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* I’ve been thinking a lot about “the modern world.” It does seem to be inevitable IF you accept that every individual is clawing his way to the top of the reward pile… and that hyper literacy and hyper numeracy are most deserving of reward. On those premises, something like Dubai Healthcare City will eventually emerge… but what if we had a different sense of “merit?” Could we build other kinds of mature civilizations?

So yes Jews will dominate in this sort of world. But… why is this the world we build? Is this the world god wants us to build? Is this the kingdom of heaven? If Jews will dominate modern society, why do they never turn the corner and make something better…? Do you think of Los Angeles as the best of all possible worlds?

And then I’d also like this discussion: why do Jews oppose usury among other Jews? (Answer: something like: it’s bad cuz exploitative & unnatural) — but then why not oppose it among out-group? Answer: because fuck the out-group mwhaha…

You should try varying your titles to pull in new crowds. Loyal base established—they’ll stay. Try “What is the alt-Left” or “Social Justice and the Torah” LoL maybe idk

Also you should do some Torah Talks with Kaiter. His not distinguishing much between Christian monotheism and Jewish monotheism… we can’t let that go!

Do you feel a dynamic when you’re streaming where, if you give off “positive energy,” then the chat reciprocates? I’ve been feeling this, and I can’t tell if I dislike it or not…

Like when I listen to your self-help streams, they aren’t really my speed. I mean, I’m interested in your story & happy that things have been looking up for you, but it isn’t really hitting my sweet spot lately… but I just wonder if this is another element of the e-personality. Goes like this: if you give off negative vibes, then the chat will be negative to you, and that stings… as a result, streamers will tend to keep it positive, because they seek positive affirmation from the chat.

But this worries me. It might be an incentive to white-wash the truth with happy slogans in an effort to elicit the happy feedback from the chat?

Anyway, man. I love how well your streams are doing! What you were saying last night about how a couple years ago you didn’t feel confident enough to put your face out there and do the video… but how now you’ve got better confidence. That’s huge!

One other thing: Kaiter’s claim that “people often hear the use of big words as ‘showing off,’ but listeners should simply say, ‘what does that word mean?’ ” — this could be interesting turf for talking about rhetoric and persuasion and messaging and optics. It reminds me of Hemingway’s reply to Faulkner: “Poor Faulkner. Does he really thing that big emotions come from big words?” Faulkner had accused Hemingway of never using words that would send a reader to a dictionary, but I think Hemingway’s reply is the winner.

Because if you frequently send your listener to a dictionary, they will start to *feel* their own lack of verbal acumen, and it becomes almost abusive at some point… it’s status jockeying to say “rebarbative” when you can say “prickly,” isn’t it? It’s not populist! I don’t like it! haha

But I do like Kaiter. Keep having him on.

* I never realized how fucked up I was till I started listening to Luke explaining all of his early and current life altering negative conditions. Thanks Luke.

* Hail Kaiter, the Luke Ford show’s very own “Le Chateau Autiste”…

* Can anyone give me a TL;DR regarding why Greg doesn’t feel comfortable around Richard? All I’ve seen here are his comments calling Richard a megalomaniac, etc. I’m sure there’s a back story here and/or a catalyst that I don’t know about. This was news to me.

* It seems risky to take as an assumption that we should place faith in full time scholars alone to engage in radical skepticism about publications for the highly intelligent general public. Especially for a text that has different practical utilities for different racial groups. CofC has many errors, but it also brings up crucial points that many people in the general public are unaware of whether they take interest in the alt-right or not. Factors that impact them in ways they were unaware of. CofC is an inherently racial text. The ethnicity of the reader does matter, because the text does have different racial implications for different people on the basis of race. Moreover, Cofnos’ Jewish ethnicity should not be regarded as irrelevant when considering the metaethics of his paper. It bares contextual significance due to the nature of the topic matter in CofC—Jewish intellectual movements and their influence on western culture. His race shouldn’t be seen as a purely determining factor, but it should be worth keeping in mind.

* The alt right fell for what I’m calling “the valor trap.” Manliness as a virtue is taken too far and becomes a vice. It’s taking the bait. It lost the ‘monkey zen’ part and became territorial and mirroring the left in purity spiraling.

* Proud of you luke. Really well conducted interview [with Greg Johnson]. I Think you actually are unique in that you actually know what the altright is all about. Which makes me wander why your are on such friendly terms with them. You really don’t have the excuse of ignorance! Is it masochism?

* You have a great thing on the show though. You’re fostering a really important atmosphere where alt right followers can be exposed to people and ideas they would never check out in their echo chamber and you are also really humanizing the alt right and showing their vulnerability, which is equally important. You should write a book on the subject. Would be a great way to counterpart the current discourse on both sides of the fence….

You have a knack of attracting really wise and uniquely and deeply wounded people. To be totally honest, even sitting in the chat, I feel a real sense of camaraderie amongst everyone, though perhaps I am projecting that?

I am looking forward to the frame game episode on Thursday. He’s great. I had dinner with a jewish friend last night. He’s totally based and we spent the evening railing against AIPAC and the ADL. I sent him to frame game’s channel. Gave me some hope!

Greg Cochran writes:

IN a recent conversation, Steven Pinker suggests that some students become radicalized when they find that there truths that are unsayable on campus. He gave some examples.

!. Capitalism is just plain better than communism

2. Men and women do not have identical life priorities, tastes and interests, or exactly the same sexuality.

3. Different ethnic groups have different crime rates

4. The great majority of suicidal terrorists are Islamic.

Deep stuff.

Seems to that this is an incomplete list. I call for suggestions from the audience: more such truths, more details, etc. With a little work we’ll provide one-stop shopping.


* Intelligence differences between ethnic groups have been repeatedly measured.

* We are not really on the cusp of ecological, resource depletion and malthusian catastrophes of at least 10 different flavours.

* Christianity is objectively more moral than Islam. First world countries, i.e., Christian countries are objectively more moral than the all others.

That’s why the immigration flow is overwhelmingly AWAY from non-Christian countries into Christian countries.

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