Richard Spencer Speaks At MSU

Richard Spencer’s head of security, Greg Conte, was viciously attacked by Antifa and then arrested by police. This looks like Charlettesvile II.


* I’m going to have to disagree at the 26min mark about how peoples came to north America in the late 1600s/1700s, “peacefully”. That is a huge error and I don’t think enduring the improbable amount of months at sea not knowing if you were getting tot he New World alive or not was ever a “peaceful” experience for the diverse European ethnic groups who came here (and especially the interpetsonal treatment that they received from whomever was above them, authoritatively). There was bad blood boiling amongst whites even then, Spencer (which had to do more with religion/loyalist leanings to which ever Mother-autocracy that a given ethnic group immigrated out of, etc). But in today’s time, common-sense about whole *racial groups, clearly distinct from one another has been thrown out the window. We bug out if one person dies at a protest. In the early modern period of European history, blood was spilled everyday.

So, I’ve seen the many of many clips/streams filmed from outside of where this speech was held and as far as I can tell, the side protesting this event (antifa, shitlibboomets, cat ladies, the *media) were much more comprised of women than those wanting to go to this event.

EVERY single event that I’ve seen online of these alt right/”patriot”, alt lite versus antifa/shitlibs is pretty much seeing a war between the sexes. To just lay down the hammer here, I’m going to assert that this whole alt-right/pro white nationalist socio-political “program” will get NOWHERE unless more (white) women are on-board b/c I see nothing but white women protesting and what all masked “beta”-males using these protests as opportunities to exhibit their repressed masculinity.

White women are also the top female demographic whom I have witnessed exhibit miscengenation the most out of all other non white females and this is certainly not good for white-males. I don’t care about what is predicted as the future, more “traditional”/pro-white socio-political waves to come via gen Z. The fact is is that in 20 years, the mixed-race population will increase and any hope for there to be an increase of unity amongst whites in the U.S will seem futile. A literal new wave of mixed persons reaching their maturation will nevertheless be the ones up against pro white Z’ers. This cycle is just going to repeat itself over and over again.


* Heimbach and TWP were driven out by the police and were not able to speak at their event.

* Antifas at #MSU brought batons and spiked knuckles. Nationalists were largely defenseless, counting on the police to protect the event in vain. How many more times will people keep trusting the enemy to play fair?

* According to witnesses at #MSU the police used bikes to push the nationalists into Antifa, then refused to intervene when the brawls broke out except to arrest only nationalists.

* The nationalist organizers of the #MSU said specifically not to bring shields or self-defense weapons. The cops heard this and unleashed their antifa political correcters on them! Stop trusting the system. The oligarchs want to shut down the alt-right by any means necessary.

From the live Youtube chat:

Pilleater​hi guy

twanimos​I’m there right now

Frododiddledee Bipidybopidyboo​Howdidoody Mr Lukey

Luke Ford​what’s it like?

Uusin Suometar​same antics as in charlotte

Uusin Suometar​erik strikers twitter acct has some info

Luke Ford​checking

BigCat Kayla​Similar tactics as C-Ville What a surprise…

Chrls​Striker is suggesting that people will have trouble leaving the event.

Uusin Suometar​it’s always more dangerous to leave than to come

Bill​I’d this bring periscoped?


Uusin Suometar​yea

Frododiddledee Bipidybopidyboo​It’s another set up, tbh.

Uusin Suometar​or richard

TheZestyCar​Greg Conte seems like a nice guy.

Uusin Suometar​’s speech is

James Walker​Love you buddy

Thomas Bergman​Where are you watching this?

Cory Burton​hey kids

Bill​You See Ray Johnson the channel got axed?

Chrls​@TheZestyCar yeah he really does.

Frododiddledee Bipidybopidyboo​I gave the organizers at Cville the benefit of the doubt. But they’re doing the same thing all over again, and many more people’s lives are going to be destroyed because of this.

James Walker​Hello fellow Jewish friends lol

BigCat Kayla​I’m tempted to just say let the acceleration commence and come back to build the west back up

TexasorBusted​NEET Nationalism Now

James Walker​Luke is ALLRIGHT

Benedictson Brodetsky​What’s happening?

James Walker​When are you watching this luke

Bill​Organizers? what’d the organizers do wrong

GamersGuild​link to stream


Uusin Suometar​spencer’s speech

Luke Ford​

GamersGuild​I want to see stream you

Benedictson Brodetsky​Great

Sargon is Irrelevant​Implicit last stand of Judaism

Pilleater​watching lukes reaction is awesome.

Pilleater​lol awesome

Cory Burton​luke is king

Sargon is Irrelevant​Richard is looking sharp

Uusin Suometar​haha!


Pilleater​It’s soooo meta.

BigCat Kayla​hahah nice


Chrls​Looks like the periscope is down.

Frododiddledee Bipidybopidyboo​Who are all these questions coming from? TWP LARPers?

