Torah vs Mein Kampf III

My notes upon rereading Mein Kampf:

* Go thru Robert Griffin’s summary of Mein Kampf and compare and contrast with Judaism. Bio-centric vs theo-centric.

* Hitler argued himself hoarse with jews. Torah does not enjoin jews to argue w non-jews.

* Hitler is funny.

* I discuss things for hours with all people if i don’t take the cheap out of making faith statements and instead discuss the world through evolutionary biology and conflicts of interest. If I were to sit here making faith statements, most people couldn’t relate.

* Mein Kampf is written by particular DNA for particular DNA.

* From a Christian or Jewish or Anglo or Russian or slavic perspective, this book is evil.

* When you make people uncomfortable or offended, you are hurting them.

* Hitler hated Viennese papers praising France

* Is a Jew in a caftan a German?

* As a SDA growing up, I was SDA first beyond any national identity. SDA developed as an anti-American ideology. Anti-Australian.

* “Jews stood out as a different people from Germans.”

* The Jewish Viennese press as anti-German nationalism.

* DNA isn’t everything. I think Hitler would agree that an aryan who converts to Islam or Judaism is no longer aryan. that’s the WN POV.

* Accused German industrialist in Babylon Berlin: “You are part of a democratic aberration.”

* Hitler was the most significant figure of the 20th century. (stolfi)

* “I hardly ever see German clergy looking out for German interests over those of other nations…while Czech clergy are subjective about their nation.”

* The public is mostly stupid and has a short memory.

* “Priests should be paladins to sublime souls.”

From my live Youtube chat:

Mike Hunt​This is why they won’t ever get any real traction because they don’t have any serious financial backing.

amongnumbnutz​The alt right is grass roots

Mike Hunt​No doubt

Mike Hunt​I’m just stating it is factual at this point in time. It’s a shame really

Colin Colenso​Sentience Poverty LC

Cory Burton​recruits – sounds militant

Wild Graf​@Luke Ford Your audio is echoing — dampen speakers.

iippo​That New York Times segregation map says a lot.

Mike Hunt​I think it’s the room echoing a little

iippo​Luke is Jewish, which is why he echoes.

Cory Burton​haha

Mike Hunt​“ Racist movement” Because white people are not allowed to have identity politics apparently.

Dan Simmons​Luke did ya happen to c Woes video on JPB?

Colin Colenso​Audio seemed ok…. perhaps larping

Jillie Storm​That Aug. speech was Hillary’s final nail in her campaign coffin!

Colin Colenso​Nice speech by Woes.

Mike Hunt​It was the deplorable’s comment that killed her

DavyBoy007​As if “white” is an ethnicity

Dan Simmons​Jordan b Peterson

Mike Hunt​Family wants me to go watch a movie with them. Have a good day

Colin Colenso​Woes pointed out that JBP is a hypocrite for identifying with local aboriginal tribe.

Jillie Storm​Richard Spencer is imploring us to be serious and chill out with the anonymous trolling and inside jokes.

Cory Burton​Somewhere in eastern europe i think

Jillie Storm​Many alt right leaders such as Spencer, Anglin, McLahren, Conte, Lokteff, Collett, Camillo, Ayla use their own names.

iippo​Anglin has stated multiple times that he doesn’t know what the term Neo-Nazi means.

Colin Colenso​Larping – a release value for recently red-pilled with some excuberance to rediscover a white identity?

Gerd Schmidt​Baked Alaska was banned from streaming

Cory Burton​sometimes that visceral rebellion in people is all they really have. they’ve been educated to the contrary and the organic, but brutal, responses give a sense of empowerment.

Cory Burton​i agree, maybe people should lighten up.

Gerd Schmidt​Do an interview with ramzpaul

Bernard Brightson​To call somebody a nazi is not meant as a description, it is meant as a offence, a insult and a pejorative.

DavyBoy007​Zionism isn’t based on race. Look at the thousands of ethnic Burmese from NE India.. in addition to many many other groups… who have moved to Israel

iippo​Ask any Jewish organization.

DavyBoy007​How about those Chinese from Kaifeng now in Israel

Cory Burton​we’re gonna have to come to a place where we can take an unbiased look at hitler and what really created the third reich.

Chris L​Are the Alt-right national-socialists? Is Zionism national-socialist?

whatwerepeatedlydo​@Luke Ford Why do you think the Alt-Right ideology is the same as that esposed in Mein Kampf? Japan is functionally an ethnostate and they don’t operate under Nazi or neo-Nazi principles.

Gerd Schmidt​Schwarzer is Not an insult

Jillie Storm​Stalkers showed up at Richard’s mother’s home. Ayla’s (Wife w/Purpose) kids were threatened with rocks. Lana’s family was threatened with home invasion while Henrik was in Charlottesville.

Diego Arenda​By the way, sound is way better with mic in front!

Cory Burton​plenty of religious traditionalists in the alt-right, though, who wouldn’t completely hold to a naturalistic worldview, but would see it as a contributing factor.

DavyBoy007​My my

Hans Sachs​considering that having evidence for or against certain things is almost impossible,so the best way to understand them is to backwards engineer,simply look at who has lost the most, won the most?pt1

Hans Sachs​So by agreeing not to focus on facts about how?who?why? And just by looking who has won the most and lost the most on a global scale we can come to only one conclusion

Jillie Storm​@Luke Ford: Glad I can contribute.

Cory Burton​do you think the alt-right would really genocide peoples?

Louis Diaz​straight from the Alps

DavyBoy007​Hechsher on it?

Cory Burton​gets the Yid out

Louis Diaz​the Lehi movement was ruthless

Cory Burton​that’s why libertarians hate the state

Patrick Jensen​Richard Spencer, with his proud boy imperialistic attitude, sounds like one who would genocide a little.

Cory Burton​the killing of arabs for the establishment of the state of israel presupposes the establishment of the state was a moral necessity.

Privada Machina​Talking about genocide does us no good Luke. We’ll be as genocidal as we’re resisted.

iippo​@Cory Burton Libertarians would still be in Britain if a state wasn’t created by force in the US.

Hans Sachs​You can keep saying all these high iQ things that all might be true, but you ignore that some group undisputedly WON things while another group got things taken from them. THATS Y WE’RE PISSED!

Hans Sachs​And that is the reason why your goal of talking and trying to clear things up between the different groups is never going to work, because the group who got things taken things from will want retrib-

DavyBoy007​Germany, stupidly, invaded Belgium in 1914, something that brought the British Empire into the war

Hans Sachs​Retribution

Cory Burton​what about where David is being pursued by Saul and has multiple opportunities to kill him and spares his life on every occasion? he even kills the man who boasts of killing him.

Cory Burton​i was under the impression that zionism really began during WWI, before the holocaust even happened.

DavyBoy007​Herzl popularized modern Zionism in 1897

Cory Burton​@iippo i wasn’t saying i agree with that position necessarily, although i think the establishment of the states was brutal.

Colin Colenso​Fuentes has made the case that a couple of the Christian groups have higher IQs.

Promethian Will​modern day rhetoric against race realism is shaped by post war propaganda of death camps. The western mind suffers from a type of ptsd…

Gerd Schmidt​Jesus had i low iq ?

Greg Girardin​Which one’s in particular @Colin Colenso ? I’m familiar with him but didn’t catch him saying that.

Colin Colenso​I can’t recall – was 2 Christian groups in US study. Not mainstream religions.

Colin Colenso​I think it was in his debate with Wohl.

Cory Burton​@Gerd Schmidt lol. can Logos have a low IQ?

MrIHave Tourettes​luke how did you cope with diving into the porn industry? Does that kind of degeneracy not make your skin crawl?

iippo​Herzl visited Haifa & said he hated it for being Oriental.

Cory Burton​that has more to do with humility than intelligence.

Colin Colenso​Thoughts on the IQ of Azhkenazis being due to their plight / travel / being culled over time?

Greg Girardin​I’ve heard that @Colin Colenso , I thought it was because the high IQ rabbi’s had the harems over a few thousand years?

Maceo Flux​Do you have an opinion on Stephen Sayadian, director of Cafe Flesh. He directed porn, but seemed to have an artistic vision that transcended the field.

Jillie Storm​Those who put their lives on the line to save us deserve our admiration & respect. Trolls need to either start showing their faces or step out of the way so our dedicated leaders can save you, too.

DavyBoy007​Nationalism in Western nations does not have to be based on race.

Cory Burton​the worldview of the left is showing itself to be untenable and it makes settling into the right more reasonable.

Hans Sachs​How do you recognise a foundation myth? It fulfils three functions. 1)It explains the origin and structure of the world (and society).

Louis Diaz​Then it wouldnt be nationalism then Davy

Hans Sachs​2)It defines ultimate good and evil (and from those definitions are derived the values that are used to justify the holding of power).

Jillie Storm​Spencer seriously loves and believes in us. Our survival is no joke!

Colin Colenso​Vee and Arch

Hans Sachs​3)It determines what is held sacred in that society.

Gerd Schmidt​My grandma was a very devout baptist in soviet Russia, she was part of the German minirity. They didn’t mix with Russians or Muslims. Being Christian does not mean to be an idiot:)

whatwerepeatedlydo​Vee and Arch Warhammer

Hans Sachs​1)We live in the ‘Post-War World’. The lines on the map, the institutions, the sense of what era we live in, all arise from the starting point of WWII.

Hans Sachs​3)The only thing that is held sacred, that cannot be denied or mocked in the contemporary West, is the Holocaust.

Diego Arenda​You speak frequently about the fiercely inquiring character of the Jewish mind. Have you ever heard a Jew question whether the received holocaust narrative is true?

