Rav Aron Tendler Returns To The Valley

His Valley Village home is in his wife’s name. It’s rented out.

You’ll find Rav Aron Tendler walking around Valley Village, wishing people a "Gut Shabbos" in that friendly way of his.

That’s some balls. I’d move to Billings, Montana, if I were him.

He had so many girls. He had a hot girl staying in his house and he was making it with her.

JACK CALLS: "Who was the one he was going to **** and she called ‘No joy’?"

Luke: "What’s no joy?"

Jack: "That’s when you’re in the Air Force and you don’t bomb a target. You yell, ‘No joy!’

"There was one who said no.

"His candle at Shaarey Zedek is gone. Everyone at the shul who was upset he left has either left themselves or given up any hope of his return."

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