Colin Liddell Interview

Colin has a new book out — Interviews and Obituaries:

From politicians and rock legends to famous artists and terrorists, author Colin Liddell collects together some of his most incisive and frankly oddball interviews and obituaries to build up a rich tapestry of late 20th century life and the start of the new Millennium. Among those included are “Zen pianist” Keith Jarrett, “rock chameleon” David Bowie, atomic bomber Paul Tibbets, sex-mad Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, Beatles legend John Lennon, “supermodel genius” Heidi Klum, “internationla man of mystery” Osama Bin Laden, punk legends John Lydon and Vivienne Westwood, UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, murder victim Nicola Furlong, Iron Maiden’s “Renaissance Man” Bruce Dickinson, Tokyo Rose, Hugh Hefner, and the leader of the Japanese Communist Party.

Colin Liddell is on Twitter. His blog.

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