Diego Arenda​Do Jews ask whether there might be any substantially different interpretations of the events? How about whether he 6 million figure is true?

DavyBoy007​Look at teams that represent nations in the Olympics. Most support athletes from one’s own nation, regardless of race.

Hans Sachs​The problem is that all three functions are backwards or negative. Instead of the origin event being one of fertility and new life, it was a conflagration of death and destruction.

upload trash​You should debate Halsey on Warski Live

Louis Diaz​if theyre not the same race theyre not the same nation period

Hans Sachs​Instead of ultimate good taking the central position in the story that slot is occupied by ultimate evil. Everyone knows that Adolf Hitler, the personification of evil, holds the centre point of WW2

Louis Diaz​youre talking about multinational states

Hans Sachs​Instead of that which is held sacred being something mysterious and sublime it (the Holocaust) is an obscenity. Having a negative foundation myth means the tree of life for Westerners is poisoned.

upload trash​Pilpul

Colin Colenso​So what you’re saying is, you’re genuinely curious?

DavyBoy007​If an ethnic Chinese or African represents Canada, I’ll cheer for him just as much as for an Anglo athlete.

Your Mom is In Love With My Zucchini​He isn’t a Jew. He is pretending to be a Jew for money

Louis Diaz​and that’s why your champions are really not your own

DavyBoy007​Jean-Marie LePen

Hans Sachs​Ask his rabbi, he is jewish.

Cory Burton​I didn’t realize they were fascists

DavyBoy007​Her niece is better looking by far

Greg Girardin​Does Marion speak English? Marine never does.

Louis Diaz​pretty much any nationalist group with an economic 3rd position is effectively fascist

iippo​Kosher Pac

Thomas Bergman​She captured many real feelings of mine

Jillie Storm​Glenn Beck was all offended by LePen

Louis Diaz​FN and a bunch of nationalist groups used a flame for their icon, symbolic of keeping the flame of fascism lit

Thomas Bergman​It was beautiful to hear someone articulate them in a mainstream setting

Chapodalu​Marion is a degenerate single mom.

Louis Diaz​just like MSI in Italy, and these parties where in coalitions together too

iippo​They are fellow white people.

Greg Girardin​@Jillie Storm I put Beck in the useless Alt-Lite bin with Cernovich, Posobiec, etc..

Louis Diaz​Beck isnt alt anything, hes a boomer conservative/libertarian

abrunettegirl​”Conservatism is not the worship of ashes but the preservation of fire” ~ Le Pen at cpac

Jillie Storm​@Greg Giardin: Beck is awfultarian

vaas d​serious question if hitler was jewish how was the holocaust anti-semetic

iippo​Where’s the lie?

Jillie Storm​Southern Prosperity Law Center

Craig from Johnslist​If Jews have such a high IQ, why do so many of them still believe in the Holocaust?

Louis Diaz​He wasn’t Jewish and even if he was, if he indeed had a plan to murder all the Jews simply because they were Jews, it would still be antisemitic

DavyBoy007​Some believe in the Gulagahoax


Manik Bibler​Hey Luke I wanna co-host. Invite me?


vaas d​ive seen alot of ppl say hitler had jewish origin mainly its from jewish groups that allege this

DavyBoy007​Jeff Juden, one time Expo pitcher

The British Chapter​BIG BOI GULP

LyovMyshkin​Jews are masters of making people uncomfortable.

DavyBoy007​There is nothing wrong with making malevolent individuals uncomfortable.

LyovMyshkin​But doesn’t the reason someone trolls matter? For instance I’d say many people today ‘troll’ because they want to destroy something that’s malevolent.

vaas d​wouldnt it be better for jews to stop caring about the holocaust

DavyBoy007​David Cole, the meshuggener

Chris L​Twenty years from now, which is more likely, world government or north american white ethnostate?

Cory Burton​Do you think Paul Nehlen is going to reach a point where he regrets being as forthright about Jewish interests as he’s being now?

PAWG DECIMATION​I feel conflicted. On one hand, I think Jews are great. On the other hand, I think Jews suck. Complex situation

Gerd Schmidt​Many scientists were Jews, they invented much shieeet. Intel is jewish

DavyBoy007​There are still Caucasian athletes from South Africa and Zimbabwe in the Summer Olympics

Aeschylus Jones​When the Holocaust comes to your town the “cost” will leave you feeling “Holo”

LyovMyshkin​I agree Luke. Which is why I like a football team like Athletic Bilbao. They are a professional football club that only contracts Basque players.

LyovMyshkin​Is there a delay here?

Louis Diaz​Hans is making good points

DavyBoy007​The dismantling of the USSR was a huge post-WWII event

LyovMyshkin​Yeah Hans is nailing it.

Bernard Brightson​That is brilliant Hans

TexasorBusted​@LyovMyshkin Luke tries the read the whole chat

LyovMyshkin​@TexasorBusted OK. Thanks mate.

vaas d​i actually think jewish people would be in a more stable position today if hitler had won ww2 than if he didnt

LyovMyshkin​He needed the money!!!!! ohhhhhh

DavyBoy007​Had Hitler won, few Jews would be alive today

LyovMyshkin​Marion Marechal is hot

Manik Bibler​let me in, Luke!

wakeupy0um0r0ns​like must not have done the iq test thus morning

Anonymous​vaas d – bbut, but, the good guys won the war, didn’t they?

LyovMyshkin​Glenn Beck is one of the stupidest people that lives.

DavyBoy007​I wonder how authentic Americans feel about all of the traitorous Volksdeutschers in their midst

Louis Diaz​the 3rd Reich’s aesthetic is really irresistible, that and the militarism is intoxicating to young men

Untethered Tube​Dammit Luke! It’s too early for this s–t!

vaas d​i think main problem with jews is they don’t think of themselves as jewish nationally in comparison to races like the japanese or chinese

Untethered Tube​Sorry. Never too early to 1488.

iippo​@DavyBoy007 America hasn’t been Anglo for ages. Germans are the largest ethnic group in America.

Cory Burton​Tell us about your struggle, casey

LyovMyshkin​@Cory Burton lol

Untethered Tube​Yet another parallel with today

iippo​Oh great it’s the guy who keeps countersignaling genocide.

Untethered Tube​Hiter: “it’s the demographics, stupid.”

DavyBoy007​Canada has a much lower % of Volksdeutschers in our midst compared to the USA.. Thank God.

wakeupy0um0r0ns​smash that like button

iippo​@DavyBoy007 You have gross Pakis instead.

TexasorBusted​Uncle Adolf is right about the news…

LyovMyshkin​@vaas d good point. same effect

Aeschylus Jones​Luke got back too fast to have taken a dump

Anonymous​The 10%ers!

Aeschylus Jones​The talented tenth

Robertus Antoninus​Luke, the flame symbol of the FN is in honour of Joan of Arc who was burned at the stake.

Cory Burton​I agree with that.

Cory Burton​Man, it’s tough saying Hitler was just a ‘bad guy.’ his loyalty and war record were pretty outstanding.

Aeschylus Jones​The people who started the American Revolution was less than 10 percent

LyovMyshkin​The left has quietly abandoned the working class

iippo​oy vey

Aeschylus Jones​They’ve abandoned the white working class

LyovMyshkin​@Aeschylus Jones True

Gerd Schmidt​American media is crazy

LyovMyshkin​Too reactionary don’t you know.

TexasorBusted​@LyovMyshkin I think a white ethnostate would “fix” the leftist problem…It would force white leftists to focus more of helping whites in society vs minorities…

LyovMyshkin​@Gerd Schmidt Which media isn’t?

Louis Diaz​@Roberts Antoninus they might say that, but that flame was also used almost identically to half a dozen other nationalist groups in Europe, which they had a coalition with, originally by MSI. Pt1

LyovMyshkin​@TexasorBusted I agree.

Louis Diaz​and MSI was started by former Italian Blackshirts after the war

DavyBoy007​American media might be crazy.. but it is so due to the quality of the people in the US

LyovMyshkin​The left was, historically, always against mass immigration because they knew it was a big money plot.

Louis Diaz​its pretty obvious what the were doing there if you see all the logos I’m talking about

Thomas Bergman​As a Jew from Germanic lands, Hayek wrote a whole book on avoiding National Socialism

iippo​Spoiler: China will win that GDP war. They are re-building the former silk road by building a literal road from China to Central Asia to Europe.

Louis Diaz​and their connection to each other

LyovMyshkin​Hell even Bernie was against i up until his Presidential campaign.

POSEIDON​Luke Ford I think this kind of mic you have works better when you face the side of it and not the top.

Diego Arenda​There is no substantial difference between Marxist Jews and free market Jews: they both hate the nation-state.

Louis Diaz​MSI was also known as “tricolour flame” also

TexasorBusted​@LyovMyshkin the labor movement of the 19th Century was a great leftist cause to deal with the industrial revolution/worker dynamic…

Untethered Tube​I’ve been shoahed. I’m getting breakfast.

Aeschylus Jones​I think the last time the left cared about the WWC was over a hundred years ago before the evil emissaries from Russia infiltrated the party

LyovMyshkin​@TexasorBusted totally. and it was also completely skeptical regarding mass importation of what are effectively ‘scabs’

ARYA DHARMA​I like how JF wants to deal with leftist within an ethnostate. Give them the option to leave.

Colin Colenso​Mises is super Comparative Advantage focused, not so much concerned with protection of National Security… imagines a richer country can quickly organize against threats.

elbuggo​@ARYA DHARMA – I agree.

LyovMyshkin​How long before Warski suffers the same fate?

Anonymous​Enough talking. What is our plan?

ARYA DHARMA​I predict a Warski ban after David Duke vs Halsey

LyovMyshkin​@Anonymous SUE EVERYONE!

