Why Did Adolf Hitler Hate the Jews?

From Haaretz:

In Mein Kampf, published in two volumes, in 1925 and 1926, Hitler himself explains that he had no special feelings about Jews before he moved to Vienna, in 1908, and that even then, initially, he thought favorably of them. He saw the light only after Germanys loss in World War I, for which he held the Jews responsible…

When imperial Germany went down to defeat in 1918, and Kaiser Wilhelm, the German emperor, was forced to abdicate, a popular theory that Germany had been stabbed in the back by the Jews took hold. Jews role, on the one hand, in the socialist and Communist movements that led revolutions in both Germany and Russia, and their prominence in international finance, on the other, led to dark theories about Jews lack of national loyalty, their treachery, and their degeneracy.

In Hitlers mind, all the groups that he saw as foiling Germany – Bolsheviks, socialists, social democrats – became identified with Jews, because indeed, Jews were so prominently represented among each of them. His political theories blended with increasingly technical racial theories…

Part One.

Where did the six million figure come from?

From Youtube comments:

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