Halsey English Vs Mark Collett On The JQ

My notes after watching the debate:

I’ve never wanted to get glib talkers on my show. I’m not interested in slick speakers because they are never careful about facts, they’re not scholars, not intellectuals.

* Mark Collett came across best, but he’s glib and not always fact based. When I listen to someone as glib as mark, i am immediately suspect because such people are usually economical in their commitment to the truth… KMAC and GJ and RS are not glib.

He claims:

* Interracial marriage is illegal in Israel. While you can’t perform interfaith marriages in israel, plenty of people in israel are intermarried.
* He claims Jews have been banned from 359 countries and states. 109 countries all christian and islamic. Plenty of stateless people have been kicked around. So what?
* He uses the fake voltaire quote: “If you want to know who rules over you, look at who you cannot criticize.”

* Jews control by subversion… the Israel Lobby is not remotely subversive, it is how the US politics game is played.

* Jews control the porn industry. You could have accurately said the italian-american mafia controlled the porn industry for decades.

* Mark: 85% of the bolshevik government was jews. Absurd.

* Mark: “The Jewish number of 6 million” for the holocaust.

* Karl Marx was Jewish. He was also a christian. Karl’s ancestors were Jewish… If you want to blame jews for marx, you also have to blame christians.

* I like it that people think i am more devious than i am. Porners thought i was undercover LE.

* Patrick Slattery always impresses…I’ve not heard him to say false things.

* Tom Luongo says the Holocaust is unique, that it was done to kill Jews, while stalin simply killed people who threatened him. And that you can’t question certain things about the holocaust because that is “counter-factual”.

* Luongo says George Soros worked w his dad to hunt down Jews. Mark corrects.

* Luongo says Soros was just coincidentally jewish.

* Israel bans interfaith marriage. False. “I invite everyone in the audience to Google everything I’ve said because it is just the tip of the iceberg.”

* Mark does not care about facts. He never once said anything new or surprising.

* Mark says Jews are doing the opposite to Europe as opposed to what they want for themselves…Multiculturalism for thee, cohesion for me.

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