Do Jews Belong In The Alt Right?


* The “Alt-Right” is more of a philosophy and an ideology than it is an exclusive membership club. If Jews want to be Alt-Right can anyone prevent them? Can anyone prevent Christians from being Zionists?

* explicitly jewish organizations have done everything they can to antagonize and slander people like mike enoch and white nationalists in general…and on top of that, the tactic actually works…as you have admitted yourself. Resentment over this issue is just rather predictable.

* I’m very weary from the binary thinking of many on the Alt Right. They don’t seem to want any ally who offers a smidgeon of a different perspective, and they are dead-set on pursuing the perspective that is as far-removed from mainstream lines of reasoning as possible. There are plenty of mainstream lines of reasoning to wield as weapons to shift the discussion in favor of white interests and culture, but there are many who prefer the path of marginalization to the path of true Sieg. We must become humble enough to want this victory and stay on the true Kampf of recognizing the reality around us. We can strongly advocate for our interests and refuse to cuck while also not pursuing the path of self-alienation. Sieg heil means nothing without victory.

* The issue is that ‘smidgeon [sic] of a different perspective’ is coming from a hostile out-group. We’re not playing games here Thomas, the survival of our people is the only thing we care about. How it comes off, we don’t really care – so they can offer all the advice they want, we don’t want it.

* Privada Machina Again, this seems like either-or thinking that involves thinking that any attempt to reconcile survival with recognition of the outside world will itself lead to demise. But you don’t know that trying to reconcile to certain aspects of the outside world will lead to demise. It doesn’t seem to be controversial to me to want to have a good message and ethos to present to those who have yet to join the fight for survival. You don’t charge the gates of Mordor until you have had a good recruitment campaign, and our recruitment is not very powerful so far. That means a period of self-reflection to figure out a good recruitment campaign is necessary to ensure the survival of our people and a future for white children.

* When we face any criticism, it is important not to misunderstand the criticism or we won’t be able to understand reality. When I was becoming disillusioned with the Left, I noticed time and time again black activists saying that they didn’t want to hear criticism from their oppressors. This seems to be a phenomenon very similar to the one we face now. I don’t think that any movement insulated from criticism is a good thing, and I think that all movements are capable of spiraling out of reality just as the Left did when they started to dismiss any criticism from a white man.

* I truly value Mr.Ford’s channel. I think that he’s highly entertaining and his ongoing struggle with faith an phenotype is fascinating as it unfolds amidst his livestreams…

I frequently comment underneath his videos, leaving observations I doubt he would often support and he has yet to block me. So I have to give credit. In a culture consumed with status he is remarkably candid and seemingly prepared to indulge in levels of introspection that most of his “fellow Jews” would recoil from…

* Let’s face it Luke, it wouldn’t matter what you said on JF’s stream. As soon as the crowd hears you are jewish and sees your yarmulke, they are going to savage you. It’s not personal. It’s just the nature of the beast. I know I also go hard on you in the sperg chat and my fan cuts, but it is not intended as a personal attack. I use the characters on your shows as foils to bounce ideas off of. I think you are doing God’s work with your streams, but even Jesus had Satan as a scrutineer of his conscience.

Keep your chin up you degenerate Aussie.

* I think there’s a resurgence of traditionalism because at this point in time Whites are learning to reject multiculturalism, and I think the Alt-Right is part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the multiracial societies that they have become over the recent decades. The Alt-Right is at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. Whites are now going into purification mode, and nationalists are resented because of their leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.

* I think the guest who recommended you call others on their motivations is dead wrong. This sort of pop psychoanalyzing and ad hominem – well, ok, it has its place. But its place isn’t you. I think that would be a bad move.

Let others do that if it is to be done. Keep your focus on the things you have been focusing on (and you actually do that *some,* but you don’t let it derail you, and mostly you do it with respect to whether people are letting their views improve their lives or drag them down, which I think has its place).

If that commented wants to engage in that, let him do that. If you do it, it is far more likely to simply backfire. You will lose, rather than gain, receptivity. It will be more difficult, not easier, to attract such people as guests and they will listen to what you have to say even less than they do now.

It would also be a jerk move. In my opinion.

* I was red-pilled when I was 16 and I am currently 18 now. The red-pill has made me an incredibly hateful person against basically everyone. I was raised by a single-mother and have personally seem some of the awful female behaviors that I have learned about from this movement. This has made me very anti-women emotionally although I try to fight this hatred with logic (very difficult to do). I hide my new knowledge/emotions and don’t speak about it, but the hate is always there in the back of my mind. I isolated myself from all my friends because I am too afraid to talk to them about what I know, but I have nothing else to talk about. I tried going to a therapist but she kept pushing me on what my hobbies were and I couldn’t tell her about this movement and what I was learning (so I stopped going). I was a straight A student who was finally losing weight and improving myself, but the red-pill has thrown me into a vicious cycle of depression and anti-social behavior. I don’t regret learning about what I have learned about, but I always wonder what it would be like to be blissfully ignorant again.

* Travis’s songs are always a highlight. For white identity culture to become something coherent rather than a pipe dream, a folk music revival is imperative.

* My girl was sharing some comments on vegan YouTube videos with me…and it’s shocking the kinds of things that vegans and leftists get away with saying.

Outright incitements to violence and property crime, people saying ‘google and Facebook deserve more mass shootings on account of suppressing our views. Next time I hope a man shoots up YouTube because this way he’ll actually kill people.’

I can’t imagine someone getting away with that on an AltRight channel.

They also post videos of themselves breaking into farms and ‘liberating’ animals.

Sometimes, I think they do good work here. They often get tipped off by people who work at these factory farms because the owners are being grossly negligent about how they keep the animals. There are some truly horrifying things that they’ll come across — and to some extent I buy the notion that it’s in the public interest to know that these people are selling diseased, horribly mistreated animals to the public as food…

But, honestly, the fact that they get away with as much of what they do is astounding.
Symptom of how we’re living in a society where a harm-based hyper-feminized infantile pseudo-morality trumps the rule of law.

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