BigCat Kayla​haha perfect timing

The Southern Dingo​what’s up there, luke. thanx for covering this

GamersGuild​@Luke Ford Are you racist or jewsih?

TexasorBusted​SHUT IT DOWN

Benedictson Brodetsky​New angle

Frododiddledee Bipidybopidyboo​Like, it just seems like a circle jerk where he’s trying to get d’nations…

Chrls​@Luke Ford The video is starting from the beginning now.

iippo​Has the ADL released a statement about Luke Ford’s drug problem? They will spin this narrative by finding all those supplement bottles that weirdo was digging through your garbage.

Anonymous​Dingo! How’s Jan in SA?

Viva Europa​Oye vey shut it down

Sargon is Irrelevant​Is that goy juice?

Hans Sachs​How do you recognize a foundation myth?

Daniel Retro​I hear they arrested Greg

Chrls​@Luke Ford Richard tweeted a new periscope link.

Pilleater​who’s that next to spencer?

Frododiddledee Bipidybopidyboo​S’goylent green is people!!!!!

Sargon is Irrelevant​His muscle

The Southern Dingo​he’s alright so far. Joe also has made it out of S.A. He got out just in time

Pilleater​He is like a James bond villian.


Gaius Genovese​NOT CONTE!

Pilleater​sorry greg.

Anonymous​Ok, good, thanks.

Sargon is Irrelevant​RIP in peace Greg


The Southern Dingo​the trolls found my second channel tho, fam


iippo​Mossad cameraman

Charles Barnes​his jacket pinches badly in the front

The Southern Dingo​One of my vids has been put in restricted mode and taken down in 23 countries

Sargon is Irrelevant​Povero Greg, ti ricordo sempre.

Pilleater​He’s kind of like some fashion model.

Charles Barnes​who’s his tailor? shoddy work

BigCat Kayla​god not the Bernie bros….

Anonymous​Moving day.

Nick Stokes Police for Trump​Hail Emporer Donald Trump

Sargon is Irrelevant​Brooks Bros. probably

Voltron512​Southern Dingo…..I respect your work

mich kun​u sure u can do this?

YeahRIght​hes asking bernie bros for an alliance. what a twist in the plot. what he smoking

SIDNEY RICHARTHUNT​hail our people

Maceo Flux​White Nationalism will eventually absorb the White left

The Southern Dingo​thanx voltron

Uusin Suometar​back in the 30s it was common knowledge you can convert commies to nationalism but not social democrats

Cory Burton​what’s the assassination attempt rate for folks like spencer in the last century?

Nick Stokes Police for Trump​I support my president!

Uusin Suometar​so if bernies are commie some of them can be converted

Pilleater​it looks like a peaceful event.

BigCat Kayla​we should be most worried of the white lefts influence on nationalism..

Uusin Suometar​like striker, he is ex left, so am I

Sargon is Irrelevant​Is dat da POPO IN DA BACKGROUND?

YeahRIght​hitlet was a socialist but he was also a ruthless dicatormurdered millions

Nick Stokes Police for Trump​LEFT IS ANTI FREE SPEECH!

Cory Burton​@Uusin Suometar that’s actually worrying to me.

larry johnson​My boys are there they said antifa was laying in the road

Maceo Flux​@BigCat Kayla True, but we need as many Pro-Whites as we can get. Civil war is coming.

Voltron512​The Luke/Stryker stream was stellar

James Walker​Does everyone know any Alt right group in Michigan, because Antifa are probably out side

Nick Stokes Police for Trump​I cannot find this speech anywhere!

Uusin Suometar​nationalism is always centrist, you cannot get the numbers otherwis

Charles Barnes​that suit is killing me. what a mess

larry johnson​Why is his jacket so tight

Nick Stokes Police for Trump​thank you for streaming this!

BigCat Kayla​does he think that he can get the left to care for whites over poc?

Pilleater​isn’t there like a unite the right protest this week?

Voltron512​Yeah, where is this stream….couldnt find it either

·d i s·i n f e c t a n t·​what’s up with that jacket?

Cory Burton​he hate two extra hotdogs before the speech

Cory Burton​ate

J S​He is disgusting……

Sargon is Irrelevant​He’s dressed like an Ayn Rand protagonist

iippo​Dangit Spencer Cuckball

Bill​I’m guessing he’s gotten fatter and didn’t get the suit adjusted.

Pilleater​punched in the face joke

Charles Barnes​that jacket is a mess. Not randian

2ndAmmendmentMatters​looks like he’s got a bullet proof vest underneath. Don’t blame him.

