Kyle Bristow Talks Tough, Then Reverses Course

From Splinternews:

(Bristow, it seems, could dish it out—but could not take it. “Seems strange to me that you’d think I’d need to utilize the services of the Lügenpresse in order to educate the public about something,” he wrote in response to my request for a press pass, using a Nazi slur meaning ‘lying press.’ “You and your ilk have zero rights at FMI’s events, and you will have even less rights in the forthcoming ethno-state. What I mean by this is the worst thing imagineable, and what this is I will leave to your imagination.” A month later he resigned from FMI.)

Matt Parrott, before he discovered his wife’s alleged affair with Heimbach and quit the party, echoed the sentiment. “The antifa have actually pretty much succeeded in achieving what the progressive left cannot, which is fully and finally deplatforming the hard right. That’s no small victory,” he wrote a day after the MSU demonstration. “They demoralized and disabled the majority of the altright, driving most of them off of the streets and public square.”

Within a week Parrott would withdraw from organizing. “I’m done. I’m out,” he told the Southern Poverty Law Center. “Matt Parrott is out of the game. Y’all have a nice life.”

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