Counter-Currents & The Jews

Joe* says: I tried to post a comment on counter-currents but it didn’t work. I find they often don’t post comments that are critical of anti-semitism. They have this article reviewing Mark Rudd’s book about Weather Underground, which ends with the assertion that WU just didn’t care about the war in Vietnam, that the war was “just a MacGuffin” they used to advance Jewish interests. As far as I can tell there’s no evidence for this whatsoever in the essay. In fact they mention various bits of evidence that seem to indicate Rudd’s Jewish identity was at best conflicted and ambivalent, a source of shame. But the author ignores all that and simply points out that he “was a Jew” who “identified with his Jewish background” and “was pursuing Jewish interests”. (That last phrase seems deliberately ambiguous, dishonest. Is the author saying Rudd was trying serve Jewish interests? Of course he can’t possibly prove that. Or is he saying that Rudd did things that somehow or other ended up benefiting Jews? Which is almost certainly true somehow or other, but also trivial and irrelevant to the question of whether WU was really just aiming to benefit Jews.)

Greg Johnson should have his authors state clearly what exactly they believe about Jews, and then take on the task of supporting specific claims with proper evidence. Or maybe these guys are simply deranged by their closet Nazism. They’re no longer able to objectively assess evidence. Maybe?

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