Voltron512​Yeah, bad suit

Uusin Suometar​striker was a commie

Cory Burton​i actually think he looks pretty good

Charles Barnes​It has the texture of a scrotum

Cory Burton​and he should wear a vest

Voltron512​Well that makes sense then

Sargon is Irrelevant​@Cory Burton Agreed

Uusin Suometar​he should yea

Gaius Genovese​👍SPENCER👍

Pilleater​Spencer should come out gay or have a nonwhite gf

The Southern Dingo​are you ppl seriously making this a fashion show? lol

Mephistopheles Lux​s;pencer is just doing this to annoy the left

Nick Stokes Police for Trump​I support Spencer

Pilleater​Or pro coke user

Louis Diaz​thanks for bringing this to us Luke

Gaius Genovese​Spencer has a wife (russian) and I think a son

·d i s·i n f e c t a n t·​You stand up… you unbutton.

Sargon is Irrelevant​His wife has a son?

James Walker​Spencer is not gay ???

YeahRIght​hes closet gay

Cory Burton​not saying i want it to happen, but it would be pretty amazing if we was shot.

2ndAmmendmentMatters​Yeah, thanks Luke. I couldn’t get the periscope to work

Pilleater​He snorts the coke I know that much and bangs Rosie Grey

Louis Diaz​yeah theyre divorced but they have a kid

Babylonian Hebrew​FUKE LORD

Bill​Luke Ford /ourJew/

Voltron512​It would be cool if he just went swat and show the vest….would send a message of how much under attack he is

larry johnson​he’s not a day. that’s silly

Mephistopheles Lux​Spencer is married to nina koupriakova

Uusin Suometar​I actually think he can get shot so do not jinx it

Maceo Flux​@Gaius Genovese James Field was chased prior to the car crash.

Gaius Genovese​Source on divorce?

James Walker​Luke is Our guy

Sargon is Irrelevant​@Babylonian Hebrew Are you going on Warski some time?

Jim Johnson​luke, do you think we will experience ww3 in the next few weeks?

Babylonian Hebrew​Spencer does coke? He seems too calm & deliberate for that

Pilleater​watch him get shot… 3… 2…

Louis Diaz​@Babylonian Hebrew Hey m8

Nick Stokes Police for Trump​hes not gay

YeahRIght​im sure he wouldnt mind violence, its just hes the one who gets punched when he opens his mouse

Gaius Genovese​@Maceo Flux I know, some antifa guy admitted to chasing him with a gun

Maceo Flux​@Babylonian Hebrew Yeah, when are you going on Warski?

Anonymous​Italian national parties won majority in election yest fam!

Pilleater​Spencer and coke was a big gossip thing that happened around december

Nick Stokes Police for Trump​When people protest a speaker like this, you know the speaker is Good!

Babylonian Hebrew​Louis Diaz hello!

Maceo Flux​@Gaius Genovese But the media isn’t talking about that.

Babylonian Hebrew​how do i talk to andy warski?

Mephistopheles Lux​Gref Johnson is gay, not spencer

Mephistopheles Lux​greg

Cory Burton​Greg should change his name to Gref

Gaius Genovese​That’s why we need to keep using social media to spread the word no matter how many times they ban us

Cory Burton​sounds more masculine

Pilleater​I love gj and he invited me over his place

TexasorBusted​@Babylonian Hebrew Maybe try getting a hold of JF

Louis Diaz​actually ive noticed Spencer’s constant sniffles through the last couple years. its real obvious on his live streams in which drinking liquor

larry johnson​(((problematic)))

Nick Stokes Police for Trump​I thoroughly enjoy how this man trolls the left, it makes me hard

Cory Burton​kinda feel like i’m watching history a bit

Pilleater​yeah he’s a drunkard and heavy smoker

Louis Diaz​its disturbingly familiar due to my own substance abuse in the past

J S​He needs to get some Alterations with that ugly suit

Maceo Flux​@Babylonian Hebrew Good question. They mentioned you on a recent stream. Maybe reach out to him via Twitter or Google+.

Babylonian Hebrew​Pilleater what was the gossip? I’m curious- I mean, I know people from a spencer-ish background and their drugs of choice are usually tab, alc & coke rather than weed/opiates/hallucinogens/speed but

Uusin Suometar​i still drink when i am not working out

Louis Diaz​I hate to say it but I honestly suspect Richard get lit

Babylonian Hebrew​he doesnt strike me as a regular drug user

Louis Diaz​gets*

BigCat Kayla​if he becomes erratic then you can call it a problem

Babylonian Hebrew​@Maceo Flux WHICH STREAM?

Babylonian Hebrew​littt

Pilleater​an IE member by the name of Ted dealt Spencer coke around December and was banned from IE.

Babylonian Hebrew​LOL Louis Diaz I agree

Andrew Taylor​NO vice-shaming on this stream

The Southern Dingo​we had Greg on our show and got a good bit of push back. a lot of ppl say “no gays in the alt right”. I can’t really disagree, but Greg is good on so many issues, it’s hard 2 say no 2 a great mind

Pilleater​He went on a rant about how he did coke with spencer

Babylonian Hebrew​@Pilleater HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. THIS RAISES many questions

larry johnson​Ya Ted…..

