JF Gariepy On The History Of Internet Blood Sports

Youtube comments:

* Luke,
Huge fan! Just saw your interview of JF Gariepy. I was blown away by that first broadcast he did with Andy Warsky (with Richard Spencer, Sargon, et al.). But I, too, noticed a drop in the quality of the broadcasts after that (due to the lack of intellectual content). It was the ideas that made it interesting. In subsequent broadcasts, I noticed that it eroded into D-grade Youtubers, who narcissistically obsessed on their Twitter feeds and who was backbiting whom. It got boring.
By the way, I was blown away by your interview with JF. How you managed to make me laugh out loud at various junctures. You’re a brilliant interviewer, because you have this dead-pan delivery but you manage to work in these subtle zingers. I’ve never seen anyone with your cadence before. It works.

* You guys should do more streams together.

* These two are the types of immigrants America needs.

* I wouldn’t mind but they can stream from Quebec and Israel just fine.

* i think luke is a genius actor larping with all this jew convert stuff and the lalala and the alexander brainwash technique xD this is the most brilliant thing ever. He’s prol a trust fund billionaire who’s bored and brushing up on his acting skillz xD. there has to be more than this….

* In that first amazing broadcast with Richard Spencer, Sargon, Styxx and Mike Enoch, the person I was really impressed by was JF. I was shocked by how he seemed to intellectually dwarf the others. He seemed like the adult in the room. I’ve gone back to Andy Warski’s stream and all the subsequent broadcasts sucked, because they were less about ideas and more about stupid bickering contests between D-grade Youtubers, carping about their various Twitter feeds and who said what to whom. It’s boring as fuck. They need to get back to Ideas, and get back to booking really smart people.

* Papa JF & Luke Ford are the way forward. YouTube needs brains only.

* The demise of IRL activism is the best thing to happen for the AR. It’s the biggest win for the AR this year. Heimbach’s TWP and Spencer’s frat brigade were LARPY, premature expressions of triumphalism that any clever tactician saw as a bad move. I would suspect Greg Johnson, who I think is the real intellectual powerhouse in the AR would agree. The ideas and concerns of the AR gain greater traction every single day. The overton window is shifting and will continue to shift. And that, Mr Ford, is all that matters.

* What does being Jewish mean to you? Answer: Reverence of the Holocaust is by far the number one element affirming Jewish identity. This Poll on Jewish Identity and the overwhelming response it garnered was discussed in prior uploads of yours. What is the JQ but an acknowledgement that Jews are instrumental in the critiquing, deconstructing and subsequent vilification of White Identity. Is it not logical to attack the identity/integrity of a group who is fundamentally in opposition to you? And when their very identity is bound with a narrative that is so ridden with lies, deception and grotesque hyperbole that it can only be defended by the equally spurious penalty of- ‘Holocaust Denial Litigation’ -all you are doing is painting yourself as a legitimate and deserving target…

* Of course we get a surge of strength and power from the Roman salute, but they’re not going to admit it.

* It’s consistently impressive how mentally stimulating a conversation that is essentially about how a small friend group feel about each other can be coming from JF. The clarity of communication and fundamental explanations that don’t rely on complicated and flawed mental abstractions are like crack to me. Just hearing them helps me clear my own mind of so much mental grime that has accumulated from my own thinking as well as listening to clumsy and confused people.

* That last part with JF singing and both of them dancing had me crying.

* My new favorite couple…! Subbed, looking forward to more. Great stream gents…!

* Luke I am Alt-Right and I think your channel is fantastic, I certainly empathize with fanboying in front of an idol being alienating (this was my experience meeting KMAC and Mike Enoch @ last years NPI winter conference). I say this seriously, your channel is the most insightful autopsy of what is happening to the movement I belong and I thank you for your measured stance. You are an aryan Luke and you will always be welcome in our circles as an outsider who gives constructive criticism meant to actually offer an avenue for improvement.

