What’s Ahead For Jews?

From the comments on my latest Youtube video:

* It’s absurd (and dishonest) to claim that redpilled people are all “damaged.”
It takes high intelligence to understand the JQ and it’s ramifications.
Our people have been brutalized, atomized, demonized…..so it’s NOT their fault.

Casey’s sincerity and concern for goodness amidst degeneracy is heartbreaking. How does one live a good life when your people are being destroyed?

* I’m so glad we have someone like (((Luke Ford))) to balance out all the deviant people found in the AR!

* I think there is a very serious crisis ahead for Jews, and it’s going to occur within the next five years. Just as there are fears that artificial intelligence can get out of hand and outpace the humans who created it, alternative media is now outpacing the mainstream media at such a rate that the controlling-forces on dissemination of information are losing their grip at an exponential rate. Once that grip is lost completely, there will be a backlash; and the numerically-tiny nature of the Jewish-community will put it in a very vulnerable position. But Jews are a clever people; I’m curious to see how they’ll adapt to it.

I often wonder if the Alt-Right were to achieve a Goebbels-like control over media influential to whites, if Jews would not just adapt to this by emphasizing their “whiteness” and pretending to have promulgated the same views themselves, all along: if formerly Leftist-Jews would not just affect to be Ben Shapiro types, advocating not for “whiteness,” per se, but “Western” values; if there would not be a widespread Overton-shift in Jewish socio-political consciousness roughly-characterizable by what’s deemed civic-nationalism or the Alt-Lite.

* I can’t speak for all White Nationalists, but I can confidently say that most would prefer to see Jews completely excluded from any future White ethno-state. The most virulent anti-Whites rhetoric has come from the Jewish camps, so there’s not much fault in that line of thinking.

So the question of how they will adapt, should be reframed into ‘how will they adapt to being rejected’. I personally feel that it will only increase their hostile attitudes directed towards Whites. I often wonder if this what we’re seeing – revenge stemming from the culmination of rejection. You have to admit, how Jews are acting, looks an awful lot like the actions of a spiteful ex-partner.

In the end Jews have brought this upon themselves, so they should use the time to reflect on their interpersonal relations. They can’t go full on communist style dictatorship while pushing the most disgusting degeneracy known to man and then wonder what why anti-semitism occurs. If they’re so intelligent, then why do these simple truths escape them, which leads me to believe that it’s much more sinister. I feel the best they can now do, is to try and be less destructive to their host nations, which should lessen the damage, but tbh their punishment isn’t worthy of a slap on the wrist.

* The JQ-aware right already see through the “civic nationalist” agenda people like Ben Shapiro sell. It’s basically telling white people not to organise in self defence while their countries are stolen from under them. It’s far too late to be telling whites not to care about race, when so many Jews have spent decades using their influence in media and academia to propagandise all the other races to hate whites.

As more and more white people wake up to the fact that Jews have been working to destroy them for so long, do you think they’re going to accept “My mistake, actually we’re just the same as you, please let us stay.” as a sufficient apology?

A big part of waking up to the JQ is recognising how Jews wear white identity as a coat they put on in order to argue against white interests, then take off when they want to argue for their Jewish minority interests. The reason this tactic has worked so well in the past is that whites completely accepted Jews. When people awaken, they become outraged at this reprehensible betrayal of trust. They will not be fooled again.

* I agree. That’s why I consider this a genuine quandary. If Jews lose control of the dissemination of information, and they rapidly seem to be doing so with the chaotic inter-personal-interplay of the internet, neither the Leftist-narrative nor the (((Civic-))) Nationalist narrative will be viable.

The Alt-Right has had the full-weight of censorship, libel, and slander levied against it for two years running now: and each and every attempt to shut it down has failed. I believe it’s because the attempt to de-platform only de-centralizes the message; but it’s the message itself that’s persuasive, less so the individuals that promulgate it. We’re like rapidly-reproducing hornets. Swat one: there are three more. Get someone who spread the message part-time fired: now they do it full-time. Ruin someone’s life: now they dedicate the rest of their life to ruining yours. And so on.

Even those who ostensibly counter-signal against it wittingly or unwittingly foster an environment conducive to it: Jordan Peterson for example. Yes, he will rant about ultra-high Ashkenazi-IQ, blah, blah, blah; but 90% of everything else he speaks to cultivates a climate in which our ideas feel quite at home. It’s actually quite hard for me to convey just how optimistic I am for this year. This will culminate in near-Apocalyptic-orgiastic gang-bang cluster-fuck levels of fun in 2020. I think changes will be enacted from 2020-2024 that will alter the course of US history forever.


* If Jews hate whites so much, why did they follow in the footsteps of trail-blazing Anglos?