Pilleater​Ted Them or sonething… New Jersey

Uusin Suometar​the whole purity spiraling is insane

Andrew Taylor​Then you can stay out (response to Richard’s interlocutor)

Uusin Suometar​cultish

larry johnson​who cares if he likes to party

Maceo Flux​@Babylonian Hebrew I think it was near the tail end of the debate between Weebo and Raidio1. During the superchats. But I’ve watched a bunch of streams recently, so I could be wrong.

Louis Diaz​I mean I’m not trying to smear him at all. Ive just noticed some things. but he’s still legit

Andrew Taylor​Puritycucks

Uusin Suometar​not good for growing a movement

Gaius Genovese​Yes tell him, Spencer

larry johnson​I would like him better if he did do coke

Pilleater​but count fosco on Facebook spread the coke thing further

tszymk77​oy vey Mr. Goldstein

Louis Diaz​exactly, let him do him. he seems productive enough to me

Pilleater​Greg Johnson told me he does sleep with Rosie Grey.

ARYA DHARMA​Hail Victory!

Cory Burton​@Uusin Suometar yeah, nothing good will come from the alt-right as a spiritual movement. it needs a metaphysics, but it needs something transcendent to avoid falling into barbarism.

Uusin Suometar​I only care about results.

Louis Diaz​Greg Johnson sleeps with men so…

Andrew Taylor​Is anyone who is countersignaling Richard a nonwhite?

Babylonian Hebrew​@Maceo Flux thank you for letting me know. pls can more people to bombard Warski/JF to have me on and discuss Jews, because just me doing that has not been effective enough. I must let the goyim know

Maceo Flux​Spirituality, religion, the gay question, etc. All of that takes a backseat. The important thing is to be Pro-White.

BigCat Kayla​We should really work on taking Idaho..

Andrew Taylor​(Some) Whites really are our worst enemy.

Cory Burton​@Maceo Flux maybe in the short term.

Pilleater​Greg Johnson and I talk about our gay backgrounds, it was sweet and nice… he’s very quiet and gentle.

Mephistopheles Lux​everybody sleeps with rosie grey

Andrew Taylor​our own* worst enemy

Uusin Suometar​I actually dislike gay men being gay but whatever if they are on our side then they are and that is that for me. I guess I am the liberal here then.

Babylonian Hebrew​@Maceo Flux anti-multiculturalism and the transcendent are linked. read perennial theory.

Maceo Flux​@Babylonian Hebrew I’ll spread the word. I think it’s important to keep communications open with Alt Jews.

Babylonian Hebrew​@Pilleater is Luke Ford one of your Asian/Aryan offspring?

BigCat Kayla​degeneracy is a spice. A lil is okay..

Andrew Taylor​Take the Glorious Pill — This Month is the Mars Challenge

Sargon is Irrelevant​Mutt.

Uusin Suometar​it is about healthy norms really, not policing them in a cultish manner

Louis Diaz​I like Greg too, but I mean should he be judging Spencer on his sexual choices?

Cory Burton​@Babylonian Hebrew is perennialism essentially paganism?

Babylonian Hebrew​@Maceo Flux I agree.

iippo​Think about the minority not the majority = Jewish programming

Andrew Taylor​Luke Ford is OG

ARYA DHARMA​I thought perennialism was the underlying truth to all religion

Unshackledmind786​Is Spencer gay?

Andrew Taylor​He’s decades older than Pilleater

Pilleater​I love luke ford and he is awesome

Babylonian Hebrew​@cory burton it can apply to paganism

ARYA DHARMA​Spencer is married

Louis Diaz​was married

Babylonian Hebrew​@andrew taylor dont ruin le joke

Uusin Suometar​norms were never meant to be followed 100%, you are supposed to be discreet about it if you stray

Noah Bogosh​@Andrew Taylor sent you a message on my new Facebook

Andrew Taylor​Haha

Noah Bogosh​Add me

ARYA DHARMA​He’s divorced?

Babylonian Hebrew​@ARYA DHARMA exactly

Andrew Taylor​Ayyy @Noah Bogosh lmao

Unshackledmind786​He’s not married to that Russian anymore

Mephistopheles Lux​the alt right actually softened my stance on israel


Louis Diaz​theyre at least separated

Cory Burton​@Babylonian Hebrew it seems like a cyclical view of things would be degenerate relative to something teleological.

Sargon is Irrelevant​LOLOLOLOLOL

BigCat Kayla​ha

Per Iversen​where is the original livestream

Brian Andrews​Richard should use better examples

Cory Burton​that kid can’t even open (a) locke

Babylonian Hebrew​richard spencer’s ex was THICC, god tier West-Asian woman, she was Georgian I think

ARYA DHARMA​Is that Luke?