TexasorBusted​Baked AK is scary because he is normal…

Aeschylus Jones​There are a few leftists who are race realists…A guy who calls himself Rabbit realizes that Seattle and Portland are hallmarks of White leftists communities

LyovMyshkin​@TexasorBusted great point.

Anonymous​1. Political reformation or 2. Civil war

Trip Fontaine​I think Anglins name alone triggered a flag. They want him banned from the internet.

LyovMyshkin​Jared Taylor too

Q Ball​nobody knows what baked is calling for… I’m not even sure that baked knows.

TexasorBusted​@LyovMyshkin Exactly

Aeschylus Jones​So true Texas…they want some salivating frothing right wing person to be the image of the alt right

Greg Girardin​Casey banned from somewhere? That’s so ridiculous it’s funny.

cag cag​So this guy is an alt right white nationalist Jew? lol

vaas d​tbh the govt should step in and break them up

D M​Hi /pol/

Cory Burton​(((powers)))

ARYA DHARMA​How exciting would a PC bloodsports be. Yawn..

Thomas Bergman​/r the Donald will be weakened by their own lack of insight and curiousity

Louis Diaz​civic nationalism = cuckoldry

Gerd Schmidt​(((White nationalist)))

Colin Colenso​DTube, Bitchute, Pewtube, Minds… one could take off.

Q Ball​10%

Trip Fontaine​Luke is a converted Jew who agrees with 70 % of what Mike Enoch has to say. hahaha

LyovMyshkin​murdoch murdoch has the perfect take on r/thedonald

Anonymous​Lotsa gunpower around, a lot of short fuses getting shorter….

Cory Burton​@Gerd Schmidt lol?

TexasorBusted​Warski said last night that he is verified and is in a network that protects him…Maybe that’s the way…

Aeschylus Jones​Thats true Colin…the migration over to other channels must take place soon

LyovMyshkin​’look at this based black guy who wants to MAGA. effing BASED’

cag cag​So he thinks that Jews belong in the middle east?

LyovMyshkin​Richard Spencer is right.

Trip Fontaine​Sargon was the last poor soul to get rekt by alt right


TexasorBusted​There is no real, intellectual attack against the AR…It’s always a version of moral fagging…

iippo​I’d be a professional hobo in the Ethno-State.

Aeschylus Jones​If your cat or dog isn’t a blonde or redhead they will be deported

Hans Sachs​Rather be a hobo in an ethnostate then a king in new York?

Cory Burton​Yes, they are.

Colin Colenso​@lippo Randomercam will be there with you.

Trip Fontaine​In the ethno state, I would be a jester.

Anonymous​I could listen to you two, and Dennis trio for about a week straight for a spring, I mean lifetime, cleanse.

Gerd Schmidt​Surrender to the master race goys why fighting

Thomas Bergman​The Establishment is trying to run out the clock and censor stuff until opposition to them is almost untenable

LyovMyshkin​Hitler’s secretaries always said that he was funny.

The Hidden Hand​Check out “NoRace” if you want some good arguments to the alt-right

Thomas Bergman​Hitler struggled every single day to be mighty

Trip Fontaine​Hitler was woke on SJW physical fitness.

Gerd Schmidt​Plot twist, hitler was gay

LyovMyshkin​@The Hidden Hand I would but if he thinks race isn’t real I don’t have any reason to look into him.

Aeschylus Jones​The alt right channels need to find a new home quick before there are shoah’d

Robertus Antoninus​Weltanschauung comes from Schopenhauer. Read ‘The World as Will and Representation’ it had a profound effect on many artists and thinkers.

LyovMyshkin​Hitler was a sensitive man.

Thomas Bergman​Fredrick the Great was gay

Louis Diaz​AxCx fan?

LyovMyshkin​Farming is a noble profession to denigrate it is disgusting.

elbuggo​Jews always look for someone else to do the fighting for them

Gerd Schmidt​Spartans were gay, they fought hard for their lovers (((history channel)))

amongnumbnutz​Dirty hands clean soul

Louis Diaz​oh shit, got some fellow metal heads in here

The Hidden Hand​He doesn’t deny race in the marxist sense. He has other interesting arguments about individualism. He thinks the altright is being suckered into collectiveism or communtarianism

Cory Burton​yeah, i can’t find a church that isn’t either new age or completely cucked.

Thomas Bergman​I grew up in somewhat of a Weimar environment and struggle to become greater

LyovMyshkin​@The Hidden Hand Fair play. I’ve heard that stupid argument so many times though. It’s moronic.

cag cag​Why isn’t he moving to Israel. I thought America is a white country

Erik S.​the orthodox church is the only one I could imagine joining these days

butterflyflewaway​oh boy Casey wife isnt woke lol

Jillie Storm​Will Homeschooling be needed in ethnostate? Most homeschoolers choose to educate kids in large part due to distrust and indoctrination in academia. Will schools in the ethnostate be more trustworthy?

Cory Burton​@Manik Bibler check out Sargon’s recent video on an orthodox christian vs feminism. it’s hilarious.

ARYA DHARMA​I Went Back in time and voted for Hitler. AxCx best song

butterflyflewaway​great question 👆

Trip Fontaine​The left has been trying to delegitimatize Christianity especially within the republican party. Christians in America are looked at as gun toting rednecks.


Louis Diaz​capitalism isnt innocent in all this

Anonymous​Southern Dingo said the same thing last night here about his trad fiance – no need to speak about politics

gjjd​@Jillie Storm Greg Johnson has claimed that homeschooling will be unnecessary, and maybe banned, in his idea of an ethnostate

LyovMyshkin​@Jillie Storm I think it will exist but it won’t be as necessary given that much of the home schooling movement has arisen due to a hostile state.

Greg Girardin​International Capital as some sort of emergent force is a powerful idea.

Untethered Tube​Baked is clearly a nice guy and no threat

LyovMyshkin​@Jillie Storm If the state wasn’t hostile to its own people then home schooling wouldn’t be necessary i think.

Aeschylus Jones​There is an intentional move to force Europe to become multicultural…beyond just merely finance

gjjd​a lot of homeschoolers, Greg Johnson pointed out, are nuts who are worried their kids might believe in evolution

butterflyflewaway​we should bring back true gender studies, humanities, cooking, sewing, wood working. our children have zero life skills these days.

wakeupy0um0r0ns​Does Gregg Johnson have children?

TexasorBusted​Social media more restrictive…But we are talking about race realism and The JQ…So…Sort of a paradox…

ARYA DHARMA​The only place there will be human rights and liberty is within the white ethnostate.

Cory Burton​@Untethered Tube dennis, you and casey need to go through mein kampf and discuss it, chapter by chapter

Thomas Bergman​Trump just needs to mention the interests of whites by name and let the articulate members of his government as well as theAlt Rught take it from there

LyovMyshkin​@gjjd Which betrays his anti-Christian bias. Most home schoolers aren’t afraid that their children will believe in Darwinism they’re afraid they will start believing in materialism

Untethered Tube​I’m on the first 100 pages still

LyovMyshkin​@gjjd And deny God.

Untethered Tube​Amazing the parallels

Untethered Tube​One has to resist being drawn immediately into all the obvious parallels with today

Cory Burton​@Untethered Tube i’d like to hear more discussion on it, but they always get away from it.

Untethered Tube​Hitler even identified pathological altruism in Germanic types

Untethered Tube​Fuck this I’m going in.

LyovMyshkin​What the Torah forbids the Talmud permits.


Louis Diaz​another book to check out after, Mein Kampf, is “for my legionaries” by Codreanu(leader of the Romanian iron guard) The parallels in that about the jq are even more uncanny

Cory Burton​Go

Jillie Storm​@LyovMyshkin, @gjjd, @butterflyflewaway: Thanks for the insight. My high school didn’t even offer home economics. Pathetic!

Thomas Bergman​Luke is calling Hitler the Aryan messiah!

Cory Burton​lol. Pretty much.

Diego Arenda​where can i get one of those english translations of hte talmud?

TexasorBusted​That would be awesome…German to English translations do have a lot lost in translation…

LyovMyshkin​@Jillie Storm Welcome! 😃

gjjd​@Luke Ford excellent suggestion regarding making commentary publications featuring alt-right leaders

Anonymous​People are waking up to see the state openly opposing the will of the people.

Cory Burton​you cursed his lord and savior so he left

LyovMyshkin​Hitler was a sensitive man

gjjd​hahha luke scared Dennis away

Untethered Tube​I’m going to undermine the show from here

Louis Diaz​Hitler was right about everything, but imagine saying that in normal conversation to a normie…

Aeschylus Jones​you hurt his feelings Luke

DavyBoy007​Adolf was fortunate to have lived in Germany, a land of many simple-minded people


Untethered Tube​I shall turn the tables on the Jew

LyovMyshkin​Shakespeare also was counter-semitic

Cory Burton​Luke, seems kinda hard on Dennis sometimes


LyovMyshkin​No Mein Kampf could have been written by an Anglo

LyovMyshkin​that’s wrong.

Louis Diaz​”slowly I began to hate them”

LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz lol

Cory Burton​”I am not a crook!”

DavyBoy007​”Schlomo” is as Jewish as a bacon cheeseburger

Cory Burton​haha

Thomas Bergman​King Alfred of all the English was also Sacon


Thomas Bergman​Saxon

LyovMyshkin​Schopenhauer hated Jews and I like it.

