Why Are Israeli Women So Sexy?

Comments at Unz.com on the Nathan Cofnas critique of Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique:

* Well I hate to uh detract from what will surely become a fascinating thread on a highly important topic, but does either MacDonald or Cofnas have any thoughts on why Israeli women in particular or Jewish women more generally are so, so incredibly sexy? I mean Gal Gadot, Natalie Portman, Bar Refaeli, my goodness! How did that evolve and can we get some more of that to counterbalance any of the potential negative externalities of Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy? More Wonder Women please!

I mean gentile, white societies may very well be run into the ground in the coming decades thanks to the insidious effects of Judaism, but at the very least sexy Jewish chicks will temper the pain of the Jewpocalypse somewhat. It’s kinda like how that Fred Reed fellow is constantly trying to inundate us with subliminal images of nubile Latina honies…

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