Frame Game Radio Discusses The ADL, SPLC And The Youtube Diaspora

Frame Game is the most popular and most influential Jewish member of the Alt Right. He has accounts on Youtube, Twitter and Gab.

From the live Youtube chat:

BrosefVStalin​Ryan Dawson’s channel got shut down

BrosefVStalin​without warning

Thomas Bergman​I am learning to code in order to help people with situations like this one

abrunettegirl​Frame Game is a treasure

BrosefVStalin​Do you think Jared Taylor has a chance against Twitter?

Oswald Spengler​SPLC had a ridiculous recent article ‘The Internet Research Agency: behind the shadowy network that meddled in the 2016 Elections” but i can’t link directly

MrIHave Tourettes​Talk about the Jews who harass him on twitter near the end of the conversation would you?

Thomas Bergman​He won’t get anywhere by being disloyal

Thomas Bergman​Did they threaten his family?

Manik Bibler​Let me in!

Oswald Spengler​MSU is now a Parking Lot state uni/ degree business/ culture controller

Thomas Bergman​Do you remember your time in the UK?

Jill Kews​Why do we pretend that the exile of the Jew isn’t a natural process, when it has happened hundreds of times before?

Manik Bibler​Let me in! — I got a new knife to show the chat!

Thomas Bergman​He should know better than to become defensive against racism accusations

Erik S.​”I think Thomas Sowell would be a great neighbor ”

Cory Burton​@Manik Bibler is a sperg. don’t let him in.

Manik Bibler​Cory I had a thought last night — Jews *do* practice universal morality. They believe theirs is true, and yours is false.

Based Deplorable​^everyone does

Cory Burton​There is a universal statement underlying that.

Based Deplorable​Except for relativists

The Bastard​How long’s this been going?

Manik Bibler​Yeah, the universal statement is: “Jews are god’s people, and gentiles are idol-worshipers.” So, they are practicing universal morality… right?

Based Deplorable​‘Everyone who does not accept Christ burns in hell.’

Manik Bibler​just starting, Bastard

Thomas Bergman​He’s begging for his life against progressives

The Bastard​nice, thanks

Cory Burton​@Manik Bibler yeah, they think we’re scum. i remember being a conservative christian and feeling constantly that everyone needed jesus.

Manik Bibler​Based Deplorable — no Christian has really said that since like Vatican 2. But yeah, that attitude would suffice.

Based Deplorable​Mainstream evangelicals think that.

Cory Burton​it’s a jewish name

Thomas Bergman​Manik Bibler sounds very mystery meat

MrIHave Tourettes​wait are casey and manik twins who both watch luke ford or are they two profiles that this guy owns

MrIHave Tourettes​lol

MrIHave Tourettes​im confused

Oswald Spengler​manik bibler – german muslim

Louis Diaz​no thug outfit this morning Dennis?

Louis Diaz​he looked like he was out robbing people with a claw hammer last night

Frame Game Radio​Frame Game Radio (❤️) Hey, I’m just trying to adjust my audio here for Google Hangouts, it works perfectly with OBS but not for Hangouts yet

Louis Diaz​Frame game!

Based Deplorable​Shalom!

Frame Game Radio​Will be joining soon

Cory Burton​Always shame the jews

Cory Burton​shit world

Louis Diaz​what about a gang of Thomas Sowells?

Cory Burton​i will one day. i have pretty severe depression. cognitive impairment.

Oswald Spengler​LUKE are you familiar with James Howard Kunstler? Probably the other Jew most loved by anti-semites

Cory Burton​We’re not bears.

MrIHave Tourettes​@Frame Game Radio I ❤ your videos

Thomas Bergman​Many particular moralities means an untenable apartheid in the same territory

Degenerate Scumbag​Bears don’t subvert institutions and gain control of media to trick their prey into trusting them.

Cory Burton​thus the case for ethnonationalism.

Cory Burton​right

Cory Burton​you gotta be William Wallace.

Cory Burton​christ.

Babylonian Hebrew​dear ‘woke’ Jews, what do you think of the ‘full assimilation vs repatriation’ debate?

Greg Girardin​Whoa, I just jumped into Luke throwing some serious fastballs.

MrIHave Tourettes​Ask to join in @Babylonian Hebrew !!

Babylonian Hebrew​MrIHaveTourettes I would love to! idk how though, gonna get on my laptop first

iippo​NAP all the way to the grave.

Cory Burton​there’s a difference in being defensive as a necessity and subverting an entire culture to feed your own greed.

Based Deplorable​@Babylonian I think that we can have that conversation once the last black is on the boat heading back to Africa

Thomas Bergman​It’s wrong not to put your family first

abrunettegirl​I’m pro fascism, let do whatever it takes to get our country back

Cory Burton​why did we give that up?

Frame Game Radio​Okay I think I got it

Cory Burton​hahaha

MrIHave Tourettes​LOL!

Manik Bibler​I don’t know, Cory — Nostra Aetete?

Cory Burton​@Manik Bibler i was under the impression that was a pretty conservative document. no?

Frame Game Radio​Is there any way you can call my Google Hangouts thing again? When I load the URL link it takes me into the Google Hangout under a different name

Cory Burton​haha. that’s his religion.

MrIHave Tourettes​Near the end he wasn’t.

Babylonian Hebrew​@Based Deplorable to me, regardless of group, repatriation is the most morally long-term moral solution for all groups

Rafael​I think with talmudic they mean pilpul. There’s an interesting article on HuffPo that describes the jewish style of debating

abrunettegirl​halsey and luongo were too emotional

J. Smith​Rafael: What is pilpul?

Cory Burton​Collett and MacDonald play different roles. If you were in a bar fight you’d be better off with Collett.

Frame Game Radio​Yo guys! Can you re-send me that Hangouts invite to my email? It is saying “No invites” in there, I think because I was in and I left.

matt elliott​it warms my heart to hear Jews who refuse to toe the party line.

Babylonian Hebrew​mark collett constantly was overstating how pro-Israel Jews are and how right wing/authoritarian and ‘racist/supremacist’ Israel is.

The Bastard​anyone who references huffpo should die in a fire

Babylonian Hebrew​isrsel is the furthest left Mashriqi state

Edwin Boyette​@abrunettegirl Luongo devolved down to you have believe me because I’m in distress

abrunettegirl​I agree, Edwin.

Leaf Bamboo​>Implying there’s much use in “debating” the JQ

Edwin Boyette​@Luke Ford how many of the youth in your synagogue, get told “You’ll find your passion and work out” – or do they get directed to some meaningful academic achievement?

Cory Burton​Collett is an unabashed anti-semitic fascist. If it comes to taking a shot at Israel or sticking to the facts he’s gonna he’s gonna fudge the numbers.

Rafael​Collett is from Yorkshire

matt elliott​lol Scots dgaf

MrIHave Tourettes​LOL

MrIHave Tourettes​the quote is a good quote so I don’t think it matters that much

Babylonian Hebrew​@Cory Burton , any principled fascist would see Israel and call it a left wing liberalistic multiculti state

HuWyte Boy​Voltaire or not, the quote still stands

Cory Burton​You gotta be like @Manik Bibler. We live in a post-modern world. Gotta accept that facts are relative.

Vlad Hogan​Who cares who it comes from

abrunettegirl​Mark won. That quote applies to what’s happening to all of us.


HuWyte Boy​What is this gatekeeper shit ?

Hope Springseternal​Haie splitting

Leaf Bamboo​Look guys, haven’t watched the debate yet. But sounds to me you’re kvetching about minor points. Essential: The Jews are our misfortune. And they have to go.

The Bastard​Most of the first politburo were Jews, despite Jews being a small minority at the time. This is FACT.

Hope Springseternal​This is getting ridiculous

Privada Machina​That was link to a video of Putin saying the 85% number. I think he has access to things we dpon’t

Cory Burton​@Babylonian Hebrew i was under the impression the left was strong but in the minority.

Hope Springseternal​Oh god the 6 million lie again

Hope Springseternal​Who is lying ?

The Bastard​Jews made up about 8% of the Polish population in the 30’s but well over half of the communists.

Privada Machina​It’s not our duty to make Jewish arguments

Hope Springseternal​Marx is a jew once a broken vessel always a broken vessel

Luke Ford​framegame check the twitter DM

Babylonian Hebrew​@Cory Burton Israel is majority right-ish like most Mashriq nations but FAR to the left of the Arab world. Israel literally bans ‘racist’ parties

Hope Springseternal​Wow so many lies from Ford

butterflyflewaway​14 year old isis members are killers

butterflyflewaway​so many twists today luke

Louis Diaz​10yr olds for that matter

The Bastard​Jews made up about 1% of the German population a hundred years ago, but made up most of the communist leadership in the German revolution of 1918. This is also FACT

Babylonian Hebrew​Luke, mind if I join in a bit?

Edwin Boyette​There is also direct and indirect subversion, was the porn industry subervsion?

Luke Ford​frame, respond to my twitter DMs!!!!

Privada Machina​Youtube ownership is explicitly Jewish. We can split hairs all day

MrIHave Tourettes​@Frame Game Radio .

Hope Springseternal​Frame Game is correct

abrunettegirl​it’s always the Jews pushing hate speech laws, none of us should be surprised

gjjd​no complaining about porn if you use it

POSEIDON​Israel and dozens of Jewish organisations fund the Islamisation of Europe through funding NGO’s that help Muslims reach Europe. any 1000’s of Jews lobby for open borders in Europe and N.America.

Babylonian Hebrew​Why do the Jews do what they do?

Privada Machina​@abrunettegirl Agree

helen greywood​Hey Baylonian Hebrew,haven’t seen you since the Millenial Woes Hangouts!!

HuWyte Boy​Frame Game is a Jew and he is more honest than these cucks

Hope Springseternal​This guy doesn’t make any sense

gjjd​Luke is burnt out, he is getting fed up with the alt-right

resurrectionjose​@abrunettegirl — Exactly. #NotAllJews. But somehow, someway they seem to be in the thicket of things.

butterflyflewaway​Dennis. really?

gjjd​so criticizing him is just going to make things worse

Edwin Boyette​Subversion is not inherently covert – this is where the argument goes into the weeds? Is Rules for Radicals, a subversion manual?

Leaf Bamboo​And some people think my distrust of Jews – even Alt Jews – is pathological. I am thinking of what Hitler said about debating with Jews. HE. WAS. RIGHT.

Cory Burton​@Edwin Boyette Right. That was a bullshit argument.

Babylonian Hebrew​lol i dont think ive seen a single organisation promoting Europe taking refugees actually supported by the Israeli govt. most are just NGOs which operate out of Israel, and are more in tune w.diaspora

resurrectionjose​@abrunettegirl — My hope and that of many others is that You Tube suffer the same fate that MySpace succumbed to.

Trivium​Hello Chat/Luke! Good day all. :D

Hope Springseternal​Yes, I don’t think it’s intentional, it’s just their character​netanyahu does’t want europe or n america flooded with third worlders

gjjd​@Babylonian Hebrew lbh the Israeli government is going to shy away from influencing foreign governments on all matters

abrunettegirl​I hope so too resurrectionjose. YouTube deserves it

J. Smith​Casey, just like now Poland has laws against saying “Polish Holocaust”

Edwin Boyette​@Cory Burton I think it was in error, people have these emotions are associated with terms, go take a look at subversion

POSEIDON​Babylonian Hebrew check out IsraAid, funded by the Israeli Ministry of foreign affairs

Privada Machina​No, none at all

Leaf Bamboo​Hope Frames is better than these guys. Gotta go fam, Sieg Heil!​this sounds really crappy luke

Rafael​audi is prerty bad

Hope Springseternal​Was it the Poles or the Palestinians?

