The most amazing thing to me is not that Ross Levinsohn (as a sales guy) would say and do the things he did, but that the LAT newsroom is both so sensitive and so gay

Read the embedded tweets.

The LA Times has about the most queer newsroom in the country, hence the hyperbolic super-sensitivity to this story. And if the Times reporters are so awesome, how come they didn’t have this story?

If I had to bet, when Levinsohn said he didn’t want to eat lunch with a bunch of ladies and fags, he both meant it as a joke and it was taken as a joke by those he said it to.

As far as hiring bikini models on a yacht off of France, I guess the reporters have no idea how high level sales guys get business. He is accused of kissing someone in front of them, but it was not someone he assaulted and forced himself on. He did rate women and speculated if some woman was sleeping with someone else and if someone was a part time stripper. This is very low level stuff, but we have moved into the cultural revolution (a la Mao Tse Tung) period of “criticism-self criticism” when it comes to sexual conduct. On the other hand, he has been sued for sexual harassment twice, so maybe he has done far worse than what made the NPR story.

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