One Connected Jew’s Whirlwind Tour Of DC

Dan Zak writes for the Washington Post:

A conservative Parkland student’s whirlwind trip to D.C. ended in the Oval Office

Kyle’s parents immigrated from Israel in the 1990s. He grew up in leafy, placid Parkland, and aspires to get an MBA and a job on Wall Street. The 2016 election was the first he paid attention to. He liked what Donald Trump had to say about immigration, the wall, the idea of “America First.”

After the shooting, Kyle joined Twitter, where he fought for the middle ground. His second-ever tweet was a thank you to Hillary Clinton for defending Parkland students against smears.

In New York, a 19-year-old “influencer marketer” named Michael Gruen saw Kyle on Twitter and — with encouragement from conservative editor and columnist Ben Shapiro — reached out to him last month, knowing that he’d need support to amplify his voice.

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