KnowYourMeme: “Internet Bloodsports is a series of videos on YouTube featuring acrimonious debates regarding a variety of controversial topics, including immigration, feminism, misogyny and racism. The videos are largely associated with alt-right YouTube streamers and the internet gossip discussion forum Kiwi Farms.”

* How did you go from a post-doc at Duke to the king of internet blood sports?
* How would you describe what you bring to a debate? I’d say clarity. How do you see it?
* How would you describe your dynamic with Andy Warski?
* You retweeted Mike Enoch calling you autistic. What was that about?
* Will you let Andy Warski co-author your new book?
* What do you think about the recreational use of marijuana? porn?
* Did you read Phil Rushton’s book, Race, Evolution & Behavior?
* What do you think of the term HBD?
* What do you think of the Alt Right?
* What is your position on the JQ?
* What do you think of eugenics?
* Have internet blood sports improved on the Richard Spencer vs Sargon debate or was that the genre’s high point?
* How can the genre improve? What are the genre’s strengths and weaknesses?
* Who are the most important people in internet blood sports?
* Who underwent the most profound change during the course of a debate?
* After moderating a bunch of these debates, what have you learned?
* What’s the point of having Vee on the show?
* Anyone on the show intellectually intimidate you?
* Which guest put the most strain on @JFGariepy’s cognition? Who was most annoying? Most tantalizing? Who would he most like to court?

Yes Margaret posts Feb. 12, 2018:

Are the Kumite and Warski Live past their climax?

With so many livestreame debates between factions taking place in the arena of Internet Blood Sports, we have a great opportunity to study how online communities grow.

The three shows I will be broadly discussing are the Morning Kumite, Andy Warski Live and Baked Alaska. Both shows run a successful format of bringing together two or more beefing subjects and allowing them to debate. In recent weeks, the livestreams prove that up to four thousand people will pile in to watch and have their comments read through YouTube’s Superchat feature. Memes produced from the streams are immediately posted on Twitter and 4chan, but the memes do not have staying power on 4chan and instead continue to live on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter.

For example, one common guest on the streams is the gypsy Veeh Ro. The forced meme kick veeh is now used on Twitter in reference to the rallying cry to kick the man from the streams when he is perceived to be adding no value. Kick veeh will likely continue to be a meme among the community that watches blood sports long after blood sports are popular. After all, what’s the use in repeating a phrase unless you wanted everyone around you to know that you were there when it was in vogue?

Most of the contributors to these streams use their Christian names or show their faces. But, by far the most popular contributor is Mister Metokur who recently announced that he is likely going to be packing his channel in due to declining health. Metokur has accelerated the popularity of the show since he, unlike many of the people there to debate their beliefs, is there because it’s funny. His Twitter account acts as a lightning rod for viewers looking for third person commentary, and while the crowd demands to kick veeh they also want to invite Jim who will act the part of the thousands of watchers: Ask the questions that will get the most outrageous reactions.

So things appear to be going well. But, due to a recent announcement I believe that Blood Sports is now on the way down as a fad…

And that’s the issue. The entertainment should be produced between two opposing sides defending their dearly held beliefs for the sake of those beliefs. Without two opposing sides who care about several key topics, you miss the mark. And the audience won’t get the same rush as they did before.

Travis LeBlanc posts Feb. 6:

January 2018 was truly a historic month for White Nationalism as we saw our movement break out of the echo chamber in a big way.

For as much attention as White Nationalism gets from the mainstream media, it is rare to see an honest representation of our ideas. Even the Alt Lite avoided them. To hear our ideas, people still had to seek them out. You had to go to a website, go to a message board, download a podcast, etc. They had to step into our world. Into our echo chamber.

But suddenly White Nationalists have successfully colonized a small corner of YouTube and have encountered normies. We find ourselves battling stubborn CivNats and slippery libertarians as we push inland towards lush parts of the internet outside our echo chamber.

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