The Jewish Culture Of Critique

Doooovid responds:

Holding multiple conflicting ideas in one’s head at the same time is needed for intelligent discourse. So obviously I disagree about Hitler, but I can talk on the topic and attempt to see things from his perspective, as the bulk of the modern Alt-Right and their take on the JQ.
Just as I can talk about Kevin MacDonald and his ideas within the paradigm of evolution even though personally I reject the theory.

Brundle this should be obvious, and is actually the laws of Karma and FreeMasonry, that one can advance in a society whose tenants you disagree with. Just like you can excel in a multicultural society with degenerate values, even though you personally reject them, and you can see things from the perspective of a multiculturalist and discourse with a multiculturalist, and even a degenerate.
So too I can talk in terms of the theory of evolution, and can appreciate the work of Keven MacDonald and say the majority of the Culture of Critique is accurate (and I say that having went to a High IQ school based on Boas and Frued).
This is what I said on the night we discussed FRAMING and NARRATIVE, that it matters how the debate is framed, and we each create a narrative we understand best, but inline with Newton, we can appreciate that different people frame things in different ways and give different narratives, and for the sake of discourse discuss things not only according to our frame and narrative, but according to other’s frames and narrative.

Blessings, because I believe intelligence to be a soul function equally accessible to everyone, you current low IQ and inability to grasp these concepts can be overcome!

Chaim Amalek writes: “Back before there was a World Wide Web, when the internet was just FTP, Usenet, and maybe some BBS services ( pre-internet), the “right” was simply Yggdrasil, William Pierce, and a few groups on Usenet discussing their ideas. And I was on top of things. But in this modern fast-paced youtube/facebook/twitter age, I’ve simply lost track of it. Someone kindly provide an executive summary of key concepts and players in the movement. Thank you.”


What troubles me most about the alt-right movement is the obsession with racialism and iq. It wreaks Nazism and has the seeds of Nazism therein. Evil never proclaims itself as evil to the masses. No, it conceals itself in terms such as ‘love’ and ‘equality’ and ‘justice’ etc.

I understand most of the proponents of this movement are useful idiots, in that they’ve been duped by the false moral veneer that masks it along with some genuine facts they are reacting rather than responding too.

You’ve probably heard of the Georgia Guidestones which states a GLOBAL population goal of 500 million:

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”


I suspect that ultra-nationalism and rationalism is being stirred to cause a smokescreen to camouflage the current push toward a one world economic and governmental system. For the world to embrace this master plan of our global elitists they will need to create the necessary chaos and disorder for the masses to accept this as a solution, that’s where ultra-nationalism and racialism comes in. Both are extremely dangerous in and of themselves. Together they will lead to wars, civil wars, and genocide.

Not to mention war is an extremely effective to radically cull the global population in very little time with today’s military technologies.

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