Warski Live Has Been Banned From Youtube Live Streaming For Three Months

White nationalists are shocked that a Jewish video channel is banning them.

About five percent of Americans are Alt Right but the Alt Right has not learned to act cohesively and build their own infrastructure. They’ve yet to create goytube.com. They’ve yet to become tribal. They’re a bunch of individuals fighting each other. They leave it to the Jews to build out social media and then try to hop on board to spread their message.

Goytube.com would be a lot harder for Jewish activists to take down then a Baked Alaska and Warski Live.

WNs need to create their own banks and payment systems. Menachem Begin and David Ben Gurion understood that the Jewish state was not going to be given to the Jews. It had to be seized and defended. They could count on organized Jewish support. I wonder when WNs will develop this formidable power?

Many WNs have to loudly hate out-groups and deny the Holocaust to psyche themselves up to a strong in-group identity. For ethnocentric people, however, strong in-group identity comes easily.

I feel the walls of censorship tightening around us until we strangle.

Milo writes:

Just days after YouTube put strikes against several conservative channels, on Wednesday evening the platform suspended Warski Live—the home of Internet bloodsports, or political debate streams—from hosting its daily show.

Free speech will not be tolerated.

The host of the show, Andy Warski, delivered the bad news to his audience on Twitter today, announcing that his channel was given a strike for an old video criticizing progressive mouthpiece Franchesca Ramsey.

He revealed that his channel, which featured debates from speakers across the political spectrum, including classical liberals like Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) and members of the alt-right like Jared Taylor—was struck with a 90-day ban prohibiting him from hosting further “internet bloodsports” livestreams—the bread and butter of his channel.

Warski says that his channel was hit by YouTube’s new “trusted flaggers,” individuals with the capability to flag a channel for automatic suspension without proper review. He believes that the strike on his channel has a good chance of being appealed within a week, as he believes the strike to be invalid.

“It’s a bullshit strike,” says Warski. “In the meanwhile, I’ve privated all of my videos up until where I started doing regular streams so any videos criticizing Riley (Dennis), Franchesca—any SJW essentially—because apparently when I was talking to some people a ton of YouTubers who have criticized SJWs are getting strikes. So if you’ve made fun of or criticized Franchesca, you’re at risk if these trusted flaggers find you. It is bullshit, and [we] will appeal it, so I can’t stream it.”

Warski says that he will continue to stream on the channel of his co-host, biologist J.F. Gariepy. Should that channel also be taken down, he intends to stream on other backup channels that he has set up to circumvent the politically-motivated attempts to kill his platform.

Regardless of Warski’s efforts to continue streaming, the strike will undoubtedly hurt his ability to reach his audience of over 280,000 subscribers.

Various other lesser-known Trump-supporting accounts hosting daily political debate streams were hit with a similar strike several days ago, effectively putting an end to those accounts ability to reach any sort of audience—a problem compounded by some of those creators also being banned from Twitter.

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