Privada Machina​Why do Jews think they have the right to force us to believe in a fairy tale

Rafael​audio is pretty bad​why can’t he connect?

iippo​Boomer Tech

gjjd​@Leaf Bamboo tone down your animosity, it is making things worse​lol

Babylonian Hebrew​gjjd they dont shy away from their relationships with Aipac and the neocohen agenda. in fact Likud and other centre-right Israeli parties make it super explicit

Julie NYC​frame voice isn’t modulated

Dennis Dale​Sorry guys. I was really looking forward to this

Julie NYC​@Frame Game Radio your voice isn’t modulated

resurrectionjose​@abrunettegirl — And to think You Tube, like MTV from way back in 1981 and I still remember to this day, is a great channel for music. But sadly it has gone to shit. Fuck Susan Wojcicki!!!

J. Smith​Luke, he is listening to you from the feed and not from the live call.

J. Smith​Hence why he is all confused.

Manik Bibler​Viv — this trouble connecting makes me think he might be a secret gentile!!

MrIHave Tourettes​^

Kareem Said​Yes listen to J.Smith

helen greywood​Please bring on Babylonian Hebrew​how old is he?​old people usually have problems connecting

MrIHave Tourettes​hes a lwayer so 20 something

Manik Bibler​”first time caller,” go ahead, Frame

Babylonian Hebrew​i just sent you a message, Mr. Ford

Hope Springseternal​Lol

MrIHave Tourettes​or 30

Babylonian Hebrew​and truth will live, I miss your vids, fancy meeting you here

gjjd​I could not connect when I tried. I think it is a firefox issue​i posted a new video last night

Privada Machina​Headphones​first one in like three years​I’m shamelessly plugging it right now

Privada Machina​link?​and i’m working on another one right now but i

Babylonian Hebrew​excellent, I’ll go take a look after this stream, ty for letting me know​i can’t post links here

Dennis Dale​come on Truth​just go to my channel its right there

Babylonian Hebrew​click her profile picture/name and you will be linked

Hope Springseternal​Imagine Christians acting like the JDL

Trivium​@Luke Ford… I think it is funny that you do not know, Mark Collett is talking about the Bolshevik leadership. The Bolshevik leadership was overwhelmingly Jewish.

Privada Machina​For example; /watch?v=j6p1zxKnDeM​david cole would be a fun guest too

Privada Machina​That’s all we need

Hope Springseternal​Yes Ford was more than unfair he seemed aggressively lying

MrIHave Tourettes​i think theres a delay on his side so just wait a bit after asking questions @Luke Ford

gjjd​The China topic is actually a great one. The economist is freaking out over it

Cory Burton​Yep.

Dennis Dale​I don’t buy the Balts as ideological masterminds behind Bolshevism, either

Trivium​Well truth be told, I have not looked at the back ground of each Bolshevik leader…But from what I know…most where Jewish.

Hope Springseternal​I disagree about being the best organized group, jews are chaotic

Maceo Flux​Every White man should be listening to this

Babylonian Hebrew​anyone know what happened to that other mizrahi guy who went on red ice?

Dennis Dale​Damn delay

Cory Burton​@Dennis Dale it’s tough imagining the balts as masterminds of anything above board.

J. Smith​He’s listening to the delayed feed, and not the live call. He’s listening from the web like we all are.

resurrectionjose​@Trivium — I think you’re right. I recall coming across a site back in 2017 disputing all that. Guess who ran that particular site? A Jew.

Dennis Dale​Just mute everything but the ‘cast

Manik Bibler​Gentile-tier computer literacy

Cory Burton​Totally low IQ

MrIHave Tourettes​@Manik Bibler Thats unfair

Manik Bibler​I’m just jokin

Babylonian Hebrew​Hahaha

Cory Burton​I’m surprised Luke will even talk to him.

MrIHave Tourettes​Many people have problems with that

Manik Bibler​”No”

MrIHave Tourettes​LMAO

J. Smith​Dennis Dale: “mute everything but the cast” is the opposite of what he should do. He should be on the live call and forget about the cast.

MrIHave Tourettes​theres like a 7-10 second delay on his side

Mephistopheles Lux​Jews control freak nature eventually manifests what they fear most


Babylonian Hebrew​SPLC etc have ‘Jewish’ mindsets aka 21st century diaspora ashkenazi mindset. ‘any expression of identity on the part of Westerners will inevitably culminate in mass genocide of Jews for no reason’

Trivium​@resurrectionjose I think I will have to look at this subject closer. I will get some more facts on the Bolshevik leadership.

Rafael​The introduction of B’nai Brith on wikipedia is basically the 14 words

AParadoxWithFlies​”Jews are good at organizing”

MrIHave Tourettes​😂

gjjd​If smart white gentile elites organized themselves as gentiles, we would have such a boost

resurrectionjose​@Trivium – You should and good luck. Like any topic there’s always two or more sides to every issue.

The Leftovers​This is a real shoah

Cory Burton​@Babylonian Hebrew feels like a tragedy for all sides.

Hope Springseternal​They just repeat themselves

The Leftovers​these audio problems

Manik Bibler​This is painful!

Babylonian Hebrew​Cory Burton the diaspora itself is a fucking colossal tragedy.

gjjd​There are plenty of smart goys in tech, academia, medicine, etc., they just are atomized


Hope Springseternal​They have no relationship with objective truth​i’ve never seen luke so frustrated

resurrectionjose​@Triivum — But the truth is indeed out there, and with much diligence and patience will be discovered.

Cory Burton​@Babylonian Hebrew What would have been a better outcome?

Babylonian Hebrew​um, not being ethnically cleansed and remaining in the region

Babylonian Hebrew​like Asssyrians or Lebanese

Cory Burton​right

Hope Springseternal​Okay what is wrong with this guy

ShadowHentai​We’re reached by levels of Jew that shouldn’t be possible

MrIHave Tourettes​luke theres a delay xD

Golem​Luke has no patience

abrunettegirl​haha it’s all good Luke

Manik Bibler​the hills are alive with the sound of music…

Hope Springseternal​Ffs

Babylonian Hebrew​hahahaha TAKE OVER

Babylonian Hebrew​PHAHAHAHA

Cory Burton​@Golem he hasn’t yet mastered the Alexander Technique.

Manik Bibler​Now we’re talkin

Babylonian Hebrew​nearly everythind bad about Jews has been caused by the diaspora

Hope Springseternal​Why can’t jews talk in clear sentences ?

Hope Springseternal​They jump all over the place

resurrectionjose​@Trivium — How’s that for cutting through the mustard??? 😉

Jill Kews​for a gentile Luke certainly has nailed jew mannerisms

Manik Bibler​They talk to think, Hope. Rather than think before they talk.

Hope Springseternal​I think it’s part of their strategy, you just don’t want to listen because it’s so garbled

Cory Burton​@Manik Bibler good one.

simvlacrvm​hi luke!

gjjd​Gosh our comment section just gets more and more absurd every week as we take on new viewers. No wonder Luke is frustrated, he has to deal with you lot

Hope Springseternal​This is the most painful way to say ‘visible part of umbrella org

MrIHave Tourettes​Its a love hate relationship

Babylonian Hebrew​@Manik Bibler agreed 100%, I do this too

Manik Bibler​They also sit as editors on probably half of the peer-reviewed journals.

Jill Kews​our coment section

Daniel Sturridge​is this Matt Semite?

MrIHave Tourettes​No

MrIHave Tourettes​frame game

Manik Bibler​I love this chat.

Hope Springseternal​This is painful

Jill Kews​gosh our comment section​I feel the same way about climate change

Jill Kews​gosh​I have no idea at all.

Cory Burton​@Manik Bibler that makes me sad, but doesn’t surprise me.

Golem​Frame needs to buy better equipment.

resurrectionjose​@gjjd — If you have me in mind — or my brusque comment from earlier on — I’m just stating what I believe sometimes Jews and Gentiles would love to say each other. Tell me otherwise.

Manik Bibler​Totally, truth. Very proud to say I never fell for that farce.

Jill Kews​don’t muck up our comment section gosh

abrunettegirl​Frame isn’t used to this format, that’s all. His videos are amazing.

Hope Springseternal​Don’t their mouths get tired?

MrIHave Tourettes​LMAO

Dennis Dale​Bear with him. He’ll warm into it.

gjjd​@resurrectionjose I don’t mean you, you say some valuable things. I mean people with unneccessarily hostile screen names such as @Jill Kews

Manik Bibler​best vids on youtube, abrunette — yep.

Trivium​@gjjd Welcome to the general public. I new Luke Ford would start to grow. The subjects he talks about are interesting.​This is why Steve Sailer doesn’t do interviews.

Cory Burton​Jill Kews is a unique name. What’s the etymology?

Babylonian Hebrew​HAHAHAHA JILL KEWS

Babylonian Hebrew​is that the sister of Nate Higgers?

helen greywood​You don’t say…

Cory Burton​Cousin

Hope Springseternal​This is what I mean about them being chaotic

resurrectionjose​@gjjd — To each his own but depending on what is what, I normally take such things with a pinch of salt. But yeah, I can see where you are coming from.

Dennis Dale​A whole industry turns on an idea

Cory Burton​yes

gjjd​@Trivium one of the big points of the alt-right is that we don’t trust democracy because we don’t trust the general public. Eff the general public, only excellent people get great things done

Dennis Dale​A lot of money is invested in the poz

Mephistopheles Lux​the alt right is right

Cory Burton​@Dennis Dale give me an operational definition of Poz.

helen greywood​hmm hmm

Fehnrir Hansa​Do we have any chance in hell? I think our only hope is a schism in among the ruling elite. Nothing can be done bottom up

Hope Springseternal​Not only is the alt-right correct about race we all intuitively know this

resurrectionjose​@gjjd — Despite being ‘Human, All Too Human’ I try to be fair. I don’t like to engage in Jew-bashing for a host of reasons I won’t go into here. But there are times when I do, e.g., Andrew Klavan.

Dennis Dale​pro “diversity”, globalization, feminism

Cory Burton​right

abrunettegirl​It was a bitter pill to swallow but the alt right has been telling the truth about everything. even Jews.

Cory Burton​only thing i could find on google was something about HIV

MrIHave Tourettes​LMFAOO

Cory Burton​lol

Fehnrir Hansa​time to convert goys

abrunettegirl​Luke~ Ask Frame how he got red pilled

Manik Bibler​Keep going!

gjjd​@resurrectionjose as you do

Babylonian Hebrew​the alt right and the tanakh and zionists all have the same fundemental view of Jews

resurrectionjose​@gjjd — If curious go to the ‘The Daily Wire’ video that James Allsup spoke about in his most recent video. I went over to the original video and left a nasty comment and link in the comment section.


Jill Kews​he’s talking about the Frankfurt School

Babylonian Hebrew​goooo

Hope Springseternal​I could care less about ‘jew bashing’ being polite to people who want to destroy us has gotten us here

Cory Burton​@Babylonian Hebrew Can you elaborate on that?

Trivium​@gjjd…So true. The U.S. voting processes was not the same 150 year ago, As it is today.

Manik Bibler​I got all day, man. Tell us about HOW jews consolidate power in non-jewish civilizations. How did they acquire all this influence in media, academia, etc.?

gjjd​@Babylonian Hebrew agree on Zionists. THey are based as heck

helen greywood​Nationalism is the solution to Globalist Oligarchs….Jew or no Jew,but it is​manik bibler – high verbal IQ

Babylonian Hebrew​frame needs to smoke a blunt and rest his feet on an ottoman, or whatever people do these days to relax

Manik Bibler​merit? Hm.

MrIHave Tourettes​Luke has adhd

Babylonian Hebrew​gjjd the diaspora is simply another example of the tragedies of multiculturalism

Cory Burton​Does anyone else here besides me work for the CIA?

ben​Vee is easier on the ears than this guy, for Christ’s sake.

Babylonian Hebrew​me

resurrectionjose​@Hope Springseternal — It boils to fairness and not going off the rails no matter who it is. But hey, if you feel animosity towards most or all Jews the way I feel about most Muslims. Go for it!

gjjd​@Babylonian Hebrew couldn’t agree more!

