when three people surrounded me and attempted to grab my camera and then backed off when I demanded that they show anything written preventing me from recording the meeting. This was witnessed by over a hundred members, mostly Federation board, volunteers and staff who had just been herded in from another meeting and their offices, who ultimately voted to kick members out of the Federation.

The meeting was short didn’t adhere to any rules of order required in the Bylaws and debate was cut short by allotting three minutes to speakers after the serving Chair held on for ten minutes justifying the undemocratic proposal.

Over the objection of the Chair members were given legal documents showing that the Jewish Community Foundation and the Jewish Federation merged in 1962, even though they deny that to even their board members.

I think that people that the Federation herded were cowed by the scary behavior of the Federation people running the meeting and voted as they were told.

If this stands, my opinion is that the purported central Jewish address in Los Angeles, essentially no longer exists and can speak only for the private, secluded board members who appoint each other to one another’s boards and committees…

The Jewish Journal’s reporter’s coverage of meeting was spiked and our LA Jewish paper of record has been silent on this for two months.

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