Jewish Humor: What the Best Jewish Jokes Say About the Jews

From Kirkus Reviews: “Rabbi Telushkin (An Eye for an Eye, 1991), rooted in the tradition of reverence for past learning, has gathered lots of hoary jokes and aged wisecracks, together with a few more recent japes, that make Jews laugh. To coreligionists, they’ll seem like old friends; to others, the gags and their elucidation may be more in the nature of revelation. Another book of ethnic gags? Hold the cry of “gevalt!” because Telushkin has an unstated agenda. True to his calling, he uses the funny stuff to instruct. In this collection (in which some bits are, naturally, funnier than others), everything stands for something else–but all of it carries explanations. The exegesis of the jokes becomes a little primer on a religion and a way of life mystifying to strangers and sometimes just as puzzling to nominal adherents. It’s a truism that Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle applies to humor–observing and analyzing it alters it. That effect can be seen here as Telushkin trots out Jackie Mason and Sigmund Freud, as well as Leo Rosten and a host of Unknown Comics for a higher purpose. The tales of the wise rabbis, the fabled fools of Chelm, the anti-Semites, the schnorrers, and the big shots all serve to illustrate his lessons. Was the shtetl a forerunner of Catskills on Broadway? Why are comedians so often Jewish? Why are Jews so often comedians? Why ask questions? Just listen to the rabbi and his jokes. Fine, funny fare for Jew and non-Jew alike.”

Israel Shahak writes:

Not only is humor very rare in Hebrew literature before the 19th century (and is only found during few periods, in countries where the Jewish upper class was relatively free from the rabbinical yoke, such as Italy between the 14th and 17th centuries or Muslim Spain) but humor and jokes are strictly forbidden by the Jewish religion – except, significantly, jokes against other religions.

Satire against rabbis and leaders of the community was never internalized by Judaism, not even to a small extent, as it was in Latin Christianity. There were no Jewish comedies, just as there were no comedies in Sparta, and for a similar reason. [8] Or take the love of learning. Except for a purely religious learning, which was itself in a debased and degenerate state, the Jews of Europe (and to a somewhat lesser extent also of the Arab countries) were dominated, before about 1780, by a supreme contempt and hate for all learning (excluding the Talmud and Jewish mysticism).

Large parts of the Old Testament, all nonliturgical Hebrew poetry, most books on Jewish philosophy were not read and their very names were often anathematized. Study of all languages was strictly forbidden, as was the study of mathematics and science. Geography, [9] history – even Jewish history – were completely unknown. The critical sense, which is supposedly so characteristic of Jews, was totally absent, and nothing was so forbidden, feared and therefore persecuted as the most modest innovation or the most innocent criticism.

From my Youtube livestream:

Bill z​Everyone hates lawyers perfect profession for Jews, money is dirty thus accounting as well

Tom Anderson​Jews make good lawyers because they have very high verbal IQs

Gerard Perry​Sorry for the mistake on my part.

Tom Anderson​No worries

Gerard Perry​Maybe he is happy, but it’s really speculative. He probably is happier that he has a former German PM in his pocket.

Autistic RAGE​Putin is literally the only politician that I have EVER heard speak about white demographics while in office. I don’t think anyone cares more than him.

Based Deplorable​Jews tend to be high agency.

Bill z​What are Jews gonna do when laws don’t matter anymore

Aeschylus Jones​Schmooz and chutzpah are particular jewish words

simvlacrvm​@Bill z they get genocided

Tom Anderson​Lol

Aeschylus Jones​speaking of jews its 911 right now

Tevron Sampson​white people need to go the way of the dodo. yall did too much damage to the world as it is.

Bill z​Troll Nog^


simvlacrvm​nice jewish joke, trevon

Malik Obama​2 jews walk into a bar. they buy it

Bill z​Yes Trevon that was fucking based

Mike Ferrin​Irving Kristol was Trotskyist then got mugged by reality, i.e. red-pilled

Tom Anderson​Lmao

Gerard Perry​What damage did the dodo do?

Mike Ferrin​Susan Sontag said white race the cancer of human history

Tevron Sampson​i am more “intense” than any jew i’ve ever known. “comical” is more what jews are like, not “in tents”

FukU2222​@Tevron Sampson gr8 b8 m8

Gerard Perry​There’s a great PBS documentary, arguing the world, which profiles Kristol, Nathan Glazer, Daniell Bell and Irving Howe.