Aeschylus Jones​The jews worship Lucifer

amongnumbnutz​Dennis come on and do more product adds like last time. That was funny af

Cory Burton​@Luke Ford should start eating bacon at the synagogue and tell him the pig was a trans-vegetable.

schlomo Goldenburgandystein​@Davyboy. I’m the best jew. I jack off on potted plants and make young actresses luck my spooge off the plants

Cory Burton​’them’

LyovMyshkin​@Luke Ford tell Ben Shapiro that

DavyBoy007​Shkotzim worship beer and pork chops

Louis Diaz​kosher slaughter pisses me off. they should all stop eating meat

Cory Burton​@Louis Diaz do they eat pork?

LyovMyshkin​Jews are a ethnic group when it’s beneficial then purely a religion for the same reason.

Louis Diaz​nah they dont, pork is never kosher

Cory Burton​right

Gerd Schmidt​So Casey is saying that he is a Nazi?

Cory Burton​basically calling for a race war now

DavyBoy007​Most Xtians can eat cats and bats, hogs and dogs

LyovMyshkin​Jews are, at any one time, whatever is advantageous for them. In other words they’re liars.

Gerd Schmidt​So Casey is saying he wants to gas the jews

Cory Burton​that’s where he went when he left. turn on the ovens.

vaas d​every public political jew ive seen has been a liar but it doesnt mean they all are tbh

Aeschylus Jones​Im just a jew. there’s nothing I can do. other races feel blue when our lawyers start to sue

Louis Diaz​they have no obligations to tell us the truth. shame on us for believing them

DavyBoy007​The Potato Famine was a hoax

vaas d​i think its more because leftists are liars tho

Louis Diaz​yeah the left lies even when theyre being honest

To Ruin​Genocidal backlash against the jews wouldn’t be a disaster, it would be a righteous cleansing

Louis Diaz​diluted fools

LyovMyshkin​Hitler was a sensitive man.

ARYA DHARMA​Is it ironic that the most honest Jews I’ve met are converts?

Louis Diaz​Seth Putnam was a saint

LyovMyshkin​@ARYA DHARMA No it’s totally understandable 😃

Bjorn O​What “faith” does Dennis have? Is he Protestant, Catholic or atheist? What abot Casey?

DavyBoy007​I laugh at Sheigitz chamorim

Greg Girardin​Yeah, It’s hard not to jump into the parallels… prophetic.

Cory Burton​it’s actually pretty surreal these conversations are happening more and more.

LyovMyshkin​oy vey don’t be divisive goyim!

Louis Diaz​factionalism breeds disunity

To Ruin​The audiobook version is great!

LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz what breeds factionalism?

DavyBoy007​The behemot are exposing themselves, as usual

Louis Diaz​party politics

To Ruin​Jewish lies

LyovMyshkin​what breeds party politics?

Greg Girardin​Yeah @Cory Burton. I only started going down this rabbit hole a year ago. It’s amazing how many people are waking up. I think that’s why censorship is getting so aggressive.

Louis Diaz​propaganda

TheAntipartisan​Smash the like button, folks.

Louis Diaz​next answer, Juden!

Cory Burton​yeah, i’ve only seen this stuff since like october-november.

Bernard Brightson​”There is in England a saying that an anti-Semite is someone who hates the Jews more than is necessary.” – Shimon Peres

LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz who is the master of propaganda ?

schlomo Goldenburgandystein​if you love jews say #ILOVEJEWS

Louis Diaz​already said it my dude

DavyBoy007​Goyification = greater illiteracy, alcoholism, violent crime, doggieboyism, etc

Gerd Schmidt​This chat is full of nazis

LyovMyshkin​@Bernard Brightson wasn’t that mencken?

schlomo Goldenburgandystein​#Ilovejews🔯

To Ruin​The free market economy works fine as long as it is held within ethnic and national borders!!

Louis Diaz​but it would still exist without them

LyovMyshkin​JEWS ROCK

Trip Fontaine​Jew ROck!

To Ruin​Without Jews and other undesirables, capitalist libertarianism is gr8

Cory Burton​@Bernard Brightson hating anything more than necessary just seems pretty much like the definition of bias.

LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz perhaps. but in what form?

Oswald Spengler​what does luke think of anglo-normans vs anglo-saxons

Gerd Schmidt​Hitler real name is schicklgruber

Louis Diaz​we need a one party authoritarian state

ARYA DHARMA​I hate to date myself, but I remember race debates on YouTube from almost 8 years ago with Alt Hype and a guy named RVwofpack. The racial realist would have their channels deleted almost weekly.

Bernard Brightson​@LyovMyshkin​ Yes I thought so, but could only find quote by Peres.

Louis Diaz​well they didn’t invent propaganda or party politics so I assume it would still he a thing without them

Louis Diaz​they just exploit it

LyovMyshkin​@Bernard Brightson love his quote about women ‘ a misogynist is a man who hates women as much as other women do’

Cory Burton​Idk, some of those old scenes from Wiemar look pretty awful.

LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz i think it’s arguable that they did but i get your point

To Ruin​Capitalism as an “economic system” = good; capitalism as a religion = bad

Louis Diaz​a lot of Perth politics is economic too

Trip Fontaine​More freedom to shop at different malls.

Colin Colenso​Whatever guilt the Jews played, he scapegoated them and combined fears based on economic ignorance upon them as well. At least it seems.

Based Deplorable​The alternatives to ‘capitalism’ are Africa and the DMV.

Bjorn O​Hitler took the lives of the really hard-core “left wing”. The night of the long knifes… Killing Ernst Rhöm. SA’s street thoughs had play’d their role and it was buy buy time.

Greg Girardin​Dennis’ black pilling is making me want to have a drink. It is beer o’clock here…

Louis Diaz​@To Ruin exactly

Cory Burton​@LyovMyshkin that’s pretty good

ARYA DHARMA​Libertarianism would work great within an ethnostate where the free market is protected from the bankers

DavyBoy007​Ernst, “ Call Me Madam” Roehm

To Ruin​ethno-libertarianism

Based Deplorable​Singapore is a good example of Capitalism. Look it up if you are curious.

Cory Burton​people just need room to excel and not be ripped off

Louis Diaz​the leftwing nsdap had it coming.

LyovMyshkin​good point capitalism isn’t an ideology

Trip Fontaine​We dont have capitalism.. We corporatism.

Greg Girardin​That’s why capitalism works though. It finds the most efficient ways to trade services (in theory).

LyovMyshkin​E. Michael Jones would say it is though

Louis Diaz​got too autistic about the anticapitalist shit. theyre were almost communists

Based Deplorable​Rationalized.

TexasorBusted​I tend to agree…But I think you need a very high IQ population to make a libertarian society to function…

Colin Colenso​Capitalism is fundamentally free-exchange and property rights.

To Ruin​Real capitalism requires transparency and honesty of information, the Jew despises capitalism

Aeschylus Jones​This is better than watching Morning Joe

LyovMyshkin​he’d probably say it’s a metaphysical system designed to help the east india comapny prosper

Gerd Schmidt​National libertisocialism is the answer

To Ruin​When competition if stifled, it’s no longer capitalism, but a corruption by the Jewish establishment

LyovMyshkin​and i don’t think he’s wrong 😃

Louis Diaz​whatever economic policies benefit the nation, should be implemented.

gjjd​Capitalism is “the gigantic” (have you read Heidegger?)

DavyBoy007​Bosch capitalism = killing people and selling their gold teeth

Greg Girardin​Capitalism finds holes in a market and fills it. The market is determined by the will of the masses. (In theory).

Anonymous​Capitalism is the original A.I.

Aeschylus Jones​Jews and Rockefellers don’t believe in competition…They want total control

Louis Diaz​left/right who cares? is it good for us is the question

Gerd Schmidt​Bosch capitalism = gas the kikes with diesel motors

LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz people treat the ‘economy’ like some god that needs to be appeased rather than a system for the benefit of the people

Anonymous​It’s not left or right, it’s right or wrong.

Bjorn O​Libertarian society only work with a homogenous white or maybe east-asian population… Ohterwise we will have to have anarcho-fascism.

Erik S.​that’s a pretty heavy line Casey just quoted

Trip Fontaine​Hitler was right about everything just short of extermination which i disagree with. Netenyahu said it wasnt even hitlers idea to gas the jews though.

ARYA DHARMA​Luke has Jewish privilege and white privilege. Level 10

Louis Diaz​@LyovMyshkin exactly my dude

Thomas Bergman​Could it be that Jews relate to goys mostly by financial interest?

Erik S.​sort of like the ride the tiger concept

Based Deplorable​Mormons also keep the POZ out, or at least they used to.

DavyBoy007​My Jewish privilege = unpaid days off for holy days

Louis Diaz​haha Luke is a goy, even when he had the beard it just made him look Amish lol

Based Deplorable​Mormons even kept blacks out until the 60’s or 70’s.

LyovMyshkin​Religious Jews are the Jews I have the least contempt for

Cory Burton​”the law was given that the trespass might increase.” Apostle Paul

Trip Fontaine​Mormons are woke on race realism

gjjd​@Luke Ford Hitler was talking about the love of money when he said Judaizing. He was worried that people give up loving marriage and will engage in prostitution for money

Anonymous​Make the Amish horse and buggy great again!

Louis Diaz​same here. its the left wing Jewish activist types I dont like

LyovMyshkin​@Trip Fontaine they were 😃

Based Deplorable​If I weren’t Jewish I’d be a Mormon. I think they have a good religion for Americans.

LyovMyshkin​The Amish are the greatest people

ARYA DHARMA​Ride the tiger has to do with metaphysics and Hindu cyclical law of 4 ages.

Aeschylus Jones​Where was he wrong?

Louis Diaz​hail Evola

Based Deplorable​The Amish have a sustainable, morally upright way of life.

ARYA DHARMA​I visited Amish Heaven. It was actually really amazing. Lots of blonde hair, blue eyes

LyovMyshkin​@Based Deplorable Amen. I love the Amish. I think they are a great people.

