Chabad Yeshiva Student Kicked And Punched In Crown Heights

From the Forward:

(JTA) — For the third time in three weeks, a person affiliated with the Chabad-Lubavitch movement was assaulted in Crown Heights.

The victim, a 22-year-old yeshiva student, was walking home from the Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights when he was attacked at around midnight on Tuesday night.

The Crown Heights Info news website reported that the victim felt as if he was being followed and crossed the street, only to discover someone coming at him from the other direction as well.

The two African-American assailants punched and kicked the yeshiva student until he managed to break free and run, catching the attention of police officers. One officer took one of the assailants into custody immediately, and another officer chased after the second assailant, catching him two blocks away. Both assailants were armed with knives, according to the report. Both assailants had prior arrests.

The victim, who had fled, called Crown Heights Shomrim, who assisted in putting the victim in touch with police, and offering translating services in Hebrew until police translators were available.

The father of the victim told “they didn’t demand anything from him, all they wanted was to hurt him, to take his life,” and added “my son was lucky [that a police officer] who understood Hebrew just happened to be passing by that intersection and saw my son running for his life.”

A Jewish friend says:

>>You’d think the chabad would be realistic enough to move somewhere less colorful

They are right to stay and fight. Their resilience in the face of the early 90s pogrom directly helped lead to the rebirth of NYC. It takes time. But last time they fought for D’Amato, took down Cuomo, and helped Rudy get elected. I would say all three of those pols made significant changes. They rose up and defeated the Jewish Left, essentially. Whatever my qualms with Chabad, and to be clear, I kinda detest them, they are spiritually along with Breslov the Jewish altright. Those two sects move differently than other black hatters or the Modern Orthodox.

The masses sided with Chabad against the NYT and all of moderate liberal Jewry fell into line. Chabad is more powerful than ever although also more tied to the elites than ever. Time will tell, but they are not going to lay down and they are not going to run away.

* Goy: Both you and your friend are correct (while people like dooovid who welcome the vibrant enrichment and think it’s worth the beatings and intimidation and growing violence are wrong). It was great they stood firm in the 90s and standing firm now has some nobility to it.

However, on present trends, you’re incorrect. If people aren’t going to reverse things (and it doesn’t look like we are), the best thing to do is to pack and leave while they still can. “where will be safe?” nowhere will be safe for my people, but yours has a etho-religious state. I think you all should consider moving there, but not for the reasons AltRighters like M. Enoch give, for example, but rather for the reasons FrameGames predicts and wants us to stop.

There’s no sanctuary down here for my people (and all our elites are to blame for that, which includes, of course, Jewish members of the elite, who are a high proportion of that elite, no matter whether they earned it through sheer merit as Cofnes concludes or through the usual ways any elite rises, as Pareto wrote about 100 years ago). Yours has somewhere to go; I am not sure it will thrive on a South Africa of Everything Planet, but best wishes.

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