Maceo Flux​Guenon is next on my list to read. The transcendent is important, to be sure. But it should be something that inspires us, not something that divides us. But I appreciate the tip.

The Bastard​that’s what I’d like to know

ARYA DHARMA​Sounds like Luke.

Noah Bogosh​I need to rant about the second half of Acharya’s book. Generic Distributist bullshit

Ryan Wicks​loki

Jill Kews​we are undoing the damage done by Sigmund Freud, Frankfurt School, Emanuel Cellar etc …

Voltron512​this must be periscope

Louis Diaz​they have a daughter I believe, but either way they have1 kid together

Mephistopheles Lux​nina has huge milkers

Babylonian Hebrew​cyclical > linear

The Southern Dingo​I really hate sargon

Uusin Suometar​i like distributism

BigCat Kayla​chk twitter for stream

Sargon is Irrelevant​Adorno is worth reading, though.

Unshackledmind786​Spencer just seems gay to me

Cory Burton​@Babylonian Hebrew don’t know about that one.

Babylonian Hebrew​@Maceo Flux read esoteric hindu doctrines first

ARYA DHARMA​@Babylonian Hebrew truth!

The Bastard​Babylonian, my favorite yid.


YeahRIght​I always felt true intellectualism will eventually cause abandonment of religion faith. Jesus seems like a communist but you got to love em

Louis Diaz​@Babylonian Hebrew I thought she was top tier thicc too. I dig her

Gaius Genovese​Antifa: being gay is OK but let’s mock spencer for being gay (even though it isn’t true)

BigCat Kayla​Sargon is just pro status quo

Maceo Flux​@Babylonian Hebrew Duly noted. Thanks!

Noah Bogosh​It’d be great in theory if you aren’t concerned about having the weakest military on earth because you can’t mass produce anything

Babylonian Hebrew​@cory burton linear history is what we are seeing today. the enlightenment, fukuyamas globalist ‘end of history’ etc

Louis Diaz​busty AF

tszymk77​oy vey

Sargon is Irrelevant​Time to get out of dodge

Gaius Genovese​>tfw no Russian gf


Uusin Suometar​communism is dormant in parts of christianity, tbh

Gerd Schmidt​@Luke Ford i like your interviewing style, u r talented

Louis Diaz​so I doubt Richards gay, his ex is all woman

Cory Burton​@Babylonian Hebrew yeah, but i feel like progressing towards something gives human beings a lot of power/energy.

Babylonian Hebrew​@Louis Diaz same, THICCCC women are vastly underrepresented in all spheres of modernity including the dissident edgeopshere

Bucko Media​zeee public space- JF

ARYA DHARMA​Europeans need to look outside Abrahamic religion for their ethnic faith

Unshackledmind786​Yeah his EX is hot

Mephistopheles Lux​place looksempty

2ndAmmendmentMatters​who’s the guy with Spencer?

Pawg​is this still live or are you watching the recording?

Uusin Suometar​there were christian communist revolts before marxism was invented

Sargon is Irrelevant​White women get the bullet too

Louis Diaz​agree. a man needs meat not bones

General Gut​Babylonian: What do you make of the growing rift between American secular Jews and Israeli Jews?

Tom Anderson​@Zed Dez very esoteric stuff

Cory Burton​A bunch of nationalists listening to two Jews. You can’t escape it.

ANGLO CELTIC​@Babylonian Hebrew Take on Black Hebrew Israelites?

ruckuss12000 ruckuss​WHY DO JEWS HATE JESUS

Ian Buchan​How widespread is Kabbalah and what surprising beliefs are contained with it in?

BigCat Kayla​sometimes the words ate sane and the speaker is crazy

chris podbury​What was the best gallery today? what aesthetics are you into art/arcchitecture wise?

BigCat Kayla​are

Pesh Head​what was ur Jewish education @hebrew

14 Slammer 88​Thanks Diaz

Zed Dez​@Tom Anderson Hindu’s make the same claim, i.e, Sanskrit.

Louis Diaz​@14 Slammer 88 of course brother, hail victory

Matthew McDaniel​Rickshaws pulled by the goyim.

Ian Buchan​Biking is superior and David Myatt was a bike enthusiast

Noah Bogosh​show us your khazar milkers

Louis Diaz​\o

14 Slammer 88​It’s a uk/European version of the dailystormer- promote it on gab/twitter and such if you see fit

Sigeric Raedwulf​DAS RITE


TexasorBusted​WE WAZ KANGZ

Pesh Head​Black version of Christian Identity

BigCat Kayla​I will never give up my car. From my cold dead hands!

General Gut​WE

Manik Bibler​All the world’s a LARP…

Zed Dez​How many times have you traversed your Country? Truckers drivers need not comment. xD

VisionaryCompanion​I have not driven a car in over thirty years

Tom Anderson​@Zed Dez I don’t doubt that there is something to it but I think modern man is generally unable to resonate with such in any meaningful sense

Toxic Gamer​SUMERIANS*

Ian Buchan​We was Hausa

Western Man​Jesse Peterson interviewing black Israelites is one of the funniest videos on the Internet

Louis Diaz​Daaaaaas Riiiiiiiite!