Louis Diaz​yep the Amish keep it pure

Louis Diaz​theyre too passive though

Bjorn O​I have seen a documentary about Ortodox jewish maffia… Involved in the heavy drug trade… It is really fascinating. Altough I belive that they are generally “vaccinated” against poz.

LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz they started as violent revolutionaries funnily enough 😃

Louis Diaz​and they dont jive with my ideas of bringing fascism to outer space

Louis Diaz​starship troopers now!

LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz I think Amishness is Fascism in its purest form.

ARYA DHARMA​They should start using technology, but keep there traditions. archaofuturism

Louis Diaz​life should be a Frank Frazetta painting

LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz aside from the ludditism

Trip Fontaine​I think the Jews who decide to leave orthodox Judaism are really interesting. Orthodox men are really controlling and sometime violent.

Based Deplorable​One limitation to the Amish way of life is that they’ve snuffed out the Faustian spirit that made White Civilization dominate the world, create health, wealth, prosperity, granted deep knowledge…

Anonymous​I need a world with more carpentry

Thomas Bergman​My ancestors are Pennsylvania Dutch, so i am well-acquainted with Amish

Louis Diaz​archaofuturism is where its at

LyovMyshkin​@Based Deplorable from an expansionist perspective i agree

Louis Diaz​knights of a new age


LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz Intersteallar is the best archeofuturist film

LyovMyshkin​that and black panther 😃

Jacob Taylor​WTF is this? I just randomly found this live stream.

Louis Diaz​man ive been wanting to see it

LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz dude it’s SO FUCKING GOOD

Jacob Taylor​Nazis?

gjjd​@Jacob Tyler his should be interesting hahaha

Louis Diaz​miss me with the wakanda BS

Louis Diaz​lol

cag cag​It’s a channel about a white nationalist who tries to larp as a Jew

Anonymous​Faustian Spirit v=OrTRj4U1xXE&t=5s

Cory Burton​all Nazis all day

TexasorBusted​The pill and birth control was a game changer…

DavyBoy007​Close schools and stores on Yomim Tovim.. then it would be a Jewish world

Trip Fontaine​@Jacob Taylor This is Luke Ford. He is a converted Jew who agrees with some talking points of the alt right

Louis Diaz​white mean saving the planet, of course its good. it realistic

LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz watch it my man

Bjorn O​I hate the birth controll pills… Suicide pill… The p-pill and the Rock and roll revolution = white genocide

Louis Diaz​it’s*

Louis Diaz​I need to rent it

Louis Diaz​I think I might pick it up today

LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz it’s like the white faustian spirit put to fil


Trip Fontaine​Should high schools be separated by genders?

Louis Diaz​that’s what I’m talking about. that spirit is the true essence of our people

Anonymous​The sanctity of marriage

Based Deplorable​If we are going to allow the pill we also need something like Lebensborn to birth highly eugenic children with the correct values.

LyovMyshkin​it’s totally pernicious

LyovMyshkin​the only liberation is asceticism

gjjd​gotta reaffirm Luke. Sometimes one person out of 50 can totally throw off the traditional atmosphere, hurling the entire group into a more cutthroat-and natural- sexual struggle

Trip Fontaine​2018 is like one big 1998 poz party

Greg Girardin​Yeah, there was social pressure not to divorce even if the relationship had failed. This was true of my parents. That sacrifice helped hold our family together though.

Judes Nudes​and destructive drug behavior too

ARYA DHARMA​Generation X has a lot of mental health issues due to being raised by Boomers. Depression and anxiety rates are really high. Boomers make abusive parents

Based Deplorable​We need to find women who are willing to have 20+ genetically engineered children in exchange for money and prestige.

Bjorn O​So right Arya

Louis Diaz​I’m gen x. my folks are great. woke AF for being boomers

LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz you’ll love interstellar trust me

LyovMyshkin​Hitler was woke on the Boomer Question 😃

Louis Diaz​I know I will. its been on my list for a minute

Jacob Taylor​I do not understand what this is about. Are you guys Alt-right or from pol?

Cory Burton​Alt-reich

ARYA DHARMA​We are from Wakanda

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor alt right or from pol? you imply a separation when none exists sir

Trip Fontaine​@Jacob Taylor I’m from America.

gjjd​”physical disability is the forerunner of cowardice” Wow that is totally true, there are studies that upper body strength correlates with authoritarian mindset

Louis Diaz​Wakandan separatist guerilla movement

Louis Diaz​that what this is

Anonymous​When does the eugenics program begin? Beauty, creativeness, high IQ, high morality. Can’t frickin wait.

Bjorn O​I’m from Hyperborea

gjjd​low upper body strength also explains a lot of female liberalism, and female violence-aversion

LyovMyshkin​yeah all i care about is wakanda

Louis Diaz​were a far left Marxist party from the black future

Jacob Taylor​Lol people from pol are really depressed about everything so if it’s correct I would rather stay in the Matrix 😆

ARYA DHARMA​Wakanda left wing death squad

TexasorBusted​I lurk on pol…I am white identitarian that is sympathetic to alt right

gjjd​everybody stop flooding the chat with dumb jokes, this stream used to have intelligent valuable commentary. Take the peanut gallery convos somewhere else

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor you would prefer lies to reality? how’s that stake taste?

Trip Fontaine​/Pol is a place for memes and cheap lols.

Louis Diaz​wakanda needs some Jews. that’ll sort em out

Judes Nudes​Im best friends with a 93 year old german anti aircraft gunner

Trip Fontaine​you cant really get intellectually stimulating content unless people are discussing in real time.

Jacob Taylor​@gjjd freedom of speech dude. Don’t opprese muh.

ARYA DHARMA​I’ve never been to Pol. Don’t know anything about it.

LyovMyshkin​Hitler was based.

Trip Fontaine​@ARYA DHARMA It’s low brow.

TexasorBusted​pol is an autistic comments section…Love it…

Louis Diaz​the origin of based

gjjd​@Trip Fontaine why is it impossible to have intellectual content over a chat?

LyovMyshkin​btw girls without a father mature faster

gjjd​@Jacob Taylor if I could oppress the peanut gallery if I could

Anonymous​The Future Intelligentsia

Bjorn O​Middle eatsern women are very attractive… Lebanase women

Cory Burton​unless she’d be hot if she went for a run

M Graves​If she was 130 IQ she wouldn’t be 300 lbs

Louis Diaz​she doesn’t have to be smart, just loyal and feminine


Trip Fontaine​@Cory Burton Clearly. But I would rather marry a 7 who is well read, then a 9 or 10 who only wants to shop and watch tv.

Cory Burton​@Louis Diaz loyalty is important

ARYA DHARMA​You can’t fix stupid. You’re 300 lbs wife can get gastrointestinal surgery 😀

Louis Diaz​for sure

Cory Burton​@Trip Fontaine i agree with that

Jacob Taylor​I’m Australian and I don’t have a huge issue with multiculturalism although there are still lots of white people compared to other diverse groups.

Anonymous​Beauty will return to our world. Never Despair!

Louis Diaz​we’ve got some good folks in here today

Jacob Taylor​Also don’t have any issues with Muslim Australians here. They are great and very conservative.

Trip Fontaine​@Cory Burton I think the left has done a brilliant job at shitting on physical beauty which i think is wrong.

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor there won’t be any white people if the policies of the right AND left in australia continue in the futurwe


Edwin Boyette​Conspiracy theories are entertaining in moderation, I think there are highly motivated people attempting to manifest their will will in the world, the people who show up will decide the future

TexasorBusted​@Jacob Taylor There is anti-white propaganda everywhere..Every other group can be more authentic to their identity but whites…Right now the AR is trying to watch whites up..Build white consciousness

abrunettegirl​The problem with Muslims comes into play when they outnumber you. and they’re rapey nature

TexasorBusted​*wake whites up*


Gerd Schmidt​The goy wakes up

Bjorn O​Now that is so true… The Swedes are super altruistic and kind towards the muslim refugees… The refugees are having a string in-group solidarity on the other hand. I can see it first hand over here

Noslen​does producing a mostly muslim world makes sense for the jq?

Edwin Boyette​@TexasorBusted have you engaged with your local school board or the people who appoint them or determine the curriculum?

Judes Nudes​we operate like the shia, the jews operate like sunni. The sunni have structure and hidden and well known officially groups, the shia know what to do and can take direction from our beliefs soley

Jacob Taylor​@LyovMyshkin I don’t think there’s a great replacement here in Aus. We are not going anywhere.

Louis Diaz​the left is scared AF of us waking up. they should be. and when we do theyre f*cked

Cory Burton​tell us about the jews, dennis. what does he say about the jews?

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor I’m Australian too. Yes there is a great replacement. Yes it’s in its early stages but it is real.

TexasorBusted​@Edwin Boyette I haven’t…Recenty moved to Eastern CT…Still looking for work and getting settled…

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor come to my town and tell me there isn’t a great replacement 😃

DavyBoy007​Was Mahmoud Hawi of Sydney a nice guy?

abrunettegirl​Jacob, when you get a chance search “the Kalergi Plan”

TexasorBusted​@LyovMyshkin White flight is invasion…It’s a thing…

Bjorn O​EU = Kelegri plan

Oswald Spengler​the mass has eaerly onset alzheimers these days

Aeschylus Jones​I have heard that Melbourne has many Sudanese problems

Jacob Taylor​@LyovMyshkin really how we are we gong to magically disappear? If it is the case are we at fault for our own low birth rates?

