Halsey English & The Rebbe On The JQ

The Rebbe on the Jewish Question.

Ryan Dawson.


* When Peter came back at the end and opposed Doovid about white identity and the definition of what/who is white, I got a thrill how strong he was to assert that whites have a right to a homeland and had no more tolerance for the deconstructionist BS aimed to confuse and undermine white people. If every white conservative who claims to be on the right took Peter’s hard-ass position, we could take our country back. Peter’s attitude was, is, and forever shall be true Americana that most every white had in the past. We beat back the American Indians, Mexicans and British and took our place on this continent. It’s not a question of rights, but of will. I view today’s political leaders on both sides as traitors to me and my heritage. No politician speaks to me or advocated for me for decades – except Pat Buchanan.

* Greetings, LF:

Your post on the New AltRight, that won’t bear that name and will eschew the legacy of failed movements and the symbolism of failed (alien) movements is moving.

I will note, when you harken to Egypt and the people leaving Egypt, that some (I.e. Benjamin Franklin) thought this would be the right imagery for our Great Seal.

I will also note that God, through Moses, did not inflict ten blessings upon the Egyptians. The Egyptians were smote with ten plagues, and experienced them as such: plagues. I am sure we can come up with an argument for why this was an expression of love. I tend to doubt Moses hated the Egyptians (he was, after all, raised among them, in their highest court). It is certain that God does not hate.

However, the Hebrew people did not win their freedom by showering the Egyptians with benefits. They won liberation by the infliction of plagues. Penalties. I point this out not to refute you, but, rather, as a question. Is there a way to square this circle? I too do not want to be part of a movement that is primarily motivated by its resentments.

Likewise, the Greeks did not win their freedom by embracing the Persians invaders and welcoming them.

The Doovid Solution of just being happy under multiculturalism misses the fact that multiculturalism was not invented as a doctrine (and invented it was) to primarily benefit marginal groups (which is why those at the head of the movement don’t care when they actually do not prosper under it; “DR3ing” is thus beside the point. Benefiting those groups was never the real goal). It was primarily invented as a movement and ideology to disempower, disposes, despoil, and ultimately “eliminate whiteness,” as is increasingly openly talked about even in the mainstream. So this option of mutual love and inclusion will not be some kind of salvation. Laying back and enjoying it is not an option.

* So has Baked disowned the alt right? I’m seeing in chat that he banned people that were JQing and he hangs out w/ non whites so doesn’t seem to be fanatical about white identity.

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