The Explanatory Power Of IQ

Larry says: “Either intelligence explains stuff and black poverty is natural and Jewish overrepresentation is natural, or else black poverty is a problem and Jewish overrepresentation is a problem.”

You’re talking about social facts in purely abstract terms and omitting a central thing, the social context itself.

You’re talking about black poverty and Jewish overrepresentation in WHITE SOCIETIES.

But demanding from whites that they decide if black poverty or Jewish overrepresentation are problems you are framing the question from the point of view of the interests of these groups but what about our interests?

Both Blacks and Jews have an interest in living in our societies but why is it in our interest to have to deal with their poverty and over representation?

Neither black underachievement nor Jewish overachievement would be a problem to us if they took place outside of our nations.


Nathan Cofnas writes: “Because of their above-average intelligence and concentration in influential urban areas, Jews in recent history have been overrepresented in all major intellectual and political movements, including conservative movements, that were not overtly anti-Semitic.”

Larry writes: That’s deeply disingenuous.
Jews are overwhelmingly represented in movements that weaken our people not in movements that benefit us.
Where’s the Jewish right wing version of the Jew Karl Marx ?
Where’s the Jewish right wing version of Freud or Boaz?
Where’s the Jewish right wing version of George Soros with his dozens of NGOs aggressively pushing a terrible agenda on us?
Where’s the Jewish right wing version of Jewish-heavy, left wing CNN?
To blithely say “oh there are Jews everywhere anyway, goy” is to make an intentionally misguiding false analogy.

But that’s how Jews operate. They use words and debates not as a means to search for truth but as weapons to fight for their own naked self interests.
That David who debated ((( Frame Games))) the other day is a textbook example of what I mean. You could clearly see that he was not arguing in good faith and (((Frame Games))) made this point more than once during the debate.

To say that “there are Jews everywhere both on the left and on the right” is like saying “there are gays everywhere, both in Teheran and in San Francisco.”
Both statements are objectively true but deliberately misleading because they both attempt to portray things of vastly different proportions as if they were the same. That’s the typical Jewish way of making arguments.

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