Cory Burton​haha

resurrectionjose​”It boils *down* to…”

Hope Springseternal​They always say high verbal IQ but I see no evidence of it

MrIHave Tourettes​@ben wow thats the dumest thing i’ve read all day

MrIHave Tourettes​dumbest*

Cory Burton​Vee is brutal

Babylonian Hebrew​@ben that’s a bit of a stretch, he just needs to relax a bit more

Hope Springseternal​Yeah, thanks for the permission

helen greywood​Says Mr, F==king Turettes :))

Cory Burton​a lot of it would be better immediately if the audio was better.

resurrectionjose​@Hope Springseternal — No problem. :::makes the sign of the Cross::: You now have my further blessings.

Babylonian Hebrew​hahahaha

abrunettegirl​At least Vee is arguing in good faith. Can’t say the same for Sargon

Babylonian Hebrew​@hope springseternal peter hitchens

Maceo Flux​The ADL’s Hate Index will become a Black List of anti-semites, exiling offenders to a life of public scorn

Manik Bibler​if 20 % of Jews have IQ of 140+, that’s 20% of 2%. Something like 240,000 Jews w/ IQ of 140+ in America. Gentiles: only 5% IQ of 140+… that’s 9,600,000 Gentiles of IQ 140+.

Rafael​TFW 10 000 employees of google get red pilled on the JQ

Dysfunction Junction​Bait people into defaming you… throw the book at them.​charisma?

Dennis Dale​Corey, didn’t we meet at the Company mixer last year?

Hope Springseternal​‘What I am about to tell you…babbble’

Cory Burton​@Manik Bibler i don’t think the IQ has enough explanatory power.

Manik Bibler​Possible – I guess it depends on the definition of “merit.” And the one who defines it is… the owner, CEO?

Cory Burton​Huh?

Hope Springseternal​Oh now we have veered completely away from what he was going to tell us

Manik Bibler​I agree, Frame — visual memes are the whole key to success.

MrIHave Tourettes​memetics is the word you’re looking for Frame

abrunettegirl​Don’t forget to sign the petitions online to helps save white South Africans, fam

Maceo Flux​Where does organization begin? Daily Stormer book clubs? Spencer speeches? IRL stuff is nearly non-existent.​trump is going to do something about south africa​now that coulter and tucker carlson are talking about it

Manik Bibler​That’d be a huge trigger, wouldn’t it truth/viv?

Based Deplorable​@Manik — Jewish intelligence is highly biased towards verbal. Average Jewish verbal score is ~125. In terms of people w/ above 140 verbal IQ there are more Jews than gentiles by 4:3

abrunettegirl​Luke you should have a #boycotttheOscars party on your channel tonite

Dysfunction Junction​I never had a life to begin with, so ‘sall good

Dennis Dale​Exactly, Maceo.

Manik Bibler​Great optics to help the Boers.

Dennis Dale​This is all true; but where does it start?

gjjd​@Maceo Flux organization really should begin with the altright company. I am ambivalent on whether to trust Richard Spencer

helen greywood​❤🐸

gjjd​@Maceo Flux Great question, btw

resurrectionjose​Oscar can blow my Felix Unger!

Hope Springseternal​Currency is an agreement

Hope Springseternal​We can always say no

ben​Talk about not noticing how your computer works…

helen greywood​haha

Dennis Dale​Okay, FGR: what’s the next binary?

MrIHave Tourettes​now wait a it

MrIHave Tourettes​bit


Manik Bibler​Our facial expressions are on a 24-second delay.

Trivium​I know how my computer works…What, what! 😀 Guess I must be old school.

Dennis Dale​We need another big banner cause; immigration reform?

Hope Springseternal​Glad to see people talking about South Africa

resurrectionjose​@abrunettegirl — If somehow or someway there’s a mass migration of white South Africans to the U.S. and a good chunk make their way to NYC, I’m doing my best to help out in whatever manner I can.

MrIHave Tourettes​LOL

Maceo Flux​@gjjd @Dennis Dale Nationalists will need to meet up in real time at some point. We’ll need to risk being doxxed. If enough of us “come out,” the risk will be lessened.

Based Deplorable​@Dennis — I’d be fine with making Affirmative Action illegal, or tying it to socioeconomic status​i don’t think that will necessarily happen, and i actually think south africans should tay there, i think if trump does anything about it, it will be something like sanctioning the sa government

abrunettegirl​Very nice of you resurrection, good to hear

Dennis Dale​Maceo: it isn’t freedom of speech as much as assembly they’re worried about and repressing

Riderman88​WTF is hanging under this dudes shirt ?

resurrectionjose​@abrunettegirl — Like every other Alt-Righter, I’d love to see the U.S. get flooded with whites from all over, and no doubt mainly from Europe. MABWA ain’t going to do it these days.

Manik Bibler​Maceo — a big national “coming out day” — we’re tired of being tolerated. We want to be valued for who we are!

Maceo Flux​@Dennis Dale I agree

Manik Bibler​Riderman those are tzitzit — orthodox Jewish required clothing.

Hope Springseternal​It must be so hard to be a jew

Dysfunction Junction​Let all of S Africa move to the US, unfettered and incentivized

Dysfunction Junction​The white ones anyway

resurrectionjose​@abrunettegirl — MABWA stands for [M]ake [A]merican [B]abies [W]hite [A]gain. I have a copyright on that phrase. 😉

Apple Fritter​Lets feel bad for jews

Dennis Dale​Manik: we need to show our pride. With a parade.

Manik Bibler​Be specific?

Cory Burton​We need a flag.​i just don’t think they should retreat. they’e been there for like 400 years

abrunettegirl​haha thanks I was just tryin to figure out what mabwa was online

Manik Bibler​a white flag? lol. NEVERRRRR

Cory Burton​inverted start of david.

ben​omg. JUST TALK

Cory Burton​star

MrIHave Tourettes​@ben is on a delay too everybody

Dennis Dale​There are problems with adopting this pride concept from thuh gheys

Manik Bibler​haha tourettes

resurrectionjose​@abrunettegirl — From a lost gospel fragment I and only I have in my possesion: “You have heard it said, MAGA. But I tell you, MABWA!!!!” 😛

Manik Bibler​Ben he’s being careful to not self-doxx

Hope Springseternal​This is why I don’t think they do this on purpose, it is générations of Talmudic thinking

Riderman88​its wierd that so many orthodox jews are trying to be on our side .

Golem​Frame Game Radio should at least try a bit to answer the question.

Apple Fritter​david cole is a good jew

Maceo Flux​Frame Game should treat this as HIS hour, and just rattle off whatever he can about organizing.

Maceo Flux​@Apple Fritter Bobby Fischer too

Jill Kews​Benjamin Freedman was a good jew

Apple Fritter​ah yes, him as well

resurrectionjose​@Riderman88 — You are not the only one. If truth be told I find it a teeny-weeny bit odd. Healthy skepticism is called for.

Hope Springseternal​I think Bobby Fischer was the closest to the truth, jews fear nature

Cory Burton​We could have a flag with a knotted Z.

ShadowHentai​Jews fear the samurai

Cory Burton​Call ourselves the Knot Zs.

Jill Kews​Heil Bobby

ben​@Manik Bibler I sympathize with not wanting to self-doxx, of course. But I feel like I’m listening to my gran.

resurrectionjose​@Hope Springseternal — I remember Mr. Fischer from my youth. He was pivotal in many of us taking up the game of chess.

Manik Bibler​transracialism is coming i agree

Dennis Dale​Direct race-gene-therapy to race transition

Maceo Flux​@Cory Burton 😃

Manik Bibler​i hear ya, ben

MrIHave Tourettes​Pedophilia is coming before transracialism

Dysfunction Junction​WE ISLAND OF DR MOREAU NOW

Niki Piki​ok , now he sounds retarded

Hope Springseternal​It’s all very satanic

Apple Fritter​Mr. Bond – salute like a nazi. just out

Manik Bibler​vampirism! — drinking baby blood!

Cory Burton​genetic manipulation and transhumanism is scary stuff.


Riderman88​transracialism is here . Rachael dolezal , and talcum x are prime examples

Babylonian Hebrew​Jill Kews benjamin freedman was a liar, Khazar theory is literally a lie propagated by Jews living in the West to say ‘we’re (relatively) Western too” , see arthur koestler

Manik Bibler​Luke, I love your blue jeans – what brand?

resurrectionjose​To any Gen-X folks in this ‘Live Chat’ — Anyone remember the Bobby Fischer-Boris Spatsky chess tournaments from the early 70’s?​kylie jenner is transracial

Jill Kews​”I think the majority of top Jews should be executed and the rest should go to concentration camps to be re-educated” ~ Bobby Fischer, Chess Grand Master & Jew

Riderman88​bobby fischer is a good boi​she’s had like 20 plastic surgeries at the age of 20

Dennis Dale​FGR: did you hear about David Stein/David Cole?

MrIHave Tourettes​Manik was right when he said jews talk to think, jesus

resurrectionjose​ Technically Hispanic (in addition to being Caucasian) and does NOT want to see too many of these folks in the U.S.!

Hope Springseternal​I don’t play chess. I’m a girl. Why do they have a ‘women’s chess league ?

Dennis Dale​Listen to the man

Manik Bibler​Somebody post a clear Super-Chat — maybe FG will see it and respond directly.

Dennis Dale​We disavow your formatting, Jose

Riderman88​hope : because women and men think and play tactical games (like chess) differently

Dennis Dale​It already is, Manik; that’s critical race theory

resurrectionjose​Damn, Mr. Ford discovered my plan. :::calls up fellow goy::: “SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!”

JohnPaul Janitor​demographics matter, in spite of, or perhaps because of scientific advancement. do we really want genetic modification for low g population groups?

Thomas Bergman​Arrows have technical meaning in code

Riderman88​as much as i like FGRs content , im not digging listening to him live .

Manik Bibler​preach!

Pawg​the difference between hating people and just wanting to have a space for yourself where they are not present is like the difference between night and day.

MrIHave Tourettes​nice way of puttin it

Erik S.​JF has said he believes this type of genetic engineering will lead to the end of the human race.

Manik Bibler​This is how I feel, even from a humble first floor office at a small college.

Dysfunction Junction​jews curse too much

Manik Bibler​living on borrowed time

Brian Andrews​Diversity + Proximity = Conflict

Cory Burton​Feels that way, Manik.

Manik Bibler​How easy would it be to move to New Zealand?

resurrectionjose​Arrows are a goy’s best friend. Just sayin’ 😀

Pawg​the idea that it’s “evil” for Germans, Japanese, Jewish, etc to want a space that works for their own interests alone is absolute retardation

Riderman88​jew gold . lol .

Hope Springseternal​He finally got to it. His kids will be screwed without us.

Hope Springseternal​They will be slaughtered without us

Jill Kews​Jews are the Mafia in that sense

abrunettegirl​He just said jew gold. love this guy

gjjd​We should think about siding with the Chinese, defecting from America to become a Chinese colony

J. Smith​what kind of GOOFY SHIRT is it that Luke is wearing?


Dennis Dale​Our individualism’s inevitable end: every single individual is a gene-modified racial one off.

Jill Kews​pound of flesh

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Don’t forget to do some squats. 😃

Babylonian Hebrew​J. Smith ever seen an orthodox jew b4?

Pawg​is this some kind of jewish dance routine

Noodle​Luke lmfao

Edwin Boyette​Can Israel absorb 5,500,000 additional bodies without lebensraum ?

Dennis Dale​that’ll make a good dysptopian tale

abrunettegirl​this show is the jewyiest show yet

Babylonian Hebrew​yes Edwin Boyette

Cory Burton​Is this the Alexander Technique?

resurrectionjose​I presume any minute now we’re going to Luke go into Crane style.