Tom Anderson​Neoconservatism was born out of Trotskyism and has shown to be more harmful than Trotskyism ever was

Mike Ferrin​But only left-wingers

Bill z​Tevron be intents and shhhhheeeeeiiiit

SwissCheeser198​But would so many whites have taken up that way of thought if it weren’t for the influence of Jews?

Rune Skyttsing​Thats very true Tom… The global war theory… The eternal war theory… It comes from Trotskyism

Tom Anderson​Trotskyism and neoconservatism are both examples of the archetypal jewish worldview

Mephistopheles Lux​judaism = loopholism

Mike Ferrin​It was only leftist whites who took up that thinking

Degenerate Scumbag​Whites have agency, but Jewish media control is like a Jedi mind trick.

Vault Right​I think normie whites have less agency than jews, however our elites have the same agency as jews and should be viewed as traitors

Bill z​We will handle the gentiles just fine on our own, day of the rope

Malik Obama​whites have agency but you guys know what you did

Gerard Perry​I think it started out as a criticism of social democrats by socialists, although there were neocons were were Communists, e.g. Ron Radish.

Gerard Perry​He even wrote a memoir entitled Commies.

Tom Anderson​are reform jews eligible for aliyah?

bossdrive525​Certainly, white people have agency, however social indoctrination is a powerful tool to persuade people on moral obfuscation

Mike Ferrin​America’s normative worldview post-WW1 is essentially neoconservatism; not a Jewish thing

Gerard Perry​Ron Radosh, rather.

Gerard Perry​That was probably autocorrect

Mark 666​Gotta head to bed, thanks for the chat and laughs

Aeschylus Jones​Whats your opinion of Jared Diamond?

Mike Ferrin​@Mark 666 sleep with the angels

Tom Anderson​@Mike Ferrin neoconservatism was created by jews, a group of men known as the new york intellectuals

yung poogaloo​weak willed whites are very much to be blamed

Bill z​Luke if you could go back in time who do you shoot? Marx Or Hitler

Vault Right​I think orthodox jews are a good ally to whites

Mike Ferrin​@Tom Anderson Wilsonianism was close to neoconservatism

Aeschylus Jones​Adam was the first cuck

simvlacrvm​what do you think about pizzagate, luke?

Tevron Sampson​this white guy is on meth or something. obsessive reading etc

yung poogaloo​a black would def be one to think someone has to be on meth to read

Zagreos​the sheep of ALL races don’t have agency, fool

Bill z​We blame the Irish. Ted fucking Kennedy

E. Vee​ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mike Ferrin​@Tom Anderson New York intellectuals were mostly liberals … not neoconservatives, no?

E. Vee​um no

Gerard Perry​Kennedy was also responsible in large part for the 1990 Immigration Act, which was also a disaster

E. Vee​the bad outweigh the good

Rune Skyttsing​Jews are so intelligent that nomether what area they get into they get successfull… Revolutionary Marxism, Banking, “Hollywood” or “law”. Talking about Askenazi jews. (English is not my native toung

Vault Right​What are the primary differences between the gentile and jewish mindset?

Gerard Perry​Neoconservatives was a very small clique.

Zagreos​I love Stalin because he killed a lot of Jews. And I love Hitler too

Zagreos​And I don’t even hate Jews.

Zagreos​They are my enemy. A worthy enemy,

Degenerate Scumbag​@Mike Ferrin Are you seriously saying neoconservatism isn’t a Jewish thing?

Mike Ferrin​@Gerard Perry Neoconservatism is essentially about exporting American style liberal democracy as superior governing mode.

E. Vee​v a g i n a l . j e w r y

Gerard Perry​More or less.

Degenerate Scumbag​The majority of leading Neocons were Jews.

Mike Ferrin​@Degenerate Scumbag The Jews put a label to it; but it existed before that

Mike Ferrin​Truman was essentially neoconservative; before the label existed

Tom Anderson​@Mike Ferrin NY intellectuals were Trotskyists and included people like Irving Kristol, father of neoconservatism. There’s nothing fundamentally conservative about neoconservatism

Rune Skyttsing​True the Swedes are so altruistic that it tends so to be patological-altruism.

Gerard Perry​That’s accurate. There are exceptions, e.g. Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Francis Fukuyama

Gerard Perry​John Bolton

Bill z​We can beat Jews in arm wrestling so take that

E. Vee​that’s incredibly jewish

Tom Anderson​Time has shown Francis Fukuyama to be a joke

Mike Ferrin​@Tom Anderson The NY intellectuals were mostly liberals and socialists, though — people like Susan Sontag

Mephistopheles Lux​Why do jews fake so many hate crimes?

