Shalhevet Parts Ways With Dr. Noam Weissman

Because of how the following email is phrased, I think it was sexual talk that got him in trouble:

Shalhevet High School is saddened to announce that it will be parting company with one of its longtime educators, Dr. Noam Weissman, at the end of the school year.

Dr. Weissman has been affiliated with Shalhevet since 2009, first as a teacher, later as an administrator, and eventually as the Assistant Head of School and Principal. He has been instrumental in the school’s curricular development and cultivating countless programs that contribute to the academic and spiritual growth of our students. For those efforts we are deeply indebted, and we wish him and his family well in their future.

In October, the school received complaints about Dr. Weissman’s behavior towards other faculty members. As required by law, and in conformity with its policies, Shalhevet immediately retained an outside investigator to fully explore these complaints. The three-week investigation included interviews with faculty and staff.

To be clear, the investigator found absolutely no inappropriate physical contact of any sort by Dr. Weissman toward any person, nor any inappropriate conduct of any sort directed to any student. There was, in fact, no allegation by anyone of inappropriate conduct toward students.

The investigator did find that Dr. Weissman had made inappropriate comments to, and conduct toward, certain staff members. He was also unacceptably assertive toward several staff members, both male and female. While Dr. Weissman does not concur with many of the investigator’s findings, and regrets this sequence of events, he and the School have mutually agreed that for the remainder of the year, he would continue teaching with no administrative or supervisory duties, and that he would not return in the fall.

Shalhevet takes its workplace policies very seriously, prides itself as a leader within the Modern Orthodox world, and demands that all of its employees model respect toward everyone in the community. Shalhevet acknowledges the courage of the individuals who came forward to disclose their concerns.

As an institution, we take it as an opportunity to improve our institutional policies and practices. While this experience has been painful for our school, we remain committed to living by our values, reinforcing our high standards, and continuing to fulfill the school’s mission.

Rabbi Ari Segal and the Shalhevet Executive Board

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