Babylonian Hebrew​@abrunettegirl wait til i come on

J. Smith​Babylonian Hebrew: go on. And they need a goofy shirt why?

resurrectionjose​”…going to *see*…”

Erik S.​Jew Jit-su

abrunettegirl​I can’t wait, I hope Luke will be doing yoga babylonianhebrew

Aeschylus Jones​All this exercising makes me want to take a dump…The Luke hustle

Manik Bibler​Because Hashem said so, J. Smith

Riderman88​i came for the “oy vey”s , WTF is this ?

MrIHave Tourettes​this is top tier larry david humor

Babylonian Hebrew​J smith his shirt is untucked because of the garment he is wearing under it, which is not part of the shirt

resurrectionjose​:::hums a few bars::: “Night fever night fever. You don’t have to…”

Rune Skyttsing​Is that yoga or Alexander techniqe?

Dennis Dale​The future: every single individual is a gene-modified racial one-off

Jill Kews​”The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. One knows how numerous this clique is and what power they exercise through their unions. They are a nation of rascals & deceivers.” ~ Cicero

abrunettegirl​this is better than the Oscars tbh

Dennis Dale​”undignified”, as Luke stands on one foot

helen greywood​@Erik S. 😂

J. Smith​Dennis Dale: it’s tattoos all over again but on a genetic level of body customization.

Dennis Dale​I’m writing it

Aeschylus Jones​I think a second ago he was doing the Travolta technique

Pawg​the ADL menace is nothing to laugh about

Riderman88​those slippers look comfy

resurrectionjose​@abrunettegirl — Tell me about it. I’m hoping he channels more his inner John Travolta! 😃

Babylonian Hebrew​Cicero would shit talk the Jews, Romans didnt exactly like us considering how many times we fought against their colonialism


abrunettegirl​haha #metoo

Riderman88​this dude is hoarding jew water

Oswald Spengler​showing off the essential stash


Babylonian Hebrew​Hahahahha essentia ph water

Pawg​i’m not sure the ADL and its disgusting type of actions speak for all Jews though

abrunettegirl​bugout bed

Babylonian Hebrew​pawg duh

Jill Kews​”Never trust a Jew!” ~ Nikola Tesla

Manik Bibler​This is like the Bilderberg group of YouTube, this channel.

MrIHave Tourettes​they speak for a lot of lefty jews

The Bastard​Jesus, what are all those bottles, Luke? Baby blood?

Babylonian Hebrew​but a lot of diaspora jews and diaspora people in general gravitate to these positions

Manik Bibler​Ask him about Confucius’s concept of the “Rectification of Names.”

Babylonian Hebrew​minorities in general for obvious reasons

Pawg​i’d say it’s safe to assume ~80% of Jews have a positive attitude toward the ADL

resurrectionjose​”Never Trust A Klingon” ~ S.P.O.C.K. (90’s Swedish electro-pop band)

Babylonian Hebrew​not in Israel, Pawg

MrIHave Tourettes​ground floor!

Babylonian Hebrew​maybe in the diaspora

Aeschylus Jones​Luke gets his water from the Jordan river

Jill Kews​”Jews are the problem. They’re the cause of all the problems in the world” ~ Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin

Rune Skyttsing​I wonder whats going on with Lukes knee

Aeschylus Jones​All that stretching and his yarmulke stays on

MrIHave Tourettes​like magic

Hope Springseternal​It’s not about whether they want to be chaotic or not, they are

Pawg​my perception is that Jews and the progressive degeneracy today are inseparable. i don’t know if it’s paranoid but it seems like it

Cory Burton​My IQ level is Mossad.

Aeschylus Jones​Lukes got a good fitting yarmie there

abrunettegirl​sit down and grab your leg if you think Jews are responsible for the destruction of the West

Pawg​I don’t know why but it’s my perception that it’s impossible to truly stand against the current degeneracy without somehow standing against Jewish power​my theory is that this is because secular jews have nowhere to look for morality

Cory Burton​@Pawg I feel similarly.

Dennis Dale​Frame Game: “…embracing the merchant aspect of this…I want to win…we can clean up whatever mess…after we have guaranteed your survival Number on is survival..”

Trivium​That is a good book

J. Smith​abrunettegirl: LOL

Manik Bibler​Jake Tapper is like a level-90 final boss.

Pawg​Jews seem like they get the most triggered than anyone else in general about this shit. Like mainstream progressive culture is fundamentally Jewish. It’s theirs. they made it

Dennis Dale​FGR: l…I believe white identity as organized and collectivized and weaponized…give SJWs something to fear…a voting bloc…pushing the Overton window…collective unions…organized…

Hope Springseternal​He is talking about their unnaturalness now, their ‘spells’ that attempt to control nature​and orthodox jews who aren’t degenerate tend to keep to themselves and not influence the outside world

Pawg​Progressivism is fundamentally a Jewish culture

Aeschylus Jones​boy this jew can talk till the cows come home

Manik Bibler​the.truth… that’s true. CNN has no orthodox Jews hosting.

Jill Kews​”Not only the Jew, but also all that is derived from the Jewish mind, corrodes and disintegrates what is best in us.” – Houston Stewart Chamberlain

ben​Nothing makes me feel more like a Gentile than listening to a Jew ramble on in this way.

abrunettegirl​this is going to be a meme

Manik Bibler​Aeschylus I used to doubt his Jewishness, but not after this.

MrIHave Tourettes​its because of the delay, he has to. with a delay there cant be a back and forth convo @Aeschylus Jones

Pawg​I don’t know why I find Jews so unagreeable.

Manik Bibler​Here’s a word: “Nationalism.”

Pawg​Jews irk me, what do you want me to say?

Rafael​Low-Energy Jeb Bush

Jill Kews​URUGUAY IQ = 96

Rune Skyttsing​This dude can talk non stop… A real motor mouth

Dennis Dale​FGR: “I am a civic nationalist from a principled perspective…but I am a tactical nationalist on quasi ethnic grounds…that organization around white identity….or you accept the death of a race…

Hope Springseternal​Right, all we really need to do is talk like white people without apology. We respond like magic.

Hope Springseternal​I can’t imagine having to live in a head like this

Golem​Grandmastery of not saying much.

resurrectionjose​If one wants to see how wacky Sweden is, just go over to that You Tube link I posted earlier. A friggin’ electro-pop named after a Star Trek character can be huge and rake in a pretty penny.

Pawg​If we can just stop pretending that Jews and Europeans are the same on a social and cultural level then most of the problems will fix themselves

MrIHave Tourettes​@Hope Springseternal have you even watched his videos?

Trivium​@Pawg… Maybe because Jews see you as the out group.

Dennis Dale​FGR: …at this point it is self defense. This movement has to go from a great cause into a business and if it turns into a racket afterwards we clean it up afterwards…”​he’s talking about Twitter

Prahtian Bleu​Racial Communism

Pawg​Jewish interests and European interests are not the same. And both should be allowed to advocate. But Jews go out of their way to do everything possible to disempower European advocacy.

Dennis Dale​”…we need economic protection for people who have been censored, for people who have been bonfired, for people who have been fired, for people who have been no-platformed…”

Hope Springseternal​I don’t know who he is, I don’t doubt he makes good videos​the platform that forces you to make a concise argument

Dennis Dale​”… we need full time paid professionals, we need ideological evangelists…organizations…and it takes a direct, in-your-face-acceptance that of course it’s okay to be white…”

Pawg​Which is why people start Hating jews

gjjd​@Pawg just naming the Jew will accomplish nothing. We have tons of committed gentile liberals that we have to deal with

J. Smith​Dennis Dale: look at how the scientologists organize, they lawyer up. look at how the mormons organize. we need to take cues from what works.

Hope Springseternal​Yes

Babylonian Hebrew​@Pawg that is why Jews should not live in the West. multiculturalism is bad.

Manik Bibler​Yeah twitter — remember when shitpsters started using “Skype” in place of “Jew” to evade the algorithms? That was my favorite moment of 2016.

Manik Bibler​”Fortress-mentality”​gjjd is right about the gentile liberals

Pawg​The only thing that would stop a European from avoiding Jews would be guilt or shame and feeling pity​I am surrounded by them, and I don’t understand them one bit.​I don’t know how they do what they do and think what they think.​They’re sick in the head.

Hope Springseternal​Yes, everyone wants to live around us

Manik Bibler​just watch, Octavian.

resurrectionjose​@Hope Springseternal — If I may ask are you Christian, Jewish, or non-religious?

Babylonian Hebrew​The Bastard yes

Dennis Dale​First order of business: some sort of org that helps out the doxxed and discriminated against with money, jobs, etc

Hope Springseternal​They just exhaust people is how they ‘trick’ people

Hope Springseternal​Pagan

Golem​Luke gave up

The Bastard​what? a list of white inventions would take volumes

Tom Anderson​🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

Manik Bibler​Good idea, Dennis! — incentivize self-doxxing martyrdom, for a while?

resurrectionjose​@Hope Springseternal — Drats, I forgot ‘pagan’ or ‘Neo-Pagan’.

Pawg​@gjjd you have to ask yourself why it’s so hard for people to see what’s going on if it’s realy that simple

Aeschylus Jones​all stolen from Wakandan technology

Pawg​If it’s so obvious that “something is up” then why do so many people have no perception of it?

MrIHave Tourettes​smh, whypipo

resurrectionjose​@Hope Springseternal — Never mind about my earlier suggestion. Unless you have a thing for, say, comparative religions you might not get much about that documentary excerpt.

The Bastard​They don’t fear whites. They see whites as their biggest Roadblock to world domination

Dysfunction Junction​Can we still talk sh*t about beaners though?

Manik Bibler​Soon the ADL will determine what products you can buy from Amazon & Wal-Mart also (not guns, for instance)

Dennis Dale​As a Catholic I reject martyrdom

Tom Anderson​wypipo b lik dis water 2 spicy 😂

Hope Springseternal​If you pay attention to the WAY jews talk you can recognize them online very quickly

Pesh Head​Luke shot himself?​jews have invented lots of things​especially in the realm of medicine

Oswald Spengler​dennis dale are youf amiliar with the Acton Institute/

The Bastard​they’ll move into the Asians after they’re through with us

resurrectionjose​@Manik Bibler — I know, right!?

gjjd​@Pawg life is complex, the universe is not obvious, and neither are our social ills

Manik Bibler​double-entry bookkeeping was invented… by gentiles!

Jill Kews​Jews invented the Soda Stream !

Babylonian Hebrew​The Bastard would make more sense to compile all inventions by Middle Eastern or Afro-Asiatic people

Dennis Dale​Spengler: no

ben​He’s died of boredom from his own (Jewish) guest.

Dysfunction Junction​Is that vodka?

Trumpeting Nonsense​oy my back

The Bastard​surely you can list at least a significant list.

abrunettegirl​he’s almost invisible, no quite though

Tom Anderson​Passover vodka

Aeschylus Jones​maybe this is an exercise for constipation?

Babylonian Hebrew​dysfunction junction high ph water

Rafael​Invest in the GAB ICO!

Dennis Dale​That’s not vodka, that’s Luke Ford’s Aryan Spring Water

Dysfunction Junction​ah

Dennis Dale​Only available here.

Babylonian Hebrew​its alexander technique you soyim

Pesh Head​Jesus, I’m loading the rounds now

Oswald Spengler​GOYsentia

resurrectionjose​Luke is just too nice to say he’s bored out of his skull at listening to this guy.​lol

Manik Bibler​this is offensive

Hope Springseternal​Pagan in that I study the runes I don’t really participate yet because I have not found a way that resonates

Tom Anderson​(((alexander technique)))

Aeschylus Jones​Luke only drinks water from the Gulf of Aqaba

Babylonian Hebrew​inphowaurs

Pawg​Many Jews seem to be laboring under the metaphysical belief that non-Jews are somehow unreal, or non-existent

Babylonian Hebrew​Tom Anderson LOL

Octavian Derringer​oy vey my assneck

ben​@Manik Bibler Time to adjust the angle.

resurrectionjose​Any minute now I’m off. I’m absolute BORED out of my friggin’ skull listening (if it can be called that) to this guy!

