Forward: “Is Jordan Peterson Enabling Jew Hatred?”

Steve Sailer writes: “To illustrate their thesis, the Forward put together a montage of photos from Wikipedia of Hitler and Peterson: proof!”


* I’ve read the piece that Peterson wrote that was partly quoted here. He does a back of the envelope calculation based on the idea that if white Americans have 100 IQ, and genius IQ is 145, that’s three standard deviations, and so about 1 in 1000 (99.9 percentile) is somewhere on the “genius” scale. Multiply that by 200 million white people and you get about 200,000 white people geniuses.

For Ashkenazi Jews, assume a 115 IQ as average. To get to 145 IQ, that’s only 2 standard deviations, about 97.6 percentile, so about 2.4 Ashkenazi Jews in 100 have a genius IQ. There are about six million American Jews, and if you assume they’re all Ashkenazi, that’s about 140,000 Jews with genius IQs.

If you recall stats that show things like 40 percent of American billionaires are Jews, the above back of the envelope calculation shows that’s about what you’d expect. That is, if the “You’re so smart, how come you’re not rich?” wisecrack is true.

Anyway, everyone on campus wants a piece of Peterson, because he states the truth as he sees it and lets the chips fall where they may. So, since he puts a psychometric foundation under Jewish achievement (rather than worldwide cabals), now he’s apparently an anti-semite, along with an anti-feminist, an anti-marxist, an anti-PC activist, etc. etc.

* This article finds Jews have higher levels of “social effectiveness” even when controlling for IQ.

Co-author Woodley of Menie is the guy who has the most pessimistic take on dysgenic fertility and thinks Victorians had much higher genotypical IQs.

* Peterson has a large audience now and by merely mentioning and talking about Jews, even if it’s in neutral or positive terms, he’s pointing them out, distinguishing them, which tends to unsettle many Jews.

* Peterson has decades of experience giving engaging classroom lectures and knows how to speak. And he leveraged that to become a self-made YouTube phenomenon, and then translated that into a best-selling book, sold-out personal appearances, and one of the top Patreon accounts.

What’s more, Peterson did all of this by weaving a patch for the hole elites tore out of the moral fabric of society.

Reasonable people can nit-pick the patch he came up with, question his erudition, and talk about how he’s strayed out of his lane, etc., but I think resentment explains a big part of the reaction. What Peterson is attempting — moral/psychological therapy on a mass scale, as opposed to watered down self-help bromides — is a rare thing to pull off. Maybe the last person who did was Viktor Frankl.

* That article has a lot of innuendo, without actually saying that Peterson is wrong about anything. I get the impression that truth is not the main concern of the Jews who are quoted.

* It’s savaged in its own comments. An example from a Jay Rosen:

“I am a Jew. I volunteered during the Yom Kippur War. No one defends the Jews more than I do. This article is idiotic and contemptible. It make me lose respect for the Forward and have no respect for Feldman. I have listened to hundreds of hours of Jordan Peterson and never found anything, either directly or indirectly, that was in any way antisemitic. This is a stupid and malicious article. It should be retracted, taken down and The Forward should make a formal first page retraction for its slanderous libel. No one could be a stronger enemy of fascism and evil than Peterson, or be a more effective critic. Shame on you.”

* I think the Official Narrative is that Jews in the USA are an oppressed and powerless minority who are no more intelligent than anyone else? But that the main thing is that non Jews must never ever discuss Jews, even to praise them, as this smacks of Hitler. And you must never discuss the Narrative either, you just have to know what it is.

AFAICT, Jewish success in the USA is due to a mix of:

1. high IQ (similar median IQ to that of upper middle class non-Jewish white groups), particularly high verbal ability,
2. high drive/pushiness, and
3. relatively high in-group preference (similar to that of the ‘men with gold chains’ ethnic groups).

There are plenty of other ethnic groups with relatively high in group preference, but they tend to be either lower median IQ, or small in number.
Upper middle class non-Jewish whites have a similar median IQ, but typically lower drive, lower pushiness, less verbal felicity, and either no in-group preference, or negative in-group preference – ie they will discriminate against other members of their ethny.

* I read this article at The Forward, then all the comments, which numbered 62 at the time.

Every single one of them defended Peterson and denounced the author and magazine. Those posting comments are presumably mostly Jewish.

Not one made an attempt to defend the thesis of the article or agree that Peterson might really be anti-Semitic.

A few years back “the knockout game” was a thing. It was, or at least was portrayed, as a game whereby young blacks would sucker-punch whites or Asians, often female or elderly, on the street, to great hilarity.

It was for the most part covered little in the MSM, except for a brief period when some NYC whites who happened to be Jewish got knocked out. Then for a little while it was discussed as a dangerous manifestation of anti-Semitism.

Apparently the multiple whites and Asians attacked in previous months were of zero interest to the MSM. Only if Jews were attached did they care. Despite the fairly obvious fact that no evidence was provided in the stories that Jews in question were attacked for being Jews, since, after all, how would the attackers have known? Perhaps they were just playing the game with whites and the victim turned out to be Jewish, which in NYC is statistically not all that unlikely.

* “Jewish berserkers,” namely fanatic Jewish-activist types. Their wild, ferocious attacks on any individual or institution suspected of being less than friendly toward Jews tend to drastically discourage most people from scrutinizing or investigating Jewish behavior, while often taking quiet actions to avoid the risk of such explosions.

* I’ve interacted a couple times with New York Jewish lawyers, and been struck by their incredible level of verbal aggression, they really come in with all guns blazing in a way that easily overwhelms a WASP type like me, we just shut down.

* I like SJWs Always Lie, thought his Rapid Puppies (and Scalzi-baiting) antics were amusing and am glad that he has made a go of Castalia House.

On the other hand he’s often a tiresome braggart: his high IQ, how he is a better fantasy novelist than George R.R. Martin (a generally obnoxious liberal, but touched by the fire of the gods nonetheless), how he’s going to write a literary novel on par with Murakami. (The latter two are completely delusional.)

In reality, he has written a song the ended up on the Mortal Combat soundtrack, designed a couple reasonably successful video games, had a syndicated web column, written a pretty good book on contemporary politics and started a reasonably successful small press. It’s the kind of career you would expect from really smart, immensely hardworking guy who utterly lacks any trace of genius.

What’s extra weird about this current jihad against the “utterly dishonest” Jordan Peterson is that it was provoked by Peterson’s claim that Ashkenazi Jews have an average IQ of 115 when in fact it looks like their average IQ is more like 110. Let the heavens fall!

* Jordan Peterson is interesting for the same reason James Damore is interesting. Both of them are willing to openly discuss the rotten nature of feminism in an intelligent and truthful manner. It is something that we hardly hear in this culture though it is desperately needed which is the reason people are shocked. It is certainly not because of their attractive looks.

Tucker Carlson invited both of these guys on his show for the same reason. Men and whites are the last two identity groups to awaken and there is a massive upside potential to build an audience. He is doing the same thing with whites, and his show is wildly successful because of it. With both identity groups being the last frontier for marketers and politicians and I am sure this does not make some people happy. In fact, they are many of the ones who are most aware of the potential and fear it the most.

Just as it has been said that Trump was the only guy in the room to pick up the $100 bill on the floor (immigration) we are waiting for someone to do the same with same thing with men’s issues. The fact that there are people who are ‘concerned’ should not be surprising.

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