Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy

Eric Striker joins here.

Youtube comments:

* This was superb content Luke. Takes a clear and open mind to see the value you bring to this discussion, taking TRS types out of a bubble and letting us see the brilliance and at times weakness of Striker. It’s not totally devil’s advocacy, something I can’t describe yet, certainly in a realm we’re not often exposed to.

* What a beautiful answer to the question of “Do you want to see the destruction of Israel?” by Striker:

“Absolutely not. I don’t want to destroy them, I want them to go into a multicultural phase and learn to coexist with other people so that they could be enriched by the different amounts of food and they can have beautiful caramel children. I don’t want to destroy them I want to them enjoy the great benefits that they’ve given to us in the West.”

* This is rhetorical. Why can’t majority of Jews be like Luke or that Frame guy from a recent racewarski stream?

* Love Striker, you have a great channel going here Luke. Here’s to hoping your fellow Jews don’t shut it down.

* How many Jewish directors from the great postwar period of “art house film”? Here’s a close to complete complete list: Fellini, Bergman, Rohmer, Kurosawa, Truffaut, Satyajit Ray, Jean-Luc Godard, Alain Resnais, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Roberto Rossellini, Bertolucci , Werner Herzog.

* In pre-christian pagan/viking north homosexuals where killed and monogomy was the norm. So the idea that aryans where savages before jewish influence is simply not true.

* Re: How can 1% have such control on a nation?

Read the Biblical book of Esther. She single handedly tricked the King to execute all the enemies of the tribe, and she single handedly made the King appoint a member of the tribe as the new PM. All this without any members of the tribe got any blood on their own hands. Esther is the Gold Standard and a blueprint for how an operation is supposed to be run. In short: Use the most powerful proxy there is to reach you goals.

The very eminent TANSTAAFL has an excellent primer & podcast on this here.

* Oxford graduate student Nathan Cofnas is a race realist. See his essay: “Science is not always self-correcting.

Nathan Cofnas, a graduate student at Oxford University, writes:

MacDonald argues that a suite of genetic and cultural adaptations among Jews constitutes a “group evolutionary strategy.” Their supposed genetic adaptations include, most notably, high intelligence, conscientiousness, and ethnocentrism. According to this thesis, several major intellectual and political movements, such as Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychoanalysis, and multiculturalism, were consciously or unconsciously designed by Jews to (a) promote collectivism and group continuity among themselves in Israel and the diaspora and (b) undermine the cohesion of gentile populations, thus increasing the competitive advantage of Jews and weakening organized gentile resistance (i.e., anti-Semitism). By developing and promoting these movements, Jews supposedly played a necessary role in the ascendancy of liberalism and multiculturalism in the West. While not achieving widespread acceptance among evolutionary scientists, this theory has been enormously influential in the burgeoning political movement known as the “alt-right.” Examination of MacDonald’s argument suggests that he relies on systematically misrepresented sources and cherry-picked facts. It is argued here that the evidence favors what is termed the “default hypothesis”: Because of their above-average intelligence and concentration in influential urban areas, Jews in recent history have been overrepresented in all major intellectual and political movements, including conservative movements, that were not overtly anti-Semitic.

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