Babylonian Hebrew​Pawg now you’re stretching things lol

Hope Springseternal​I think it’s just the opposite

MrIHave Tourettes​Offensive, but funny

Manik Bibler​low verbal IQ, Jose??

Pawg​@Babylonian Hebrew I mean that in a conceptual sense

Hope Springseternal​I think jews don’t feel like they belong

Pesh Head​I’d prefer to be mostly armless than listen to this

Ride the Tiger​Alexander Technique? Is that like Pilates?

Dennis Dale​Aryan Spring water is drawn from alpine glades by braided, blue-eyed dirndl-clad beauties

Manik Bibler​”mostly armless”

Hope Springseternal​That they are unnatural

Trivium​@The Bastard…I do not think the Chinese have forgot about the opium wars.

Jill Kews​“The answer to the Jewish problem is simple, Keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government.” ~ Ezra Pound

resurrectionjose​@Manik Bibler — Me or this Frame Game individual?

The Bastard​Babylonian – Jews are grossly over-represented in media, banking, education, politics, and other means of control. I’d assume this would translate into actually creating things of value

Babylonian Hebrew​@pawg in terms of understanding the perspectives of others, often might as well be true.

Julie NYC​@Pawg I disagree about the exceptional verbal acuity (most of great writers were not jewish) but rather they’re good at organizing. its like unions strength is in collective efforts.

Manik Bibler​you — but i was just joshin’

MrIHave Tourettes​Thats a good point

Babylonian Hebrew​@Jill Kews Ezra didnt go far enough, Jews should be kept out of the West, for the most part

Dysfunction Junction​Trump is legitimizing “mentally ill” as a measure for gun restriction. Don’t they call him mentally ill?

Hope Springseternal​All we have to do is deny ‘dual citizens ‘ in our government and problem solved.

resurrectionjose​@Manik Bibler — In all honesty I tuned out long ago. I go on ‘Live Chat’ boxes for dialogue and not monologues.

Jill Kews​”Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.” – Benjamin Franklin

Dennis Dale​Try Luke’s de-poz supplements when they come out next week.

Manik Bibler​Think about “meritocracy,” and about how it implies a shared understanding of what merit is. When I was growing up, I felt destined to great success because I thought of merit according to an old…

Manik Bibler​definition

Dennis Dale​Flush the residual poz out of your body

Pawg​I mostly just feel indifferent to Jews. I do notice their behaviors and tend to avoid them because it makes my life easier.

Trumpeting Nonsense​Is this a tape or a real person talking for this long?

Hope Springseternal​Trump is good on guns, he’s just playing

Tom Anderson​Google needs to be broken up

Babylonian Hebrew​Jill Kews an excellent description of diaspora

Ride the Tiger​@Dysfunction Junction What is & who decides what constitutes “Mental Illness”?

Manik Bibler​I should be a multimillionaire on Madison avenue — that’s how fucking awesome I am. But a new twisted/warped slave-morality version of “merit” arose, and so I could only squeak out small-time living.

gjjd​To an extent, all nonassimilating minorities are vampires

Dysfunction Junction​I’m sure the same people who decide transgenderism isn’t mental illness

Hope Springseternal​I think I heard Ford snore

Babylonian Hebrew​gjjd exactly.

Manik Bibler​it’s real, Trumpeting!

The Bastard​I can’t see the diaspora hampering Jewish inventiveness.

Aeschylus Jones​I want to see the Travolta technique again!

resurrectionjose​@Pawg — I hear you mate. I did so as a sort of concession, but I reached out recently to an Jewish friend of mine and he never replied back. I think I know why, but I’m willing to be proven wrong.

The Bastard​quite the contrary

Babylonian Hebrew​The Bastard it hasn’t, rather it gives us an unfair advantage

Manik Bibler​I should’ve been a Methodist minister.

Babylonian Hebrew​precis

Pawg​I just don’t get why there has to be a conflict between Europeans and Jews. We don’t have a conflict with Japanese etc. Just stay separate and respect boundaries and the problem will be solved.

MrIHave Tourettes​Luke gives the thumb up to getting paid, very Jewish!

Manik Bibler​I should’ve started a lawn-care company.

Pesh Head​self reinforcing job clubs to prop up cultural Marxism in-between media & politics jobs

Trumpeting Nonsense​(((paying)))

Aeschylus Jones​Does his rabbi know about his potty mouth?

The Bastard​So what are some relevant inventions?

Pawg​The problem is that it seems like Jews tend to demand their presence be respected everywhere on Earth

resurrectionjose​@Manik Bibler – Join the crowd. I should have been a Lutheran minister. 😃

Babylonian Hebrew​Pawg because Jews live in the west. multiculti = conflict, zero sum competition

Hope Springseternal​Smart strategy @Pawg

Julie NYC​@Pawg Yeah i don’t get it why there must be conflict between various groups…it really sucks

Manik Bibler​This is key! – should’ve been his thesis statement.

Tom Anderson​I encourage all Jews to make aliyah

Pesh Head​(((money)))

MrIHave Tourettes​thats true

John Wilkes Booth​lol whats going on here?

Dennis Dale​FGR: “two words: commercial bankruptcy. That is how you win…”

John Wilkes Booth​why is he laying down?

Hope Springseternal​Money is a joke

Manik Bibler​Just hang around for a bit, Wilkes. You’ll like it.

Tom Anderson​he’s taking a nap

Cory Burton​The best thing about Luke is that he’s such a respectful host.

Babylonian Hebrew​@Julie NYC , as a new yorker, it should be evident that diversity + proximity = lowered social capital

Trumpeting Nonsense​By subverting the host nation

Manik Bibler​Money is a golem.

Jill Kews​I wanted to be a blacksmith with my own forge

Mephistopheles Lux​He put Luke to sleep

resurrectionjose​@John Wilkes Booth — His way of indicating he’s bored out of his skull.

Pesh Head​he realised he made a big mistake and ended it all

MrIHave Tourettes​@John Wilkes Booth big delay on the speaker’s side, he has to go on talking because we cant have a back and forth convo with a large delay

Hope Springseternal​Yes money is a golem!

Pawg​anyway i better go make my bed and clean my room

Babylonian Hebrew​J E U E D

Trivium​@Pawg Because Jews see you as the out side group…AKA conflict.

Cory Burton​Get him to talk about Usury so that Luke will believe it’s a legitimate concept.

John Wilkes Booth​he dies

John Wilkes Booth​died

Aeschylus Jones​This is the laziest exercising I’ve ever seen

John Wilkes Booth​what dod u guys do to him?

Babylonian Hebrew​clean ur ruum

Gerard Perry​Is Luke stocking up for Y2k?

Hope Springseternal​@pesh head lol

Aashiq bin-Kassab​What’s up with Luke?

ben​Staying alive?

Ride the Tiger​@Tom Anderson We know they won’t do that, they wouldn’t have any sheep to shear or herds of soyim to rig the vote.

Alt-Right Liberalist​RIP luke

Manik Bibler​Aashiq, he’s just listening.

John Wilkes Booth​@Aashiq bin-Kassab

Dennis Dale​Luke has fallen and he can’t deus veult

Gerard Perry​F

John Wilkes Booth​is this a video he listening to?


MrIHave Tourettes​no

The Bastard​He’s dead!

Aashiq bin-Kassab​Mk I see

Dennis Dale​”Luke Ford was my friend…”

Manik Bibler​the ADL is the deep state?

John Wilkes Booth​luke overdosed on red pills

Mephistopheles Lux​weirdest stream ever

Pawg​Bankrupt and more or less blacklisted from society at large and demonized to the point of no longer even being considered human

Joshua Snyder​Luke is listening.

helen greywood​Know how he feels

Gerard Perry​”Luke overdosed on read pills.” lol.

Pesh Head​waiting for his shabbos goy to turn the noise off

Babylonian Hebrew​I’m coming on next, lads

Golem​Luke thinks this was a mistake.

Frederick White​Anglin, yes.

Tom Anderson​he ded

Cory Burton​thief state

MrIHave Tourettes​RIP Luke

Bernard Brightson​We are getting close to the climax of the live stream!!!!

Trivium​I say that lovely…Bankrupted lol

Gerard Perry​It’c called the Alexander the Great technique, IIRC.

Gerard Perry​lol.

Aeschylus Jones​its a miracle

Babylonian Hebrew​dluke flord

ben​Seven minutes is too long!

Dennis Dale​The Resurrection

Hope Springseternal​Yes and ADL gets 54 million from our government

Ride the Tiger​Baggy crouch shot thanks alot @Luke Ford

Gerard Perry​Got a shot of amphetamines.

Manik Bibler​Tell us why.

Hope Springseternal​Read their 990

resurrectionjose​I comprehend the “technical difficulties” at hand and sympathize with all parties involved — BUT — I’m not here for a monologue. I’m out……

The Bastard​i want to go on with Babylonian so I can talk shit

MrIHave Tourettes​@resurrectionjose BRAINLET

Ride the Tiger​@Luke Ford is multitasking

Tom Anderson​Babylonian Hebrew vs The Bastard

Leaf Bamboo​What’s going on?

Manik Bibler​everything bad happened in 1965.

Tom Anderson​bloodsports coming up next

Manik Bibler​You missed it all Leaf cuz you’re too good for us.

Hope Springseternal​This guy is answering questions that were sent to him

Tom Anderson​🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

The Bastard​Make it happen!

mrgomelonsolaris​Yes, white liberals do it to signal “I’m a good person, please don’t flash mob me.”

Dennis Dale​FGR: Don’t give Disney a cent

Jill Kews​1965 The first UK Race Relations Act was introduced into the House of Commons by Sir Frank Soskice, an immigrant and cohencidentally, a Jew.

MrIHave Tourettes​”Please for the love god, don’t give them marketshare.”

Ride the Tiger​Who’s Bloodsports?


resurrectionjose​:::raised eyebrows::: Did this guy mention the historical Jesus? I guess I will be sticking around a bit.


Hope Springseternal​@ manik I know! What is up with 1965

John Wilkes Booth​he is stretching right?

Leaf Bamboo​Thx guys. Never heard Frames undistorted(?)

ben​”Like the fantasy-figure of the Jew…”

The Bastard​My pocket knife is ready!

John Wilkes Booth​i do this sometimes too

Gerard Perry​He’s finding his center.

Cory Burton​If this were an old church service the old ladies would be saying, “bless him, lord.”

ben​”Dracula is the scion of an ‘ancient’ sect…”

Dennis Dale​Go to Frame Game’s channel. It’s the best

MrIHave Tourettes​@Leaf Bamboo he sounds the same as he did in his black panther videos

resurrectionjose​That was the year I was born. I just dated myself! 😃

John Wilkes Booth​is he aligning his shakra?

MrIHave Tourettes​LMFAO,

Gerard Perry​He’s davening.

Dennis Dale​The knives are out

resurrectionjose​That was the year I was born. I think I just dated myself! 😃

Pesh Head​stop them praying for Jews to repent & find Jesus

ARYA DHARMA​This is a little bizarre

ben​”he is a wanderer whose clothes are stuffed with gold”

Manik Bibler​Is wikipedia hebraic?

Gerard Perry​”This is a little bizarre.” What was your first clue?

Pesh Head​that’s great for a bad back

ben​”…he is a stranger disguised as a familiar…”​luke is doing yoga

Hope Springseternal​Yes wiki is liked

Oswald Spengler​yoga backwards spells what

Oswald Spengler​a goy

Hope Springseternal​Kiked

abrunettegirl​that hat along with the paranoid water bottles:)​lol

Julie NYC​why the hell are the guys moving around like that?? are they children who can’t sit and listen?? haha

Hope Springseternal​Autocorrect

ben​”…a murderer of Christian babies…”

MrIHave Tourettes​wtf i love yoga now

Gerard Perry​lol

ben​”…a pollution in the blood of Westerners.”