LyovMyshkin​@TexasorBusted a response to invasion>

Bjorn O​Listen to RED ICE RADIO about the Kelergi plan

Louis Diaz​my city was destroyed by white flight before I was born


Edwin Boyette​@TexasorBusted I dug into this some, the idea of white privelege is being taught as early as kindergarten – so if you want to contest with this that’s one place

Louis Diaz​I live in a 75% black city

Anonymous​Goebbels quote: the masses are the great leavening agent

Gerd Schmidt​Are Americans reallt that uneducated ?

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor ‘magically disappear’? by being propagandized not to breed and embrace the mass importation of other people negro! 😃

Cory Burton​reallt

abrunettegirl​Sorry Louis:( I feel your pain

TexasorBusted​@Edwin Boyette I agree…I need to have a family…But I guess as a bachelor I could try to change the curriculum…Will look into that…

Oswald Spengler​german americans in the midwest were still very german in hitler’s day

Jacob Taylor​@LyovMyshkin It won’t get that far. Australians are not that stupid. I hope not anyway.

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor you’re obviously not australian

Bjorn O​I live in an almost 50 % muslim city called Malmö… It has all happened in just 20 to 25 yers

Cory Burton​my thinking style is very germanic

Anonymous​Louis – have faith in the space ship pyramids when it’s 100%

Bjorn O​It is a city with about 300 000 people in it

Louis Diaz​I’m sorta used to it. been Jere my whole life. and now they’ve burned and destroyed all the houses in this neighborhood its quiet mostly

Aeschylus Jones​I wanna see the happy negro make a comeback…who would tap dance with a big smile on their face

Gerd Schmidt​You live in malmo

Bjorn O​yes Gerd

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor sorry bro but most influential aussies support both of those things

Jacob Taylor​@LyovMyshkin I’m from Adelaide mate, maybe I’m just being optimistic. Uni was a bit shocking though.

Gerd Schmidt​Holy shieeet

Gerd Schmidt​You plan to move?

Bjorn O​Since many yers back… Holy sheet indeed

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor typical city of churches optimism! 😃

Based Deplorable​I grew up in Baltimore.

Bjorn O​Often think about it

Aeschylus Jones​Melbourne is full of wogs

Based Deplorable​African America.

Bjorn O​Gred, you german?

abrunettegirl​I got a new Jewish Liberal mayor a couple years ago, now my city is black. Make sure you vote locally, fam

Anonymous​Whats a wog?

Gerd Schmidt​Yes I’m from stuttgart

LyovMyshkin​an italian or a greek

Gerd Schmidt​Same shit

Anonymous​Wir Sind Ein Volk

Louis Diaz​@Anonymous LOL yeah man, when it reaches 100 itll be a futuristic utopia

LyovMyshkin​wog for brits just means indian though

Bjorn O​Alright, Stuttgart… Famous city

Louis Diaz​and ironically I’m not that far from the place that meme is talking about

Gerd Schmidt​Look up demographics of Stuttgart 🙂

Aeschylus Jones​wog can be anything non white

Louis Diaz​I’m in Michigan.

Bjorn O​OK I will

Oswald Spengler​west michigan here louis

Anonymous​I have that meme on my email

Trip Fontaine​That triggers me hahaha

Louis Diaz​im in Saginaw

LyovMyshkin​this entie chat triggers me

abrunettegirl​Based Gen X:)

Oswald Spengler​grand rapids

Louis Diaz​you know about how fucked it is I bet…

TexasorBusted​But have you ever read Loki?

Oswald Spengler​never been to saginaw but i’ve heard stories

Louis Diaz​I have read Baldur tho


Oswald Spengler​thought there were more pagans than christians in alt right

Trip Fontaine​Alt right are a bunch of nazis confirmed.

Gerd Schmidt​Björn, there is an election this year

Louis Diaz​yeah Oswald never come here. its no different from Detroit just smaller

Bjorn O​Wow Gerd… Approximately 40% of the total population comes from a foreign background…. You are almost right up there

Anonymous​I’m not nazi enough

Gerd Schmidt​How strong will swedendemocrats will be ?

Oswald Spengler​no detroit hipsters in saginaw

Bjorn O​Yes election this yer

Louis Diaz​nope, no hipsters

Louis Diaz​no gentrification at all

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor it also is stultifying in relation to European advancement

Bjorn O​I bet they will have about 20 %

Cory Burton​Greg Johnson is great, but sometimes he starts sounding a bit homicidal

Bjorn O​this yer

Trip Fontaine​New right do not agree with ethnocentriscm?

Gerd Schmidt​That’s nice

Louis Diaz​I’m hostile to hipsters anyway

Bjorn O​it is…

LyovMyshkin​@Cory Burton what’s wrong with being homicidal?

abrunettegirl​New Right is another term for conservatives we have now

Noslen​any other race who had our power would have taken the entire planet by now

Aeschylus Jones​The hipsters leave once the multiculturalism takes hold

Anonymous​20% Far Right and growing

Louis Diaz​theyre exactly what are men should not be like

Cory Burton​@LyovMyshkin you have to burn your clothes too often.

Louis Diaz​our*

Noslen​they cn only wrest it from us via subterfuge of our own generosity

abrunettegirl​New right are worse than conservatives. They’re anti free speech and pro gay

Oswald Spengler​is there a noticeable difference between anglo-norman and anglo-saxon descent here today?

Louis Diaz​”new right” is what the European faction is called way before the alt right American thing

LyovMyshkin​@Cory Burton i’ll live with clothes burning weekly if it means i have a functional society 😃

Cory Burton​How gay was the third reich?

Louis Diaz​a lot in the UK and France

Gerd Schmidt​Lol

cag cag​Why is he only reading what the female says?

Cory Burton​@LyovMyshkin yeah, i can’t go that far with ya, buddy

Bjorn O​New Right comes from the French New wright

Apple Fritter​pgs 38-48

cag cag​This guy keeps talking about degenerate sexual stuff like his sex life when he was 13

LyovMyshkin​@Cory Burton cuck 😃

rollo clevich​we’re going to let any animal in Africa bigger than a rat be exterminated due to runaway black population growth

Louis Diaz​yep Bjorn

TexasorBusted​Alt-Lite is trying to relabel as New Right…This is going to get real confusing…

LyovMyshkin​@TexasorBusted New Right is pure main lined faggotry

LyovMyshkin​@TexasorBusted not the euro new right obviously

TexasorBusted​@LyovMyshkin It’s CivNatCuckoldFaggotry…

Louis Diaz​the alt light can piss off. the name change shows how little they know about the right

TexasorBusted​@LyovMyshkin New Right in Europe is based…

Louis Diaz​libertarians trying to preserve the poz

LyovMyshkin​@TexasorBusted yup.

LyovMyshkin​@Louis Diaz exactly!

Oswald Spengler​was churchill or hitler more evil from a modern american perspective

Louis Diaz​the alt light is giving white people every excuse they need to let themselves die

Apple Fritter​he was the 2nd coming

Gerd Schmidt​Like will be banned soon too

Bjorn O​The New Right talks about Andophilia… Another woed for “homosexuality”… A gay thing without feminized homo’s… There is an author called Jack Donovan on their book website…

LyovMyshkin​true Hitler wasn’t, strictly speaking, a white nationalist

Gerd Schmidt​I don’t like gays

Louis Diaz​im aware of that Bjorn. I think they need to stop with all that

Bjorn O​Agree

Gerd Schmidt​Sweden loves gays

Diego Arenda​move the mic back in front of you, Luke

Anonymous​I’m gay

LyovMyshkin​HItler didn’t grow up on a frontier land

Apple Fritter​gays don’t like nature

Gerd Schmidt​:)

Cory Burton​we all knew it

TexasorBusted​@LyovMyshkin Exactly…Hitler wasn’t white nationalist…

LyovMyshkin​wtf are you talking about??

Bjorn O​They do love gay pride up here… It is crazy

Andybaby​Hi all

Louis Diaz​I dont hate gays but we can’t let them led the charge at all

Jacob Taylor​”The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?”- Adolf Hitler

Gerd Schmidt​Sweden is literally sodom and gomorrha

LyovMyshkin​he grew up in a profoundly germanic area


Cory Burton​@Gerd Schmidt explain.

rollo clevich​putting Jews aside as an ambiguous category non-whites were pretty much irrelevant in those days-except the japanese

Bjorn O​And it will burn some day

Apple Fritter​gays are traitors to the the natural world. hate them.

LyovMyshkin​’from a jewish perspective’ REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Anonymous​Wie geht’s Deutschland, Herr Schmidt?

Gerd Schmidt​Being gay is not natural or healthy

Trip Fontaine​That is the Jewish Question. Should we give citizenship and power to a people who have allegiance to an ethno state that meddles in the affairs of neighboring nations.

Gerd Schmidt​88 Anonymous

LyovMyshkin​branau by the inn is a german region

Jacob Taylor​I regret voting yes 😞

Anonymous​Sehr gut

Gerd Schmidt​Ze judens

Andybaby​If I live in your house, does that make me your brother?

Aeschylus Jones​The normal everyday jew who loves the country they live in needs to come out and rebuff these elite jews so they are not all seen as being monolithic

Louis Diaz​they dont have to be neighbors either

Greg Girardin​Richard Dawkins thought W. invaded Iraq because he’s a Christian dummy. He didn’t know who the neocons were.

LyovMyshkin​wtf does ‘ostreich’ mean?


Louis Diaz​yep Austria

Anonymous​auf Deutsch

Louis Diaz​southern reich

Jacob Taylor​An ethnostate is not possible now for White countries. It would require war which we are to0 culturally weak for.

Gerd Schmidt​Nobody knows that hitler was born in austria

LyovMyshkin​I’m saying that Hitler didn’t grow up in a borderland @Andybaby

LyovMyshkin​@Anonymous i mean

Aeschylus Jones​everybody knows that

Gerd Schmidt​Austrians considered victims right

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor are you jewish?