E. Vee​because they need an enemy

Aeschylus Jones​thats anti semitic Luke…

E. Vee​an “other”

Andrew Taylor​Topical

Aeschylus Jones​I never see jews in trades too often

Gerard Perry​My late father’s cousin, Ken Jowitt, debated David Frum on Iraq and neoconservatism on Peter Robinson’s show, Uncommon Knowledge.

E. Vee​because its hard work, jones

Vault Right​Do you think psychoanalysis is accurate or is it just over-intellectualization? I know Freud used it primarily to subvert gentiles but isn’t it still somewhat accurate?

Gerard Perry​You can’t find the video online, unfortunately

Tom Anderson​@Mike Ferrin Correct as was Irving Kristol, which brings us to the point that there is nothing conservative about neoconservatism it’s just a name like North Korea calling itself a democratic republic

E. Vee​i’m a lawyer

Vault Right​Interesting

Bill z​A: They both look good hanging from a tree

E. Vee​the bar was hard work, but now it’s a lot of down time, a lot of smoozing, a lot of reading, which i enjoy anyway.

Rune Skyttsing​What about Carl Ljung? Ljungism?

Gerard Perry​Talk therapy is only given the credence it is because the people who craft our culture believe in it.

Zagreos​Why are so many Jewish intellectual figures plagiarists? Einstein, Freud (what was true in Freud was not origina; what was original is not true), Marx (plagiarised Duhring et al), Bob Dylan, etc.

Vault Right​Fedora tier question: what is the best argument for a monotheistic god?

Tom Anderson​Bismarck

Gerard Perry​That’s one of the reasons I thought In Treatment, which was based on an Israeli drama, was so great. Its protagonist was a psychotherapist who knew psychotherapy was bunk.

E. Vee​New Jersey

Mike Ferrin​@Tom Anderson Neoconservatism is about rejecting socialism in favor of free market capitalism … which was the Cold War question

Tom Anderson​@Mike Ferrin no it’s not it’s about perpetual war to force liberal democracy on the world

Mike Ferrin​And neoconservatism about unabashed support of America in Cold War as morally superior to Soviet bloc

Tom Anderson​Neocons do not care about domestic policy

Tom Anderson​They hated the USSR because it was Stalinist. There’s no bigger enemy of Trotskyists then Stalinists

Gerard Perry​Ray Comfort deploys that argument a lot in his ministry, i.e. the craftsman.

Vault Right​😂😂

Mike Ferrin​@Tom Anderson Not about perpetual war — but assumption of neoconservatism is that if whole world goes to liberal democracy, it will be prosperous and peaceable

E. Vee​yes haha

Mephistopheles Lux​Do jews support muslim immigration to europe hoping it will scare european jews into moving to israel?

Gerard Perry​It does resemble contemporary leftism in its SJW variant. The whole blank slate theory that people are infinitely malleable.

Aeschylus Jones​Why can’t patriotic jews and patriotic whites work together to take back the country?…or are they too distrusting of the goy?

Tevron Sampson​yeah this guy is definitely on meth. chattering like a meth addict and obsessive reading about one subject

Mike Ferrin​@Tom Anderson The neocons hated the USSR because they were the rare Leftists who were honest about it; in contrast to their Leftist friends, who lied about the USSR to defend it

Bill z​That made me laugh

Gerard Perry​It’s thematic consistency, Tevron

Mephistopheles Lux​the powerful ones do

Bill z​Tevron prefers rock

E. Vee​hmm, weird Tevron. we’re enjoying this.

FukU2222​@Tevron Sampson Are you new here or just b8’ing that hard???

Vault Right​Lol

Zagreos​I don’t see “intelligence” in the universe. I see conflicting intelligences. Good and evil. Which points more to polytheism than monotheism.

Mike Ferrin​Lol

Tevron Sampson​I challenge you to a debate, white boy

Gerard Perry​I don’t think that necessarily implies polytheism. Evil can coexist with good.

Bill z​Tevron we don’t speak dindu

FukU2222​lmfao, that is a good one @Tevron Sampson are you talking to Luke or me? kek

Tom Anderson​Lmao

Mike Ferrin​Norman Podhoretz wrote an article on how he hated black people

Gerard Perry​Coexist is a bad way of describing it, but the 2 can both be present

Mephistopheles Lux​wow who knew jewish humor was so dry?