Cory Burton​@Manik Bibler it’s getting that way.

Babylonian Hebrew​Mo’Nique

Matthew McDaniel​Hebrew is black.

Sigeric Raedwulf​BENIN :DDDD

Babylonian Hebrew​Mo’Nique = black woman’s name

Babylonian Hebrew​DAS RITE

Tj Hooker​that’s bc you have tonka, kayla. they fit in the hand

TheOrigen89​thing is they really don’t have a great history…..that is why they are stealing yours

Babylonian Hebrew​DAS RIIIIIIITE

Jillie Storm

Luke, You “Interviewed” porn stars? That’s what we’re calling it now?😉

Zed Dez​@Tom Anderson Yeah, we can, just takes practice, lots of practice.

Noah Bogosh​Show us your khazar milkers

Jillie Storm​Bloooooody



Tj Hooker​Richard who?

BigCat Kayla​I prefer Matchbox

Tj Hooker​you hippster

Beep Blatherskite​Hipster is trendy, trendy is fashion, fashion is transitory and quickly changes. Like all pop movements theyr’e very mindless and culturally/socially manipulative. RE: Cultural Marxist

Tj Hooker​jk heh

Ian Buchan​Best thing I’ve seen on YouTube

ruckuss12000 ruckuss​IS THAT CBD WATER

Tj Hooker​mmm CBD water

Western Man​Hell of a show alright. Striker is funny and high energy, great combo

Ulex Gord​hello fellow goyim

Babylonian Hebrew​@General Gut I think conversion should be only done in very certain instances. It’s like becoming a Hindu or a Shinto, not like becoming Muslim or Christian.

Matthew McDaniel​He asked your thoughts constantly.

Tom Anderson​@Zed Dez do you practice something similar?

Babylonian Hebrew​CBD WATER LOL

Blackpill Apotheosis​how can i watch spencers speach

Western Man​Make striker a regular

Western Man​Lol luke

Western Man​Lol luke

Kali Yuga​lol

Tj Hooker​CBD shower heads

Babylonian Hebrew​HAHAHAHAH HE’S QUOTING BARBARA learner spectre omg

Babylonian Hebrew​HAHAHA

Zed Dez​@Tom Anderson Yes. Mostly in the past though. Did so for years.

Mike C​ha ha

General Gut​@Babylonian Hebrew thanks for your response. Shinto is not really as systematized as Judaism I suppose. It’s very pagan.

Pesh Head​channelling Barbara Spectre

Noah Bogosh​topkek


Nathan Marciniak​What is Luke Ford’s grip strength?

Sigeric Raedwulf​Luke Spectre LOL

Cory Burton​lol

Babylonian Hebrew​@Toxic Gamer Khazar theory is a joke lol

BigCat Kayla​haha

Ian Buchan​Where’s the lie?

Western Man​Jews will be at the centre of TRS becoming multicultural


Cory Burton​or the podcasts will not survive

Bill z​Holy Barbara Spector sarc/

Babylonian Hebrew​@Toxic Gamer not a single genetic study supports khazar theory

ANGLO CELTIC​hail striker

Louis Diaz​the haunting Spectre

ruckuss12000 ruckuss​YOU COULD CALL IT TROLLING

Blackpill Apotheosis​CALL IT SHABBOS GOY

Tom Anderson​@Zed Dez what specifically?


Zed Dez​@Tom Anderson I practice others forms of vibrational meditation now because I didn’t want to use foreign languages anymore.

Ulex Gord​they already have beaners on there

Cory Burton​call it jewish subversion

Matthew McDaniel​Will you sell prayer shawls?

BigCat Kayla​Hour of Power – nice

Noah Bogosh​The Alt-Shabbos-Goy Show

Western Man​Luke Lerner spectre


Sigeric Raedwulf​The Forskin Hour

Bill z​Shabbos goy is a good name


Tj Hooker​lol sigeric

Beep Blatherskite​Sound a little like Barbara Spectre lol Jewdar antennae twitchng

Noah Bogosh​sell prayer shawls with swastikas on the fringes

BigCat Kayla​Smallpox shawls

ruckuss12000 ruckuss​WHAT IS A GOY

Anonymous​I support the Luke Shoah daily

VisionaryCompanion​If we do not learn to become multicultural we will not share in the Triumph of the Great Brown Slurry of Happiness.

Tom Anderson​@Zed Dez what did you read as a guide?