MrIHave Tourettes​thats not how you do pushups luke

Aashiq bin-Kassab​Does Luke have adhd or what

Oswald Spengler​those were like quarter pushhups

abrunettegirl​that’s how michelle Obama does pushups, still guy push ups

Pesh Head​Jews are so cocky they’re even disowning the term ‘Judeo-Christian’. Don’t need it any more

Trumpeting Nonsense​pilpulshups

Hope Springseternal​The guy is smart but he can’t organize his thought on the fly

Aeschylus Jones​Does Luke have a strap on his yarmulke

ben​”Like the Jewish money-lender, he cannot enter a house unless invited in”

Gerard Perry​He did 3 reps.

ARYA DHARMA​Do push-ups on your knees if you can’t do normal pushups

ARYA DHARMA​I had no idea Luke was so sexy. Lol

Dennis Dale​Luke is not yet a member of the Liftwaffe

Manik Bibler​you already didn’t answer it in the most succinct way, Frame

Hope Springseternal​I like that they are abandoning the judeo-Christian thing

Oswald Spengler​dumbells for dumb goys

Dysfunction Junction​lol. Should do a workout video series.

Gerard Perry​Jordan Petersen has had an effect.

Leaf Bamboo​Frames talks in a pretty roundabout way. Jeez, be more poignant. I thought Heebs are famous for high verbal IQ

abrunettegirl​Joga with Luke

resurrectionjose​@Pesh Head — I don’t care for ‘Judeo-Christian’ either so I guess we’re even. But I think I will keep using ‘A.D.’ whether they or anyone else likes it or not! 😃

Gerard Perry​Luke’s Eroticize

Gustavo Pareja​Luke flexing


ben​” ‘though afterwards’, as Van Helsing says, ‘he can come as he please’. ”

Dennis Dale​lol Gerald

Jill Kews​it will take decades for Christians to drop the Judeo-christian thing

Pesh Head​yes, at least they’re being honest. Apparently a Jew coined the term anyway

Hope Springseternal​High verbal IQ must means uses most possible words

Trumpeting Nonsense​Does Luke wear all his jewish larp-wear all the time?

MrIHave Tourettes​lol

ben​Overstaying his welcome. Terribly Jewish.

Patrick Chapman​What is the speakers name on GAB?

Manik Bibler​an even larger point!

Dysfunction Junction​Wodka

MrIHave Tourettes​LOL

Gerard Perry​lol

Tom Anderson​@ben lol

resurrectionjose​@Jill Kews — Depends. Characters like Ben Shapiro and others will keep on using it when it benefits them or when in front of a Christian audience.

Gerard Perry​”I got a little distracted by another thought.”

Aeschylus Jones​That water will give you chutzpah

MrIHave Tourettes​Frame Game seems autistic, reminds me of AltHype.

Gerard Perry​@FrameGames

Frederick White​@trumpeting nonsense…..yes, he wears a yarmulke that says FIDF. Friends of the IDF.

Dennis Dale​This is Frame Games Radio–great alt right video producer on YT, Twitter

MrIHave Tourettes​Hes smart though

Manik Bibler​I could be mowing my lawn right now.

Pesh Head​was it ADL caught infiltrating police databases, corrupting cops?

ARYA DHARMA​Bottoms up goys

abrunettegirl​hydrate for maximum verbal flexibility

Dubs Dubson​HARAKIRI

Gerard Perry​”I could be mowing my lawn right now.” #pwned

Dennis Dale​You need something to cut through the brush

Hope Springseternal​They don’t give a sh1t about Mel Gibson!

resurrectionjose​@Manik Bibler — If you live in N.J. I will lend you my brand new Snapper mower.

ARYA DHARMA​Is that a red dildo?

helen greywood​Back to his porn days….

Dennis Dale​Important point: never disavow anyone

MrIHave Tourettes​what if they talk too long?

Dysfunction Junction​Except for jews. Disavow

Manik Bibler​Honda for me, Jose.

Dysfunction Junction​And race mixers, and queers

Gerard Perry​I feel like I’m sitting through a really weird seminar in my old American Studies class.

Hope Springseternal​He’s right about the diavow thing

resurrectionjose​That is Luke’s way of saying, “Hail Trump! …. Hail Our People! … Hail Victory!”

Tom Anderson​I DISAVOW

Manik Bibler​American Studies is a fake field!

Trumpeting Nonsense​This is surreal at this point

Hope Springseternal​Lol

Dennis Dale​The technical aspect is f—ed, but this is great stuff

Trivium​@Jill Kews I know and Rabbi’s are tell them to stop it with the Judeo-christian thing.

abrunettegirl​he’s heiling

Dennis Dale​Hang around for the chat later

Pesh Head​Kabbalistic ritual

Gerard Perry​There are problems with interdisciplinary studies, but it’s more complex than that.

MrIHave Tourettes​Its Jewish humor imo. Very larry davidish

ARYA DHARMA​Is this jewjitsu?

Dennis Dale​We’ll have FGR on that format in the future and it will be better

resurrectionjose​:::right arm out::: Sail Hatan!!!! 😛

Itamar Herman​Chad judaism

Jack Wilson​what the hell did I walk into…

Gerard Perry​This will crush Luke’s Senate campaign when the SPLC gets a hold of this footage.

16000 48366​the fuck am I watching

MrIHave Tourettes​do a roman salute luke

Manik Bibler​Gerard American studies is just a socialist-history version of American Literature & History

Jill Kews​Choose Your Fighter !

Chris L​Bring Ben Shapiro on the show.

Cory Burton​Luke is initiating himself into the new world order.

Trivium​Why is Luke playing with a Big Red Cock?


resurrectionjose​Looks like Jewish take on an old Bruce Lee technique.

Hope Springseternal​How many times can he say he is a proud jew

Babylonian Hebrew​Jill Kews LOL

Gerard Perry​Manik, Alan Wolfe wrote a great essay about this subject.

helen greywood​Dildos at Dawn

Hope Springseternal​Einstein is a joke

Pesh Head​…watching a man with supreme confidence, who doesn’t give a fck

Gerard Perry​Is this more embarrassing than Luke’s career in the sex industry?

Sargon is Irrelevant​What the hell is going on here?

Manik Bibler​Gerard did you do an advanced degree in AS?

Babylonian Hebrew​that’s a bit of an overstatement

Trumpeting Nonsense​Is it some kind of forearm/grip strength exerciser?

Julie NYC​I respect people who work hard

Gerard Perry​Hell, no.

Hope Springseternal​Andrew Anglin is funny and entertaining

abrunettegirl​Nazis did this as well, strengthen up your hands and wrists for longer seig heil

Dubs Dubson​these heebs are starting to scare me

Gerard Perry​One of my professors actually tried to convince me to go to graduate school.

resurrectionjose​@Hope Springseternal — That’s their way of expressing ‘Amen’ similar to Evangelical Christians with their Christianese.

Oswald Spengler​he’s keeping his dildo flexible

MrIHave Tourettes​@Sargon is Irrelevant Guy who is speaking is on a massive delay so he has to go on long tangents. Luke got bored and started doing exercises

Julie NYC​Is this how jewish people work out?? no wonder they need education! haha jk

Babylonian Hebrew​lamoo

Tom Anderson​It’s amazing that people can’t tell that Anglin is a satirist

Jack Wilson​now he’s got a knife out, lol

ben​@Manik Bibler Sharp.

Louis Diaz​@Babylonian Hebrew do you consider yourself a Jewish fascist?

resurrectionjose​@JulieNYC — That is sooooooooooo anti-Semitic!

ARYA DHARMA​Luke gives zero fucks. Gotta love him. Lol

Gerard Perry​The salami method

Manik Bibler​so sharp! — brand new

Aeschylus Jones​Hey Luke you should glue that to your yarmie

Sargon is Irrelevant​@MrIHave Tourettes Thanks, fam.

Pesh Head​he’s put a hex on all our houses

Dubs Dubson​nice yarmaluke

Octavian Derringer​wait, one more point. well, I have just one last note. I know I’m way over, but here’s one more thing

Dennis Dale​Is that a kreigsmarine Manik is wielding

Julie NYC​@resurrectionjose lol

Aeschylus Jones​that looks more like the Jenna Jameson technique

MrIHave Tourettes​@Octavian Derringer lol

Gerard Perry​lol…yes, that’s what will send this video to the outer darkness

Babylonian Hebrew​@Louis Diaz not quite, as I think fascism is a European-oriented and relatively materialist expression of identiarian sentiment. i think West Asians need to develop our own systems

abrunettegirl​all I know is I love Jews even more now.

Hope Springseternal​Jews want to see Anglin as their fantasy goy

ben​This video has a snowball’s chance in hell of being put in limited state.

Manik Bibler​Keep going, Frame!

Julie NYC​@resurrectionjose Wasn’t it Bill Maher that joked about being suspicous jews building the pyramids – ‘we’re not known for manual labor’

Golem​weapon of mass distraction

The Bastard​Babylonian – you should, in your own country

Babylonian Hebrew​LOL @Julie NYC

abrunettegirl​We love you Frame Game ❤

Dennis Dale​Give the man credit

Gerard Perry​I think this vid will be flagged as political sedition because of the lumbar stretches.

Dennis Dale​He has genuine heart

MrIHave Tourettes​Wow, thats fucking funny

Sargon is Irrelevant​Buy a Lexus instead

helen greywood​yes

Louis Diaz​@Babylonian Hebrew are you a zionist? I’m assuming your a nationalist correct?

Hope Springseternal​Where they have fantasies about being sexually humiliated by Nazis

Aeschylus Jones​I wish more jews would be more outspoken like this

Pesh Head​very generous, empathetic. A rare trait

Babylonian Hebrew​frame game should do more livestreams, he needs to get used to thwm

The Bastard​good riddance, take all your jew friends and family with you

Dysfunction Junction​I can’t believe they’re going after Poland for the holocaust now. This is insane

MrIHave Tourettes​@Babylonian Hebrew agreed

Gustavo Pareja​Fascism as Espartanism is the white political reaction to disgenic parsimony. Fascism is just a social step to correct disgenic behavior.

Dennis Dale​He is, Pesh

Sargon is Irrelevant​Lexus > BMW, Audi, Mercedes

Gerard Perry​Viewers get 3 college credits for watching this video.

Babylonian Hebrew​Louis Diaz yes, in the sense that Zionist means repatriationist

ARYA DHARMA​I’m not even listening. Just watching Luke.

Babylonian Hebrew​@The Bastard wish it were that easy

ben​Thanks Ger!

bazzroid​I dissociate from those who dissociate

Dennis Dale​Luke took the hemlock

Pesh Head​Blaming Poles for moving into Jewish houses. not making shrines outta them

Gerard Perry​How does this not count as product placement?

Leaf Bamboo​The more I listen to this, the more I appreciate Will Pierce’s rhetorical talent, his precision and his strength of conviction. And to think Anglin was given flak for hsi debate!

Hope Springseternal​The place for jews in America is in Israel!

Louis Diaz​@Babylonian Hebrew I respect that. also the concept of an original system too. good stuff


The Bastard​Sell the dream, Babylonian, sell the dream

Babylonian Hebrew​agree Hope Springseternal

John Wilkes Booth​lol

ARYA DHARMA​Bottoms up goys!!!

Manik Bibler​Hail Luke

Gerard Perry​Luke needs to get a sponsorship with Dasani.

John Wilkes Booth​what kind of water is he drinking?

Western Man​Thumbnail looks like you keeled over and died

Pesh Head​YMCA

Manik Bibler​Love & inclusion!