Gerard Perry​My Negro Problem-And Ours

Aeschylus Jones​Tevron’s living in a rock house

Vault Right​I love the idea of talking business at church to network- jews definitely had that one right to have business deal-making at their place of worship

Mike Ferrin​@Gerard Perry YES

Vault Right​It keeps social cohesion

Bill z​Tevron tell us about LSD

Tom Anderson​I like these jokes

Zagreos​It doesn’t imply polytheism, but I’m not the one who argued “intelligence = monotheism’. If you’re going to appeal to “intelligence”, there’s no single guiding “intelligence” in the universe

Mike Ferrin​This is better than Jimmy Kimmel

Aeschylus Jones​Wall Street comes from the jewish temple…

Mephistopheles Lux​is it true that the jewish god is a used car salesman?

allslaves dollarbanks​Tell a Jewish or Black Joke, Tevon. Did he tell insurance fraud joke? Cheating in business are common, like holocaust jokes

Brian Andrews​Luke Ford would you consider doing an interview with Vox Day

Vault Right​^ also get frame game on

Zagreos​The Big Jew scapegoats the Jewish cattle for his own atrocities.

Zagreos​The Big Jew exploits the goyim, and then uses the Jewish community as a human shield to protect himself from the inevitable anti-Semitic backlash

Mephistopheles Lux​Luke do you sing chickens over your head?

Mephistopheles Lux​swing rather

Degenerate Scumbag​Being tricked is not the same as lacking agency.

FukU2222​yeah entrapment is far from being dumb


Vault Right​i asked a jew for directions, he said that he can’t help me because he doesn’t think he nose the area that well

FukU2222​^ kek

Bill z​If gentiles remove their agency we can’t be responsible for our actions, I like where this can take us.

Mephistopheles Lux​Us goys have high social trust which jews exploit

Mike Ferrin​lol

Gerard Perry​The biggest objection I have to a naturalistic explanation for the universe is that atheists haven’t come up with an explanation of what created the initial singularity.

Degenerate Scumbag​Intelligence does not equal agency.

Ian Buchan​The Francesca Ramsay video might have been the justification but bloodsports would have been the reason

FukU2222​@Luke Ford Manipulating altruistic tendencies with vast resources…

Gerard Perry​They hand-wave this away, as if it’s just a gap in the fossil record that will be filled in when we have greater scientific knowledge.

Mike Ferrin​Then why do Nigerians trick white Americans to wire them $10k

Mephistopheles Lux​Goys are pathologically altruistic

Mike Ferrin​*how

Autistic RAGE​The point is that most goys have no idea who is a Jew.

Ian Buchan​Host the bloodsports luke.

Gerard Perry​But the idea that they have no real explanation for what created the event that preceded the escape of space-time and mass-and don’t even attempt to hazard a guess-is a big deal, IMO

FukU2222​#notall ofc 😛

Zagreos​I agree that the average goyim is stupid. And the average Jew, too. The big Jew exploits and manipulates both communities

Mike Ferrin​lol

Mephistopheles Lux​Luke you are playing semantic games

Brian Andrews​You can trick a child easier than an adult

Aeschylus Jones​Whites have banned jews from over 100 countries….so they aren’t all that gullible…they know whats up

Degenerate Scumbag​Luke, it just doesn’t. These are entirely different concepts. It’s true that agency and intelligence do correlate to a degree, but with enough control over information, you can fool a genius.

Vault Right​The problem is gentiles are pacified with modern comfortability

Zagreos​Don’t get me wrong, I see the the bulk of the goyim as a bunch of sheep/children as well. As regards human cattle, I agree with the Jewish exploiters. I don’t oppose Jewry on moral grounds

FukU2222​Bread & Circus

Mike Ferrin​Drunk — if not for alcohol, I wouldn’t know what love is

voltron512​Tree of Logic

Degenerate Scumbag​When people who have been fooled wake up to what is going on, they get angry and reassert their agency soon enough. This is why Jews have been expelled 109 times.


Zagreos​185 IQ people are more likely to be tricked on certain things than 85 IQ people. Unconscious intelligence (instinct) is often better than regular intelligence / IQ.

Mephistopheles Lux​jews function as a collective, goys are individualistic

abaldguycreation​I liked your episode with Mike Enoch; you also hold your own on Adam Racewarski.