General Gut​To what degree are secular Jews consciously Jewish these days? I don’t see say, Zuckerberg’s kids as really identifying with Judaism in anything more than a modern day “Italian” American being Italian

Western Man​Call Luke’s TRS show “hello fellow Jews”

Babylonian Hebrew​@Western Man LOL

Ulex Gord​if he becomes part of TRS he will be bantz hard constantly

Ian Buchan​Afaik Khazar theory is contradicted by DNA evidence

Jillie Storm​Ruptly, RT, Periscope replays Richard’s speech.

Louis Diaz​Barbara Lerner Malevolent Disembodied Spirit

ruckuss12000 ruckuss​WHAT IS A GOY ??

Ulex Gord​people are nice to him because he isnt part of the crew

Manik Bibler​A goy is a non-jew

Zed Dez​@Tom Anderson A variety of different phonetic vibrational tonal techniques. Everything from Sanskrit, Tibetan to some Hebrew.

Noah Bogosh​probably the most Jewish thing you can do is sell TRS Merch to Anti-semites

Babylonian Hebrew​@General Gut their “jewish identity’ consists of being anti-western and self-percieving aN OUTGROUP

Matthew McDaniel​”Hello fellow white people” only with Luke it’s true.

Babylonian Hebrew​#Noah Bogosh LOL

Cory Burton​he could call it joy to the goys

Pesh Head​The Khazar theory was an attempt to say “look goy, we’re not really Semites, we’re basically European”

Jillie Storm​Greg Conte was viciously attacked.

B Mays​did the speech happen already?

Pesh Head​*not really middle easterners

Mephistopheles Lux​barbara

purexed​Where is the video for the speech?

Cherry Phosphate​Spencer is interesting

Bill z​Spencer had like 15 people all others were beaten and arrested

Matthew McDaniel​Spencer needs to lay off the booze.

Zed Dez​@Tom Anderson I studied with ‘teachers’ and used their books. Not books you could purchase. I’ve been a Christian Pastor, Lay Buddhist Monk and an Honorary Yogi.

Louis Diaz​yep Khazar theory is BS

Babylonian Hebrew​@Pesh Head EXACTLY

larry mack​Ooo

Cherry Phosphate​@purexed It’s on richard spencers periscope

Ian Buchan​Bowden would slay the media


Jillie Storm

No! Spencer broke new ground! SA farmer genocide.

Ulex Gord​Manik wtf

Pesh Head​wow @Zed you are a true seeker

Toxic Gamer​@pesh head exactly. he didn’t take the bait though

Matthew McDaniel​Bowden brought me to the AltRight.

Babylonian Hebrew​Khazar theory is another lie we told the goyim, sorry, lol

Ulex Gord​is this guy african

BigCat Kayla​do you think the masses would be receptive?

Western Man​Yes Babylonian, no interviewer goes into philosophy with him. Delving into Hegelian dialectic with him would be fascinating

uncle trash​where is the full speech?

Tj Hooker​I wanna hear Spencer talk about how he would kill of the Black Panther

VisionaryCompanion​I do miss Bowden. He would be at the center of recent events.

Beep Blatherskite​I’m not a Spencer fan, but anyone who stands up for Whites in the present anti White climate I support whatever their personal glitches. There are many voices out there.

Tj Hooker​off*

Tom Anderson​@Zed Dez do you feel like you’re able to commune with the divine through tonal practice?

mich kun​dont you think general antisemitism is mostly generated by actions of secular jews

Babylonian Hebrew​@Western Man exactly, and he seems really knowledgeable in these areas

VisionaryCompanion​Spencer interviewed Bowden.

Jillie Storm​Spencer had upwards of 50 attendees

VisionaryCompanion​It is on YouTube

Zed Dez​@Tom Anderson Currently deciding if I’m going to teach myself Irish Gaelic so I can use their (my ancestors) language so that I may return to the practice.

Matthew McDaniel​Spencer’s interviews with Bowden were tired.

larry mack​Does this keep pausing or just my device?

Oswald Spengler​Spencer isn’t as good as BOWDEN

Jillie Storm​Millions watching his stream

Zed Dez​@Tom Anderson Now I use no language based sounds, or what are referred to as primal sounds. YES, I do believe I do “feel’ IT in a real way…its quite profound actually.

Ulex Gord​make the case to remove the jduen

Louis Diaz​Bowden was awesome


Pesh Head​I liked Spencer’s first podcasts on original AltRight blog

BigCat Kayla​Most Americans only care when life and demographics effect them personally

Matthew McDaniel​SuPREEEEmists.

Anonymous​White genocide officially law in SA

Western Man​Bowden was one of the greats. Half Irish too 😉

VisionaryCompanion​Bowden was a force of nature, and awesome (a word I do not use loosely).

Ulex Gord​2 4 6 8 this time you will not escape

Pesh Head​Few cld compete with Bowden

Pawg​evolutionary SOOOOPPPreeeemiizzztz

Ian Buchan​The metaphysics could include a secular concept of reincarnation where most of a person’s traits occur across others and across time, and where all traits are environmental (genes, ideas, experience)

Tom Anderson​@Zed Dez you should learn Gaelic, would probably find even greater profundity since it is the language of your ancestors

Ulex Gord​@Ian Buchan no

Cherry Phosphate​did hundreds march?