John Wilkes Booth​my favorite is smart water

Aeschylus Jones​I hope more patriotic jews will speak out against the ADL\

Jack Wilson​o/

abrunettegirl​Seig Heil

ARYA DHARMA​It’s from the river Jordan

Gerard Perry​This is Luke’s version of the Roman salute

Babylonian Hebrew​@Louis Diaz thank you sir. Read my article on West Coast Reactionaries, “The Rot of Diaspora: the Jewish Example”

ben​”I know it sounds gay.” Yes. Yes.

John Wilkes Booth​what are those

Louis Diaz​I’m a nationalist of course, as fascist. I do not oppose Israel. I support nationalism for all peoples

John Wilkes Booth​stress relievers?

Gerard Perry​And they say there’s no such thing as holy water

Pesh Head​Climbing hands

Aeschylus Jones​Is that kosher Luke

Gerard Perry​Jazz fingers

Hope Springseternal​I don’t think jews know what love is

ARYA DHARMA​They make those for guitar players too.

John Wilkes Booth​lololl

Babylonian Hebrew​@Louis Diaz thank you for being principles. similarly, I support self determination and rights for all peoples

Rune Skyttsing​What are those? Dildos

Dennis Dale​Keep a firmer grip on your identity with Luke Ford’s Torah Grip.

ben​Boredom is the engine of suicide.

Gerard Perry​What is Patrick Bateman doing with the knife?

Western Man​Nice Dildos

Pesh Head​that will be clipped defo

Louis Diaz​@Babylonian Hebrew I will read that. Ive also subscribed to your channel

Sargon is Irrelevant​Thanks Schlomo

abrunettegirl​Love you Frame Game, see you on Gab ❤

Leaf Bamboo​Heart Right is alright. But we must never forget a good amount of people ought to be hanged

Dubs Dubson​thank you lordy

Patrick Chapman​great show

Babylonian Hebrew​ty sir! likewise

Pesh Head​I just subbed to this guy. didn’t recognize him.

Hope Springseternal​We are going to need a lot of rope

Tom Anderson​eat more soy

Dysfunction Junction​I love the Mexicans who ethnically cleansed my childhood home


Babylonian Hebrew​kukked kyke klan

Babylonian Hebrew​the soyim know

Pesh Head​how long can he live a double life

Oswald Spengler​a goy sees yoga

Western Man​Excuse me sir do you you have a moment to speak about our Lord soylent

Hope Springseternal​“Jews are always torn

ARYA DHARMA​That’s not yoga, it’s jewjitsu you silly goys

Babylonian Hebrew​Dear Mr. Ford, I am ready to come on whenever, twitter message me pls

Babylonian Hebrew​the soyim know

Manik Bibler​Babylonian Hebrew

Cory Burton​@Babylonian Hebrew what happened to adam wallace?

Gustavo Pareja​Hey Goya if we team up with nationalist-orthodox Jews there is a great possibility that we can weaken the attack of antisemitism.

Aeschylus Jones​They’re torn till they say the Kol Nidre and then they are forgiven

Pesh Head​Kung Ju

Babylonian Hebrew​@Manik Bibler whats good m8

Gustavo Pareja​By the way, support Israel all the way, but not with my taxes 😜

iippo​Here we go again another Goy sacrificed for Jew.

Cory Burton​@iippo they don’t even realize they’re doing it.

FukU2222​Is FGR gone already?

Babylonian Hebrew​@Cory Burton he doesn’t have internet right now. He is doing religious studies of various sorts I think. He may become a monk

Gustavo Pareja​Hahahaha

FukU2222​Soygoy of mossad

Aeschylus Jones​(((handler)))

Tom Anderson​Have you even read Aquinas?

Louis Diaz​I mean have u even

Western Man​Have you even read tin tin?

J. Smith​Have you even read Espinoza?

Western Man​Have you even read JK Rowling?

Hope Springseternal​Tin Tin!

Oswald Spengler​spinoza

Pesh Head​Calling muh Academics, roll call

gjjd​Have you even read Horton Hears a WHo?

iippo​Tin Tin beheaded Congolese.

Sargon is Irrelevant​Have you ever read Hitler?

MrIHave Tourettes​loool

Rune Skyttsing​Al Goldstein, Samuel Roth, Michael Kulich, Reuben Sturman and Steven Hirsch are all famous jewish american pornographers… Without a doubt! Professionals with an immaculate working ethics.

MrIHave Tourettes​he started off just like frame did

Gerard Perry​Al Goldstein was a trip.

abrunettegirl​definitely part of the tribe


Cory Burton​@MrIHave Tourettes lol.

Hope Springseternal​@ I know ! Starts out just the same

Sargon is Irrelevant​(((Jew)))

Cory Burton​he’s an individual. he’s been reading sargon.

Pesh Head​(((Hebrew)))

iippo​When I hear Hebrew I automatically think about Hebrew Israelites.

Frederick White​New Jewish infiltration. Pretend to be sympathetic with whites and co opt it.

Hope Springseternal​Why can’t they talk?!

Gerard Perry​The black Israelites are persistent. I’ll give ’em that.

ben​*mic scratching*

Sargon is Irrelevant​We Wuz Merchantz

Hope Springseternal​We know what we respond to.


Cory Burton​repatriation sounds better than expulsion.

Pesh Head​Jews will never repatriate. Israelis migrating back to Brooklyn

iippo​It sounds like he’s scratching a zipper

The Bastard​Quit playing with your fucking zipper, you nervous wreck.

Pesh Head​his mic is scratching

Louis Diaz​hes a dj

Gerard Perry​He’s zipping up.

Cory Burton​haha

Louis Diaz​I’m break dancing to this shit

MrIHave Tourettes​whats up with these delays

MrIHave Tourettes​really weird

Gerard Perry​The J, to the E-

Louis Diaz​they know

Western Man​It’s Jewish magic

Pesh Head​Jewish scheming delay

Sargon is Irrelevant​(((ECHOED)))

Tom Anderson​Jewish taqiyya

Gerard Perry​If this video gets demonetized it’ll be a travesty.

Mephistopheles Lux​jews talk too much

Hope Springseternal​Jews aren’t creative

Pesh Head​that they give each other awards for

Cory Burton​dis chat is lit

gjjd​This guy is going HAM! Really powerful, Luke is going to struggle against this guy

Sargon is Irrelevant​MUH SHOAH

Cory Burton​how many of the 112 people watching do you think work for the ADL?

Western Man​Babylonian Hebrew, Otto weininger, and Bobby Fischer are the best Jews. Be more like them plz

The Bastard​111

Hope Springseternal​I think 4 are working for ADL

Mephistopheles Lux​quick ready the jewish masturbation death machines

Pesh Head​LA ADL branch cover Luke

Sargon is Irrelevant​Wittgenstein was based, and Bernard Herrman

The Bastard​Fire up that rollercauster!

Cory Burton​I used to read Wittgenstein almost exclusively.

Oswald Spengler​((jordan petereson)) is streaming a Q&A atm

Hope Springseternal​I am so glad I am not jewish

gjjd​Awesome perspectives from this guy. Powerful points!

Sargon is Irrelevant​What’s the consensus on Stanley Kubrick?

Gerard Perry​As a director?

Hope Springseternal​He does have good points but it’s hard for him to get there

Sargon is Irrelevant​Yes.

iippo​@Oswald Spengler He can’t do it

MrIHave Tourettes​I had it at like 10

Cory Burton​@Sargon is Irrelevant he did not fake the landing of the jews on the moon.

Golem​omg another one

Sargon is Irrelevant​lol

Mephistopheles Lux​kubrick alllegedly said nazis were right

Pesh Head​Kubrick had a conflicted personality

Dennis Dale​Bear with him. It’s a weird format at first

abrunettegirl​haha they have to talk as fast and much as possible but never answer a thing

Gerard Perry​Kubrick is one of the greatest directors, IMO. Although his flawed films are downplayed, e.g. Full Metal Jacket, 2001, Eyes Wide Shut.

Hope Springseternal​Pale spector that is a very good description

Western Man​I like Kubrick

Tom Anderson​oy vey annudah shoah on the way!

Western Man​Barry Lyndon is one of the best pieces of cinematography ever made

iippo​I’m more Ashkenazi than this guy

Dennis Dale​Kubrick is great. But I hate Eyes Wide Shut

Pesh Head​He was a Jew wise Jew. Like Cohen bros are today

Mephistopheles Lux​kubrick revealed a lot

Sargon is Irrelevant​Kubrick is /ourjew/ then

resurrectionjose​@Dennis Dale — I love Kubrick and I dug “Eyes Wide Shut.”

MrIHave Tourettes​tell him to unplug his mic and plug it back in to see if it will fix the noise

Hope Springseternal​I don’t think we have a jew

Jill Kews​We need jews like this one

Gerard Perry​Some of the best motion pictures of the 20th century, The Killing, Barry Lydon, Paths of Glory, The Shining, Dr. Strangelove. Lolita is a great film, despite what some critics will tell you.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Tell him to unplug and then plug back in.

Hope Springseternal​We are fundamentally different animals

Degenerate Scumbag​Kubrick is an interesting case.

iippo​*zipper intensifies*

Sargon is Irrelevant​🐱

Western Man​Barry Lyndon was his best. A clockwork orange and eyes wide shut were disturbing but good pieces of art

Gerard Perry​re: Eyes Wide Shut Tom Cruise is one of the most overrated actors in Hollywood.

Dennis Dale​Barry Lyndon is a masterpiece

Gerard Perry​He altered A Clockwork Orange-Anthony Burgess hated it.

Pesh Head​Jill Kews regretting his YT handle lol

Mephistopheles Lux​We can NEVER let jews into the alt-right though

Ride the Tiger​@Gerard Perry Overrated Indeed

abrunettegirl​Eyes Wide shut showed Nicole and Tom have no chemistry, imo

Jill Kews​ha ha

Cory Burton​@Pesh Head haha

Degenerate Scumbag​He was supposed to make a Holocaust movie. It was never really clear why he didn’t go through with the project.

Gerard Perry​But he was the narcissist that Stephen King was. He didn’t demand Hollywood remake a great film into a shoddy vanity work.

resurrectionjose​@Gerard Perry — He is for the most part, but let’s face the facts: Tom Cruise is pretty solid when all is said and done.

Dennis Dale​I find it hard to believe Burgess intended an ending wherein Alex is reformed

Gerard Perry​ABG, yes. I agree.

Hope Springseternal​F*k Hollywood

Dennis Dale​I read a paperback version of Clockwork that ended like the film

Degenerate Scumbag​I have a suspicion that he was researching it and accidentally red-pilled himself on the Holohoax.

Gerard Perry​The conclusion is different.

Cory Burton​Because because because….

Western Man​@dennis I was looking up lady Lyndon recently, the actor. She was so damn beautiful. Turns out she’s half Jewish and was a girlfriend of a Rothschild back in the day

Cory Burton​because of the wonderful things he does

Gerard Perry​The denouement has a completely different context.

Cory Burton​Reactionary Jew has a good convo with Tara McCarthy on YT

resurrectionjose​Jew or Gentile, once the “red pill” in whatever dosage — fast-acting or timed-release — goes into the bloodstream, it’s hard to go back to normie reality.


Sargon is Irrelevant​Kubrick criticised Schindler’s List as movie about 600 survivors, rather than 6 gorrilion dead.

MrIHave Tourettes​Literally the first person I ever met in NYC was a Jew in Central Park who suggested Zionist literature to me and went on about the holocaust.

Tom Anderson​I’m a 4th generation holocaust survivor

Hope Springseternal​Do jews need a red pill?

resurrectionjose​@Tom Anderson — Right!? How annoying no one seems able to let him know!

Gerard Perry​The backstory to Kubrick’s Holocaust film is interesting.

Cory Burton​@Hope Springseternal cyanide pill.

Gerard Perry​He also was working on a magnum opus about Napoleon Bonaparte which never got off the ground.

Hope Springseternal​@cory lol

Pesh Head​Argent!