Jews say genocide is evil. They point to the holocaust.
But was US created by ‘genocide’ of Indians. Anglos were ‘nazis’ of yesteryear. And yet, the #1 favorite immigration for Jews was the Anglo-US. US was also created through slave labor. If Jews were so moral and upright, why did they follow behind Anglos? Why participate in a nation created by white ‘genocide’ of red people and slavery of black people?

Surely, Jews could have chosen other destinations for immigration. Also, as various European empires needed labor and investment, they would have gladly accepted Jews to settle Africa and other parts. As whites didn’t wipe out the peoples in those parts but merely ruled over them, those empires were less morally tainted than the US that was created by wholesale removal of peoples.

After all, Anglos only ruled over blacks in Kenya and Rhodesia. There was no plan to wipe them out or expel them. But in the US, Indians were pushed out and removed from the land. So, the kind of imperialism that made the US was a greater ‘historical crime’ than European empires in Asia and Africa where whites ruled but didn’t wipe people out. And yet, Jews preferred to move to US, the ‘white supremacist’ nation made by ‘genocide’ and slavery. US was created by pogroms against Indians.

In the US, the whites ‘whitened’ the land unlike in Africa, Asia, and Middle East. As for Latin America, whites failed to whiten the land much. Latin America remained majority non-white.
If Jews hate whitening, they should have moved to Latin America that was hungry for immigrants and envious that most preferred to move to the whitened Anglo-US.

Now, if whitening is bad, why did Jews favor the US, a nation that did the most the whiten the land? Just ask the Indians? And even in Africa, why did Jews favor South Africa as destination spot over other parts of Africa? South Africa was more whitened than other parts of Africa. Again, Jews preferred a part of the world that was whitened.

How does one explain this irony? Jews followed behind whites to enter a whitened world. Jews esp loved Anglo-America where whitening had been extensive against Indians and Mexicans. There were lots of blacks, but they were kept in ‘their place’. When Jews arrived in Ellis Island, they were moving away from ‘Asiatic’ Russian rule to White Anglo rule.

If Jews wanted to enter the whitened world so much, why are they now so hell bent on unwhitening America?

Because focus of Jewish interest went from well-being to domination.

Poor Jews in Eastern Europe wanted better material conditions and more stability under rule of law. And Jews realized such was most assured in whitened Anglo-America. They were too poor to think about power. They just wanted freedom and better material life.
Since whitened America offered the best hope, they went to the US.

But over time, Jews went from wishing for well-being to relishing their great wealth and power.
If poor Jews looked to White America as the promised land, powerful Jews see white America as a potential challenge to their dominance. So now, they must destroy whiteness.

It’s sort of like the crossing of the Red Sea(or Sea of Reeds) in the Exodus. The sea splits open and the land is so welcome. If God hadn’t split open the sea and if Jews tried to swim to the other side, they all would have drowned. So, Jews were so happy to see the land bridge between the raised waters. And they crossed this land to the other side.
But a blessing became a curse. Once the Jews were on the other side, the exposed land that had been to their advantage became a threat. The Egyptians could cross it to and attack the Jews. So, Jews begged God to close the sea. And it was closed to drown the Egyptians.

Jews see whitened America the same way. Jews, esp those living under ‘Asiatic’ Russians, hated being in the Old World. They wanted an exodus to the promised land. And America seemed like a better place with more freedom and opportunities. And white people were like the land bridge that had opened up for them. After all, if not for white trail-blazing to create America(via ‘genocide’ and slavery), there wouldn’t have been the spectacular rise of a New Nation. Jews needed to walk on that white land bridge. But once Jews made their way across and then gained supreme power in America, they came to see white power as ancient Hebrews saw Egyptians at the other side of sea. Before white power could wake up and challenge Jewish power, it must be drowned by seas of humanity.

History repeats itself.

And that means, even if Jews win against whites, they will have “40 yrs of wandering” in New America where there will be new battles along tribal lines. After all, Hebrews made it out of Egypt only to face off against one tribe after another.

As white America fades and US fills up with diversity and new tribalisms, good luck to Jews as they combat new enemies. In Europe, it’s heating up already with Muslims.
In the US, Jewish elites won’t be able to outmuscle Hindus so easily.

In yrs to come, Jews will realize they really messed things up. White America was never the Egyptians trying to wipe out Jews. Because of the Holocaust, Jews got to seeing Nazis everywhere when the White West in both US and EU were the best bet for future Jewish prosperity and security.
If anything white US and white Russia were the two sides of the oceans that crashed on the Nazi Egyptians who were totally defeated. It could have been smooth sailing since then if everyone got along. But paranoia and hubris reigned among Jews in their prophetic delirium, and history is gonna get very ugly. And if Jews think history will end with the fall of whites, think again. They were the last people with any conscience toward Jews.

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