Ulex Gord​my god no

Ian Buchan​Where’s the lie tho?

Ulex Gord​reincarnation and karma are 2 of the most worthless philosophies ever made

mich kun​what do u think about antifa?

Zed Dez​@Tom Anderson Once you develop an ‘ear’ for it you can use almost any sounds, in particular I use Hildegard of Bingen…I’m swept away.

Matthew McDaniel​Sounds like they just needed some love & inclusion.

TexasorBusted​Sounds intense but tame…

Jillie Storm​A bloodied guy walked into the speech late

Cherry Phosphate​I wonder how many of the Antifa get bussed in

Louis Diaz​@Ian Buchan you make sense to me

Ulex Gord​uhhhh

Zed Dez​@Tom Anderson Absolutely. But, from what I know of it, its really difficult to learn. And hubby and I are currently determined to study Latin together. Need to go start a fire…back in a sec.

Matthew McDaniel​The Amish are literally Hitler.

Pesh Head​anything that can divert you from consumerist bollox and devices gotta be good

Beep Blatherskite​I like Mike Enoch, Red Elephants, Mark Collett, Voat News and Daily Stormer for the lels and memes.


Bill z​Hitler was a reaction to the bolskevik revolution in Russia

Tom Anderson​@Zed Dez that’s great stuff really

BigCat Kayla​What right leaning policies can I follow without being called a Nazi?

Ulex Gord​#resist

TexasorBusted​Since Striker comes from the Left…I think that gives him some positive insights that the alt right might be missing…I like him a lot…

Bsoupful​oh you’re a nazi now.

Louis Diaz​@Bill z correct

Dievas su mumis​none

Right 卐卐 Hitler Was​(((Nazi)))

E. Vee​Babylonian Hebrew ….I remember you

Matthew McDaniel​Eskimo

Western Man​Send the Jews into space?

Babylonian Hebrew​@E. Vee oh, from where?

Pesh Head​lol perfect timing deaths head

Bill z​I’m not sure why he had to go expand beyond the German borders, Germany would be so bad ass right now if he would have stayed German

Babylonian Hebrew​@Jillie Storm I will read your supachat in a moment

Pesh Head​absolutely Bill

E. Vee​Your appearances awhile back on streams and whatnot, not personally

ready toosnap​now today its marxist militant islam going global

E. Vee​haven’t seen you anywhere in forever

Sigeric Raedwulf​German Civil War of 1918-19 All 14 ringleaders were communist jews

Babylonian Hebrew​@E. Vee I assumed so haha. I went on with Woes, Thinking Ape and Adam Wallace and others

Babylonian Hebrew​It’s been 2 yrs

Tyrone Dash The God​@Luke Ford at this point there is no point of fighting the liberal agenda has been planned years ago for take over of today. The right wing will be pushed out of society in the next 10-15 years

Bill z​So many of our people have turned against us

BigCat Kayla​yep

Ulex Gord​@Western Man the only way to get rid of them is to perform some high level experimental physics experiment involving the superconducting super collider. Remove them from existance entirely

J. Smith​Casey, good thing to return to this point.

Babylonian Hebrew​@Tyrone Dash The God untrue, the global resistance against globalism is rising in Asia

Matthew McDaniel​”A man is tempted when he’s drawn away by his own lust.”

Tom Anderson​communism is fundamentally a talmudic critique of western societies

Right 卐卐 Hitler Was​white cucks make me sick

Beep Blatherskite​A lot of people came from the left because they were indoctinated into leftist ideologies via Frankfurt School cult Marxism march through the institutions ….then they woke up to the history of it

Pawg​spot on

Ulex Gord​Japan is only good on ethno centrism. they deal with the same shit we do in the west

Cory Burton​isn’t Japan socially decadent?

Bill z​Japan’s men, go to cuddle boutiques and play video games not a good example anymore

Tyrone Dash The God​@Babylonian Hebrew In the US

melpomene​Love my boy spencer #animeRight

Pesh Head​while there is truth there will always be a ‘right wing’

Pawg​it would be like flicking a flea off their skin. wouldn’t be a question or even a moment of self-conscious thought about it.

Western Man​They are certainly more than 1.7% . Bobby Fischer thought they were much more than this.

Babylonian Hebrew​Japan is an example of why ‘muh race’ isnt enough. you also need tradition and values, the transcendent and meaning

Pawg​well said

Babylonian Hebrew​@Tyrone Dash The God the USA was a failed experiment from the start

Cory Burton​@Babylonian Hebrew Yes.

iippo​@Bill z Their society was built by Western Liberalism. What do you expect?


melpomene​I like being anti-semitic

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