Autistic RAGE​🦍🍌

Tom Anderson​Luke is too smart for us stupid gentiles

Vault Right​Yeah it’s ultimately up to white people to save ourselves

Grogster​Hey Luke. Your Ashkenazi tribesmen at the ADL have just banned Andy Warski from streaming. Hooray for Jewish power. So grateful

voltron512​she is such a fraud

yung poogaloo​lol dude, tree of logic’s bdsm videos have had me cracking up

Based Deplorable​Ann Coulter retweeted McFeels — Ann going AltRight would be fantastic.

Zagreos​Luke is right about white agency; doesn’t change the fact that Jews are acting as the enemy of whites and must be opposed for manipulating and exploiting the goyim. I do deny sheep agency

abaldguycreation​Tree is willfully ignorant on the JQ issues. She likes Jews because a Jewish person helped her a couple decades ago.

Gerard Perry​The HIAS.

Gerard Perry​Isn’t he banned from Twitter?

Zagreos​There are indeed many “intelligent” sheep as well. High-IQ sheep. Sheepishness transcends intelligence

abaldguycreation​Baked Alaska got a 3-month suspension. Racewarski had a live-stream tonight.

Brian Andrews​Luke- Do you believe States Rights should supersede Federal government regulations if they do not take money from the federal gov’t

voltron512​Debating Tree of Logic in a serious manner is like playing basketball with a downs syndrome kid and getting upset that he keeps traveling

Tom Anderson​Jews have never been kicked out of a non religious society because until just a few decades ago there were no non religious societies

Rune Skyttsing​Baked Alaska… And now Andy Warsky…

voltron512​its a lose/lose situation

Vault Right​Why do you think we whites hate ourselves, luke? Is it just a historical cycle of prosperity and decline?


Tom Anderson​I strongly disavow

Mephistopheles Lux​good point

Vault Right​yeah true

Autistic RAGE​TFW too good for our own good

Gerard Perry​I think Christianity’s influence over society crested during the Counter-Reformation. There were revivals, e.g. The Second Great Awakening, afterwards but they were episodic.

Vault Right​lukes streams > bloodsports on some days – I am being a shabbos goy at the moment

danishholme​What does Luke think about the Stern Gang?

Tom Anderson​does it count as being a shabbos since he’s a convert? 🤔

Ian Buchan​Golly gee.

yung poogaloo​do you get heat from other jews for the people you interact with luke?

yung poogaloo​just found you through the goad podcast

Rune Skyttsing​If one really want to dabate a high IQ black, then I suggest Tariq Nasheed, not Tree of Logiq. The way he comletelly dismantled Jared Taylor was big brain activity one-o-one


Luke. I gotta a banana…..arggghhhhhhhhh!!! ….gagging…


Gerard Perry​Lehi

Tom Anderson​i want some shekels

L M​damn luke killed a rabbi

Gerard Perry​They assassinated Folke Bernadotte.

yung poogaloo​for this sort of thing?

Ian Buchan​Whites also have a precarious semi-hidden existence across much of South America as a hidden elite. We just want to be left alone and to run things.

Gerard Perry​Yitzhak Shamir was one of its leaders

Rune Skyttsing​Lehi often known pejoratively as the Stern Gang, was a Zionist paramilitary organization founded by Avraham (“Yair”) Stern in Mandatory Palestine. Its avowed aim was to evict the British

Tom Anderson​Lmao

yung poogaloo​thanks luke likewise

Mephistopheles Lux​lol

voltron512​how did she get this far?

L M​tariq only won bc jared is too stupid not to name the jews

FukU2222​Did someone say NazBol gang??

allslaves dollarbanks​Zip coon if you know term, Tariq

Gerard Perry​The IRA did the same thing, but John Derbyshire thinks they were terrorists.

Gerard Perry​The original IRA.

L M​nazbol gang gang

Autistic RAGE​Tariq Nasheed is one of the foremost white supremacists on Earth.

danishholme​Yeah. The Stern gang was a Jewish paramilitary group in order to fight British rule over Palestine. Stern’s plan was to fight alongside with the Axis, and free the lands of Palestine from the British.

danishholme​And they were to help Germany by deporting all the Jews from Europe to migrate to his newly-formed Israel, which would become a country ruled by “nationalist and totalitarian principles”.

Rune Skyttsing​I was joking regarding Tariq Nashee

Tom Anderson​Ta’Nehisi Coates is the world’s unironic Tariq Nasheed

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