Cory Burton​lol

Ride the Tiger​👌Read MacDonald’s “Understanding Jewish Influence” at only a hundred pages & with a foreword by Dr. Sam Francis it’s the Cliff Notes Version of his Culture of Critique.👌

Hope Springseternal​I mean they already know they want to destroy the goy

Mephistopheles Lux​good Q

resurrectionjose​I just discovered ‘The Alternative Hypothesis’ late last year. I have one of his video up on my MINDS page.


Degenerate Scumbag​The 600 survivors comment is subject to interpretation.

butterflyflewaway​this guy is just logical. critique is natural.

Trivium​A lot of Alt Hypes videos hit the mark clean.

LyovMyshkin​Alt Hype is great

The Bastard​Let me love you, girl.

Dennis Dale​He doesn’t sound Jewish

resurrectionjose​I like this guy. Like any mortal on this planet, we are not too crazy when our ethnic kin get slandered for no good reason. But he recognized the horse shit by the secular elite among Jews.

Western Man​Alt hype is great. But also autistic and gay

Ride the Tiger​@resurrectionjose I’ll have to check it out, thanks for the heads up

LyovMyshkin​true west

Degenerate Scumbag​What I find amazing about Schindler’s List is how Spielberg managed to make a film about people who were kept out of the camps **with the Nazi’s permission** and no-one thought to question further.

TexasorBusted​You can’t out autist Alt Hype…He’s /ourgayautist/

Pesh Head​parasite can’t exist without a host

Mephistopheles Lux​parasites don’t abandon their host willingly

Ride the Tiger​@Western Man Yep that about sums it up & I like Ryan.

MrIHave Tourettes​LOOL

Western Man​Hail our gay autist!

gjjd​Love it when Luke asks the funny questions

Ride the Tiger​@TexasorBusted /ourgayautist/ Lulz

abrunettegirl​gay acceptance is pretty disgusting either way

Hope Springseternal​I thought jewish women were depraved like Lena Dunham?

Dennis Dale​Luke occasionally throws a curveball

Degenerate Scumbag​The basis of the Schindler story is true, but if you look at it logically, it supports the revisionist’s case.

Pesh Head​Jewish prostitutes were famous in days gone by. pimped out by own family in Odessa

resurrectionjose​Yep. As a “born again” Christian of 30 years now, I can vouch for what he just said a moment ago.

gjjd​He’s right about urban people. All of us are neurotic, can’t properly love

Mephistopheles Lux​Lots dirty jewess porn stars

Ride the Tiger​@Dennis Dale So I’ve noticed wouldn’t respect him if he didn’t.

Gerard Perry​Lena Dunham is a good scriptwriter/director. The problem is that her morality is completely inverted.

Hope Springseternal​OMG

Cory Burton​hahaha

butterflyflewaway​lol ate you serious

resurrectionjose​Whether one is Jew or Gentile, if you try to get into the pants of a devout Christian female the chances are that it isn’t going to happen!

Pesh Head​too Christian

Jill Kews​what

Dubs Dubson​@Luke Ford she wanted you to force it, Luke


Hope Springseternal​That was so jewy

Cory Burton​Jews are too anti-christian for the missionary position

Western Man​That word shiksa is disgusting

Sargon is Irrelevant​Shekel-mixers get the bullet

Ride the Tiger​Oy Vey imbibing their own progressive poison

Hope Springseternal​See they don’t know what love is

Cory Burton​@Hope Springseternal lol

resurrectionjose​Oh shit, NYC dude. Why am I not surprised???

Mephistopheles Lux​exactly tiger

Pesh Head​they let anyone be a rabbi. worse than Church of England

abrunettegirl​reminds me of that the Believer clip, they talked about weird jewish sex

Cory Burton​@Pesh Head sounds that way

Ride the Tiger​Leftism is the Universal Acid of All Racial, Cultural, Religious Particularity

Hope Springseternal​They probably don’t consider Ford a real jew

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford – Female logic: Left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

Cory Burton​@Ride the Tiger Preach

Sargon is Irrelevant​Reminds me of a Philip Roth novel.

Western Man​@hope a man can larp

Hope Springseternal​I tried to listen to Portnoys complaint

Ride the Tiger​@Cory Burton Yeah I know I’m preaching to the Choir

Trivium​Shiksa Goddess Built half of Western civilization.

Gerard Perry​Look up Rabbi Danya Gutenberg.

Pesh Head​that’s an interesting observation

Hope Springseternal​He talked about his fathers enema forever

Tom Anderson​soy based diet

Cory Burton​@Ride the Tiger needs to be repeated

resurrectionjose​@Gerard Perry – I will look up that name, but in the meantime. Who is that?

Western Man​Babylonian is so honest and introspective, it’s quite admirable really

Gerard Perry​She went in on Marco Rubio for spreading “American Christianity.”

Gerard Perry​She’s a Twitter activist.

Ride the Tiger​@Cory Burton Aye, I feel like Cassandra caught in an infinite feedback loop.

Hope Springseternal​Jewish women are mean

MrIHave Tourettes​Arguably he says

MrIHave Tourettes​lol

MrIHave Tourettes​you mean undeniably

Cory Burton​Same

Hope Springseternal​They like to switch everything

butterflyflewaway​Jewish men are extremely fem

resurrectionjose​@Gerard Perry — Again, I will look her up (hopefully not her skirt) but what got into her bonnet regarding Mr. Rubio?

Aeschylus Jones​No wonder there are so many gay jewish men

Western Man​#jewsfortestosteronereplacementtherapy

Pesh Head​Divorce rates still probably lower amongst Jews

Hope Springseternal​Yes it’s their weird duality thing

MrIHave Tourettes​@Babylonian Hebrew ❤

abrunettegirl​Good job dude.

Golem​heavy start but the rest was great

butterflyflewaway​good guy. thinks faster then he speaks.

Hope Springseternal​Men are women and women are men

Gerard Perry​I forget the precise tweet, but he was explaining how people needed to be less judgmental-in the context of his town hall trial/the RKBA debate.

Jill Kews​I subscribed

Western Man​I’d guess he’s my age, prop 24/25

Cory Burton​hhahaha

Dubs Dubson​it’s bantz

Sargon is Irrelevant​Oy vey the chat is persecuting me!

butterflyflewaway​enjoyed his take

Cory Burton​pieceful

abrunettegirl​it’s the internet Dennis.

Cory Burton​lol

Mephistopheles Lux​It’s gonna be hard to separate good jews from evil ones on the day of the rope

Ride the Tiger​Yeah don’t go off the deep end goys

Tom Anderson​boomers don’t understand

resurrectionjose​@Gerard Perry — I am curious now about this lady. Looking at the bigger picture, quite possibly the main reason I can’t stand Jewry a good deal of the time is their hostility towards Christianity.

Pesh Head​I got blocked the first time. I was properly scolded lol

Hope Springseternal​Yes it is their covenant with God

Western Man​Cathy Newman to heeb; ‘So what he’s saying is Jewish men need steroids?’

Cory Burton​hahahahaha

abrunettegirl​You should have Frame Games on again and just have him answser questions from the chat

Ride the Tiger​Christianity helped make White people the Golden Retrievers of Humanity, lol.

Cory Burton​@MrIHave Tourettes i don’t consider what’s going on these days as christianity.

gjjd​”My country, right or wrong”

Sargon is Irrelevant​Shmernie Shmanders is a joke

abrunettegirl​Jews usually side with Muslims over Christians it’s suicidal

Dysfunction Junction​Orthodox Christianity is centered on Ethnos. It’s why there’s Russian, Greek, Syrian Orthodox

Western Man​Christianity is a high IQ religion. They’ve produced better philosophers than Judaism over the centuries. Modern science was born out of the Christian mindset

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — If a congress man or woman who is a devout Christian tried pulling that shite that Bernie Sanders pulled, all hell would have broken loose!

Dysfunction Junction​Non Catholic is not true Christianity.

MrIHave Tourettes​@Cory Burton well thats what we’re working with today

Babylonian Hebrew​@abrunettegirl because Jews self concieve as ‘other’ not indigenous westeners

Pesh Head​Christian philosophers had Greeks to build on

Hope Springseternal​Like kosher is about causing animal the most agony

Babylonian Hebrew​@Western Man they are totally different. Judaism is more like Islam

Hope Springseternal​They just want to harm

Dysfunction Junction​Wasps and the rest are more like jews

Hope Springseternal​It’s their food

Cory Burton​Good point

Cory Burton​between two lampshades

Hope Springseternal​To equivocate between us is so false

Pesh Head​except wasps are ethno-masochistic now

Rune Skyttsing​France and the United Kingdom are nuclear states… Think about thay when the muslims are the demographic majority in France and the UK.

Sargon is Irrelevant​It’s a reaction to extreme anti=white/Christian prejudice in Hollywood/TV

Ride the Tiger​@Babylonian Hebrew Thank you for your candor & bantz, Man.


Babylonian Hebrew​i’m early-mid 20s btw

Western Man​@dysfunction I would agree somewhat, WASPs are closer spiritually to Jews than any other white group

Hope Springseternal​Judaism is an ideology

Dysfunction Junction​Polish jokes are par for the course though?

Babylonian Hebrew​@Ride the Tiger thank you! keep riding the tiger of modernity

Dubs Dubson​@Luke Ford is it possible that sense of immediate danger in case of Jews it’s mostly fueled by view of recent history and not DNA necessarily?

Hope Springseternal​We are nothing like jews

Babylonian Hebrew​@Hope Springseternal religion is more than ideology, it is transcendent

gjjd​How are WASPs closer to Jews? You guys are out of touch. Southern Baptists are WASPS often


Tom Anderson​Didn’t even know the oscars were going on

Cory Burton​the oscars have fallen hard

Hope Springseternal​@BH I agree

gjjd​evanjellyfish are wasps

Dysfunction Junction​Because they practice in usury

Babylonian Hebrew​if you think kosher is about causing the animal agony, you do not understand the premise, haha. i think part of it is that Jews cannot drink blood.

Western Man​^

Pesh Head​anti-poz

Hope Springseternal​Why would you watch the Oscars?

Jill Kews​The damned Holohoax seems to be the fulcrum in all this

Ride the Tiger​Good Faith is What is required in honest, civil debate. Bad Faith is best relegated to Bloodsports.

Dysfunction Junction​But then, post Vatican II Roman Catholics are largely judafied too

Mephistopheles Lux​oscars =anti-trump soapbox

resurrectionjose​I can wipe my rear end with the Oscars — BUT(T) — is there any of protesting crap from black actors and actresses???

gjjd​oh puleez with the usury nonsense. Head back to to 90- IQ section of the internet

Babylonian Hebrew​#OscarsSoWhite

resurrectionjose​@gjjd – :::LOL:::

Western Man​Lol, gjjd triggered

insane hermit​black panther will get all the awards, because black people are a superior race

Sargon is Irrelevant​BYE goys!

Cory Burton​later negroes

Rune Skyttsing​Boycot

Pesh Head​laters peeps

Ride the Tiger​#MeToo? or #MeJew ?

Rune Skyttsing​oscars boycot

Babylonian Hebrew​@Jill Kews the holocaust should not be discussed. WHY DO WE FETISHISE OUR OWN VICTIMHOOD

Dennis Dale​afternoon, all

Tom Anderson​eat more soy

Rune Skyttsing​later dindus


abrunettegirl​stop watching porn

Trivium​Thank you Luke/guys have a good one.

resurrectionjose​Damn, I’m out of the loop it seems. So who is boycotting who at the Oscars tonight?

Rune Skyttsing​stop watching jewish-american pornography

Tom Anderson​watch more porn

Gustavo Pareja​I don’t think there would be another “progrom”, sure whites will depose Jews from power and throw them out. What I see possible is that nationalist Jews may exterminate the diaspora-lefty Jews.

Tom Anderson​JAV of course

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