Bjorn O​anschluss

Gerd Schmidt​Lol

Gerd Schmidt​Little austria will come back to us

Oswald Spengler​is there a noticeable difference between angl-norman and anglo-saxon descent in the west today

Louis Diaz​Austria was actually already a fascist country under Dollfuss, before Anschluss

Gerd Schmidt​Austria just bitching around

Anonymous​Austrians are leveraging their “invasion” to build national pride ie. not awash w nazi guilt

Trip Fontaine​I would never consider myself a non practicing christian hahaha

Dysfunction Junction​That’s the larger issue to “antisemitism”. That fellow jews don’t show up as jews to rebuke jews

Jacob Taylor​@LyovMyshkin Nope. Grew up as a cultural christian in the Church of England

Louis Diaz​most people dont know about that at all

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor lol difference between jews and church of england being what? (serious question)

Gerd Schmidt​Austria has the best german dialect love it

Anonymous​The jews told us pro-white Lord of the Rings

Gerd Schmidt​Austria was kaaaangz

Louis Diaz​@Anonymous yep, they need that Vitim narrative. the should milk it for all they can

Anonymous​No lie

Cory Burton​i agree with dennis

Bjorn O​I have been to Salzburg and Zell am Zee, so beatiful land…

2cents​wage cucking for shekels☹

Gerd Schmidt​Yes Austria is nice

Louis Diaz​ive never been to Europe sadly

Jacob Taylor​@LyovMyshkin Lots and lots if you are speaking of theology and culture. Biggest is the issue of monotheism. With Jews believing in only 1 god while Church of England believe in the Trinity and Jesus.

Anonymous​Life in a world of victims, someone has to be the wise, mature adult.

Aeschylus Jones​I hear salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe…would very much like to visit

2cents​Europe is a disappointment.

Bjorn O​It was in the 1990ies… I bet the demographics where a bit more in our favour back then in Austria.

Cory Burton​it might be on our leaders, but most people are just trying to live decent lives and are being thwarted.

Anonymous​W h i t e P r i d e W o r l d W i d e

Dysfunction Junction​What if you’re Christian and being starved by Bolsheviks?

Cory Burton​the spirit of the age has become corrupt

Cory Burton​@Dysfunction Junction never happened, goy.

Gerd Schmidt​Every American should go to Europe once

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor trinitarian faith is still the belief in one god you silly god. it’s just the belief that god has three forms. as usual cofe peopole are moronic fools who don’ read 😃

Dysfunction Junction​No movies about that. And definitely not annually, like the jewish holocaust

Louis Diaz​they exist to be our targets

Aeschylus Jones​I don’t believe the ovens or lampshade narrative of the holocaust

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor silly goose i mean

LyovMyshkin​@Jacob Taylor no the alt right doesn’t believe that. serious answer.

Louis Diaz​the lampshades aren’t claimed to be real anymore, even by the official narrative

iippo​Churchill was the worst person in the 20th century.

Gerd Schmidt​(((Gregor Gysi))))

Frederick White​I subscribed.

TexasorBusted​(((Luke Ford))) is /ourjew/

Yehoishophot Oliver​look I agree that the preoccupation is excessive

Dysfunction Junction​The individual is a canard

Sam Ludwig​Luke, do you follow the Talmud as well?

LyovMyshkin​definitely ourjew

Yehoishophot Oliver​but I don’t seee it being consciously sinister

2cents​lol I’M wage cucking 4 shekels. now at work. HR would not approve

Yehoishophot Oliver​just working through issues

Louis Diaz​no doubt. Luke is being honest. I dont sense any BS from him

Dysfunction Junction​Nothing and no one is born in a vacuum

Cory Burton​he’s quoting Christ, now

Yehoishophot Oliver​there is literature on 2nd and 3rd generation trauma

FukU2222​wholesome anon posting on torah/mein kampf day ❤

Louis Diaz​1% is still 120,000 jews

Gerd Schmidt​Goys give money to lukes final solution

J. Smith​Dennis, the holocaust is indeed a perfected blood libel against whites. Another great point.

Cory Burton​A Jew and a Nazi sittin’ in a stream

Dysfunction Junction​The US final solution? Balkanization

Yehoishophot Oliver​dennis have you spoken to 2nd generation survivors

Apple Fritter​Is Luke rabbinical or the other kind?

Jacob Taylor​@LyovMyshkin Your option, but modern Christianity is faulty. My Issues. 1 trinity 2. bible has been changed and much lost in translations 3. don’t trust Paul 4.Early church changed much. 4.To pacifist

Jacob Taylor​*opinion

Louis Diaz​2nd generation my ass

iippo​I’m a 4th generation gulag survivor.

Louis Diaz​that’s a bs premise

Louis Diaz​that’s called milking it…

TexasorBusted​Yes…BS term…

Luke: what are your personal thoughts on the White religion question? Christianity seems to be protecting much of eastern Europe (ie Poland, Russia) but is converged and pozzed in the West.

abrunettegirl​If Paul Nehlen came on Luke’s stream the media would lose their minds

Sam Ludwig​have you read “man’s search for meaning”?

Louis Diaz​isnt the shoah central to 70% of jewreys identity

Cory Burton​@abrunettegirl he’s going to i think

Frederick White​I am reading DailyStormer and listening to Luke.

Anonymous​I thought Paul Nehlen was supposed to be on today.

Louis Diaz​at least Ben Shapiro through that number out there

abrunettegirl​Wow, Cory:) If that’s true I can’t wait

Dysfunction Junction​The original church is the only one

2cents​Andy Nowicki would be a great guest.

TexasorBusted​@Anonymous Me too

Cory Burton​Pretty sure it’s today

Oswald Spengler​+1 for andy nowicki

Aeschylus Jones​I survived Obamas two terms in office…

Dysfunction Junction​The rest are splinters to damage the original church and Christianity overall

Cory Burton​@Aeschylus Jones it was a spiritual shoah

Louis Diaz​I’m a 3rd generation cold war survivor

Gerd Schmidt​I’m a merkelcaust survivor

Oswald Spengler​i’m a 3rd gen potato famine survivor

Sam Ludwig​@abrunettegirl Nehlen went on fash the nation and the southern af podcast do Luke isn’t any worse than them

Louis Diaz​and I wonder who was behind soviet Russia in the beginning..

Mike Ferrin​Peter Hitchens would be on board

Jacob Taylor​Lol British people have left the Anglican Church in droves.

Louis Diaz​or Marxisms invention..

TexasorBusted​I’m a 3rd generation Great Depression survivor…

Dysfunction Junction​Aristotle knows

Anonymous​Aeschylus Jones Our political elite are beginning to get ridiculed in public forums. This time. Best time.

Frederick White​DailyStormer is funny as hell today.

Mike Ferrin​Should atheists live AS IF God exists, for the sake of their heritage?

abrunettegirl​Sam, it would be even better because Luke’s Jewish.

Mike C​Andrew is a great guy. He has a great interview on Red Ice. Luke: in contrast, a guy like E. Michael Jones is very anti-Prot, he seems to imply that Catholicism would save the West?

Apple Fritter​So the holohoax is taken seriously here?

Sam Ludwig​it’s called Faith for a reason

Cory Burton​@abrunettegirl he’s a crypto-goy.

Frederick White​Feinstein out, brown guy in.

Jacob Taylor​Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all worship the God of Abraham.

Greg Girardin​hmmm.. not sure if “culturally Christian” atheism could be the foundation of any meaningful institution.

Dysfunction Junction​Look to the shoes and lice gas canisters for all the evidence you need

Mike Ferrin​First Roots, then The Holocaust … in late ’70s, that set the stage for succeeding worldview

TexasorBusted​@Apple Fritter The goal is to crush The Holocaust narrative….We can’t stop 3rd world invaders and kick them out because The Holocaust…

Cory Burton​LUke

Cory Burton​you’re a real goy

Louis Diaz​shoes don’t mean anything. they were all issued new shoes

Anonymous​[message retracted b/c of joy over no white guilt]

Frederick White​Iceland got a permanent Rabbi, the world can sleep now.

iippo​Jewish logic: Lets prevent another Holocaust by importing millions of Muslims.

Dysfunction Junction​I jest. I have no idea and need to better research it

Cory Burton​Why are we so masochistic?

J. Smith​Dennis, Guilt is white’s main problem, that is why Poland is tackling that first by passing those new holocaust-related laws.

Anonymous​Red Ice said Iceland banned circumcision

Louis Diaz​and they were fighting a typhus outbreak so tons of insectide would be there too

Jacob Taylor​Christianity weakened the west over time rather than strengthen it.

abrunettegirl​I can’t wait!

Dysfunction Junction​That’s because it deviated from original concept of Christendom and monarchy

Mike Ferrin​Back then, up through the ’70s, practically all the black athletes were role models: well-behaved and clean cut

Frederick White​Get Andrew Anglin on and your channel gets banned.

Oswald Spengler​fraser was a guest on red ice about the wasp question

Anonymous​Good work, Mr. Luke!

Gerd Schmidt​Dailystormer is a honeypot you friggin goys

Cory Burton​hahaha

Mike Ferrin​Hear hear

iippo​@Luke Ford You used to have a weird keyboard.


Louis Diaz​haha I said that quote!

Apple Fritter​@TexasorBusted Who is responsible for both?

TexasorBusted​Paul Nehlen is amazing…He is going through the red pilling process in real time…

Louis Diaz​that was me!

Aeschylus Jones​I disagree Jacob…I see the nations that have a strong faith in Christianity especially in Europe are more woke than the atheists in Western Europe

Frederick White​DailyStormer is reverse Jewish comedy.

