A Celebration Of The Jewish People

Sean Last’s essay:

I am going to empirically document the following claims:

Jews are vastly overrepresented in positions of power and cultural influence
Jewish elites are far to the left of gentile elites and have moved shifted the distribution of political opinion among American elites from centrism to leftism
Jewish leftism and success can partly be explained by their mean IQs, living in large cities, personality traits, and possibly certain cultural values, but ethnocentrism also plays an important role that should not be ignored.

Sean seems to have his statistics correct but he seems to lack common sense knowledge about Jews. He writes: “Higher than average ethnocentrism is also evidenced by Jewish patterns of marriage. Jewish people make up only 2% of the US population, but most Jewish people are married to fellow Jews.”

There are many groups with lower out-marriage rates than Jews (who have a 60% out-marriage rate) and hence one would expect Last to put alleged Jewish ethnocentrism in a context. I don’t see how a group that marries out at more than 60% is ethnocentric.

Last writes: “It is also worth noting that NYC is both the biggest city in America and the largest city with the most Jews. Yet, Jews vote democrat by smaller margins in NYC than they do nationally, making the claim that living in large cities explains Jewish leftism even more implausible (Heilman 2016).”

The moderation of the politics of New York Jews is due to a third of them being Orthodox, a far higher percentage than in other American cities.

Last does not mention that Jews from Western Europe (where Jews generally got along with their fellow citizens) are more moderate politically than Jews from Eastern Europe (where they lived for centuries in an atmosphere of mutual hatred).

The Alternative Hypothesis bases his video in large part on the debunked statistics of Ron Unz.

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