Robert Stark: The 12 Steps Of Alt Right Anonymous and how Luke Ford is the most important comedian of the Alt-Right

Robert Stark talks to Count Fosco about Cruel Intentions, Sex, Class & Alt Politics:


The film Cruel Intentions
The Main theme in the movie is the corruption of innocence and purity
The movie has many versions, sequels, and is based on the French original, “Les Liaisons Dangereuses”
Entrapment scenes, gay entrapment, and broken families
Kathryn’s view of sex and her use of sex to manipulate
Sebastian is a little bit more flamboyant than the usual pick up artist; he is confident but in an in-artificial way
The character of Court Reynolds is almost a Spencerian evil “White” character described as a “Nazi”
The mixed-race relationship angle is played up as one of Karthyns violations
Kathryn’s Feminist speech in opposition to “Miss Mary Sunshine.”
Sex as an initiation into a Secret Society as a joke, mentioned by Kathryn
Upper class degeneration isn’t really seen as disgusting or stupid in movies as low class degeneracy
Anti-Semitic tropes in the film
The end of the film was incoherent as it left Sebastian with a redemptive change of heart with very little explanation for it
Old Westbury Gardens manor house where Sebastian’s aunt lives
The misconception that Hollywood is completely controlled and often exposes elite corruption
The recent Alt-Right drama and how the Alt Right is completely separated along class lines
Count’s ideology; Social Nationalism, Economics Populism, and Cultural Elitism
The 12 Steps Of Alt Right Anonymous and how Luke Ford is the most important comedian of the Alt-Right
The Nathan Cofnas critique of Kevin MacDonald and how Count basically agrees with most of it
Lauren Southern’s South Africa Documentary

Here’s a selected transcript:

Count: “I thought it [Luke’s Alt Right Anonymous video] was very funny.”

Robert: “Would you say his sense of humor is more British?”

Count: “It’s deadpan. It’s definitely not Seinfeld-type humor.”

Robert: “He tries to copy the Jewish mannerisms, but his style is very British/Australian.”

Count: “I don’t see a Jewish style in his humor. His humor is completely backhanded and false. Backhanded compliments. I think a lot of his titles are hilarious.”

Robert: “Did you see the one, ‘Matt Heimbach Did Nothing Wrong’.”

Count: “He’s brilliant with these little quips. I think he’s a lot funnier than Ramzpaul, the comedian of the Alt Right. I think Luke is a better comedian. He makes more interesting commentary. He’s plugged in to the whole meme culture.”

Robert: “He directed a porno in 1995. He was totally clothed. The actors were screwing and he went around interviewing them.”

Count: “It’s interesting that he says he’s not proud of this sort of thing. He’s a smart guy. I get a lot out of watching his feeds. I wonder how Orthodox Jew will see that. He says in a lot of his feeds that he’s the lowest guy in his synagogue. It’s interesting that he would take a very competitive religious atmosphere to be his own.”

Robert: “What do you think of the Nathan Cofnas critique of Kevin MacDonald?”

Count: “I have read the critique… I would say that the critique is close to what I thought all along… I would divide anti-semitic views into two groups — the sincere intellectual type such as Kevin MacDonald, who puts forward the best thesis so far, and the imitative types. A lot of the lesser known writers on The Occidental Observer imitate him and it exposes the pseudo-scientific point of view.”

About Luke Ford

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