M Graves​Are you trying to get shut down lol

Chris L​Bring Donald Trump on the show

TexasorBusted​@Apple Fritter (((Them)))

Louis Diaz​I coined a phrase and look quoted it haha

Louis Diaz​Luke*

Cory Burton​good point

Dysfunction Junction​Christian Zionists and philosemite Christians are a bane

Apple Fritter​@TexasorBusted so why hack at the branches when we could gas the tree?

Mike Ferrin​well said

Louis Diaz​woooo!

TexasorBusted​@Cory Burton He has F-U money…He is just going to tell the truth…

SSEnrich​Alt right depression is striking. I wonder if we really are right. How mych proof do we have? Particularly on the JQ and HQ

Sam Ludwig​Luke, did you convert to Judaism for a woman?

Cory Burton​@TexasorBusted hope so

SSEnrich​I meant GQ. Gay question

Mike Ferrin​if you’re not depressed something’s wrong with you

Cory Burton​haha

Jacob Taylor​What do you think of Islam and Muslims?

Cory Burton​@Mike Ferrin interesting perspective

TexasorBusted​@Luke Ford Explain your thoughts on The Holocaust for the newbies….

Mike Ferrin​@Cory Burton in paradox is truth ;D

Edwin Boyette​@Luke Ford over and over in your, in Dennis, and others seems to be this absolute hunger for a group, a profound sense of identity, a desire to be anchored to something not fleeting or fragile

Frederick White​Iceland is the luckiest country in the world. They got a New York rabbi.

Cory Burton​@Mike Ferrin i thought it was wine

Dysfunction Junction​We have no roots, so it becomes like shopping around for a niche

Jacob Taylor​not enough

Dysfunction Junction​Most American’s roots is being indoctrinated to secular liberalism

Louis Diaz​this why Luke is legit, he doesn’t play that BS.

Mike Ferrin​@Cory Burton That Seneca ages well

Cory Burton​Given Polish holocaust laws, it’ll be interesting if you start hearing different scholarly perspectives coming out of there.

Aeschylus Jones​Hope Iceland stands strong and doesn’t cuck

Chris L​Luke: Have you heard any discussions on the topic of anti-natalism within the Jewish community?

Jacob Taylor​So you believe that the messiah will come and the goyim will all serve the jew right.

Gerd Schmidt​Luke works on sabbath lol he must be executed due to Jewish law

Dysfunction Junction​Even Americans suffered de-nazification/post war indoctrination

Mike Ferrin​Or else… you talk about how we unite in things like “service” or “empathy”

Cory Burton​you do get to beat your wife

Dysfunction Junction​What about Druids or the Setians in SF?

Apple Fritter​what about the Talmud made you want to be tied to it?.

SSEnrich​No Casey today?

Mike Ferrin​Islam is the future — it has Darwin and Nietzsche on its side

Cory Burton​he left earlier

Jacob Taylor​Abbasid Caliphate and Cordoba during their golden age was pretty good.

Cory Burton​@Mike Ferrin God, i hope not

Aeschylus Jones​Islam is being used by the left for muscle to fight the white working class peoples across the white nations

Dysfunction Junction​Buddhism is the future, long term

Thomas Bergman​The redpill on Islam is that its conquest resulted in the burning of the Hellenic classical world and „Muslim“ scholars had to deal with persistent persecution for their study of classical material

Cory Burton​@Jacob Taylor you find the one good point on a shitstained history

Mike Ferrin​They bring a confident culture and identity

Jacob Taylor​Muslims are against everything the left is though lol Muslims agree with many conservatives

SSEnrich​Tara McCarthy seems to be fascinated with buddhism too. I am afraid she left the AR

Thomas Bergman​The Quran is also pretty bad literature with dumb moral messages

Mike Ferrin​Islam is ascendant; most other cultures moribund

Louis Diaz​metaphysical spiritualism/occult fascism is where its at

Aeschylus Jones​I think early Islam were mostly white except for the Moors but todays muzzies are definitely mostly low IQ darkies

Dysfunction Junction​Muslims don’t see race. They’re all the same

Louis Diaz​ancestor worship

Jacob Taylor​@Aeschylus Jones Moors were not black

Louis Diaz​appreciation for the original pantheons of the euro gods

Gerd Schmidt​I love christianity

Apple Fritter​@Louis Diaz Universal Order

Mike Ferrin​Myanmar’s incredibly wise and prudent to cleanse their territory of Muslims

The Hidden Hand​@Luke Ford you should try to interview “Frame Game Radio”. He’s jewish and alt-right and is making great content lately. WOuld be interesting to hear the 2 of you talk

Louis Diaz​Apple Fritter yes. I’m with it

Aeschylus Jones​What were the Moors Jacob?

Frederick White​Tara McCarthy is a 4th generation Holocaust survivor.

Thomas Bergman​Mainstream commentary on Muhammad was that he was neither black nor white bu perfectly moderate in complexion

helen greywood​@Gerd Schmidt The Judaic Sabbath is on Saturday

Dysfunction Junction​Make Manichean great again

Gerd Schmidt​Alt Right holocaust survivor Tara mccarthy

Mike Ferrin​Ibn Khaldun

Louis Diaz​Crom is my god

Louis Diaz​and he lives in the earth

Jacob Taylor​@Aeschylus Jones Within a few generations the Arab look had been bred out of those Arabs who came to al-Andalus. Abd ar-Rahman III, for instance, was strawberry-blond with fair skin and blue eyes.

Aeschylus Jones​I wondered what happened to Tara…she use to have a broadcast everyday then…boom…fell off the internet

Mike Ferrin​Comfort Women

Mike Ferrin​Koreans HATE the Japanese

Dysfunction Junction​They all hate the Japanese. East Asians

Trip Fontaine

Thank you for discussing these different perspectives!

Aeschylus Jones​hmmm….I’ll look into that more

SSEnrich​She has a break they said. Too much harassment is what people think

Louis Diaz​the Japanese should’ve been the lords of Asia

Dysfunction Junction​Luke. Look into the Ainu people of Japan

Louis Diaz​they were robbed of what should rightfully be theirs

Gerd Schmidt​McCarthy is has no own opinion she is just another low in wan

Aeschylus Jones​The Japanese are definitely the highest IQ in asia

Jacob Taylor​@Aeschylus Jones At the time Christians wanted to demonise the moors. Many modern / Renaissance paintings portray them as almost Africa, which is the furthest thing from the truth

SSEnrich​I have been to China several times. Not very popular if I mention ri ben (Japan)

iippo​@SSEnrich Did you wear a gas mask?

Apple Fritter​@Aeschylus Jones shes a chameleon, youtube her videos before she did what we know her from

Max locuo​Luke, what do you think of the AQ (anime question)

SSEnrich​You mean because of bad air? No. It was very bad air though

Dysfunction Junction​I’d just like coastal areas to be white, anywhere

Dysfunction Junction​All we have is Corpus Christie, maybe

TexasorBusted​Trump is based on The Muslim Question…

SSEnrich​They say Portland is white. Unfortunately the Mordor is controlling it.

Apple Fritter​What about the Talmud drew you in Luke? it’s a genuine question.

Jacob Taylor​@TexasorBusted is there a Muslim question? What is it?

Dysfunction Junction​The beans get pretty far north now

Louis Diaz​LOL

Gerd Schmidt​Luke the ADL will put you on their list soon

Dysfunction Junction​I hear Chinese are buying property in Portland too a lot

Jacob Taylor​Thats INSANE

SSEnrich​Why can’t they flood non white conutries too?

Jacob Taylor​Freedom of Religion mean anything anymore?

Dysfunction Junction​The Boomers were predominately Roman Catholic.

Luke Ford​

Dysfunction Junction​Large families ’cause they opposed birth control

SSEnrich​Luke should invite No white guilt. He is the new thing.

Dysfunction Junction​I state the obvious

Dysfunction Junction​😃

Anonymous​2nd No White Guilt

Jacob Taylor​What do you think of the Trinity? Do you see Christianity as polytheistic?

iippo​God promotes sex with a 3 year old?

Casey R. Pratt​Dysfunction that’s not true about boomers “mostly” being Catholic.

Casey R. Pratt​Oh you meant in Texas?

Cory Burton​@Casey R. Pratt what was the deal with the other account

Casey R. Pratt​Oh I’m just… shifting accounts to keep the hatewatch groups off balance. Lol

Cory Burton​lol. thought so.

Gerd Schmidt​There are no race except hooman race

Jacob Taylor​Theology wise Jews are closer to Muslims rather than Christians.

SSEnrich​So then why do they have Judeo Christianity

Cory Burton​@Casey R. Pratt jump back in

Casey R. Pratt​Watching Sound of Music with kids now.

Louis Diaz​I knew of a couple of Jews that were junkies in Brooklyn

Apple Fritter​circumcision and the blood sucking rabbi. Your perspective on that Luke?

iippo​Misnagdim or Hasidim?

Cory Burton​@Casey R. Pratt don’t they flee the Nazis? they went the wrong way.

Louis Diaz​one of them still wore the hat like Luke has on

Dysfunction Junction​I’ve known good jews and bad jews. The bad ones I knew were obsessed with gun control and promiscuous, so, really bad marks in my eyes

Jacob Taylor​@SSEnrich Because Christians like to think they are the successor of Judaism while Jews reject them entirely.

Casey R. Pratt​Cory yes! But they’re wholesome.

James Edward​Casey did you hike with the kids today?

Cory Burton​they are. i’d marry a girl like that tomorrow

Jacob Taylor​Jews can pray in a mosque but not a church.

Gerd Schmidt​Luke is the new leader of the alt right

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