The West Is A Suicide Cult

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Every era presents a new environment. The only question is which groups are best suited to excel in that environment, usually defined as increasing their population relative to other groups.

Unfortunately, people often confuse Survival of Fittest with Survival of the Best. Fittest doesn’t mean smartest or most civilized or nicest (definitely not nicest). Ironically, Africans may be the race that best suits the current environment. It’s a time of plenty and they breed big time when times are good. Europeans (and their diaspora) may be particularly ill-suited for this environment, which, ironically, we created.

Conquest can come in many forms. It can be Conan and his buddies overwhelming lessor warriors or it can be African immigrants moving into the lands of a people that no longer has the will to defend their borders.

Either way, the conquest is right from the standpoint of promoting those genes that work in the current environment and letting those genes that don’t die out.

Basically, I disagree with Steve: Invasion is good. Those who can’t or won’t defend their borders – their people – should be replaced by those who can.

(How’s that for being able to look objectively at a situation. I belong to a people being conquered, and I can’t hate it more. But I’ve spent years tying to get friends, family and neighbors to wake up to what’s happening and all I’ve got for my efforts is scorn. I’ll keep trying, but it’s tough being part of a suicide cult.)

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