Why Have The Leaks Stopped At The Whitehouse?

On the latest Alt Right podcast, Richard Spencer says about Steve Bannon: “I’ve never liked him…”

Eli: “The gorilla chapter is what I am waiting for.”

Richard: “There is a hilarious gorilla parody chapter online. He wanted to watch the ape channel.”

Eli: “There is a kernel of truth. He was talking about BET.”

Richard: “I don’t think he was a great political operative… He was the major leaker in the White House. The leaks have stopped. There would be a Washington Post story that according to 30 people we spoke to at the White House, the leakage was insane, but under [Chief of Staff John] Kelly, that’s stopped. [Bannon] was probably the one [leaking]. He seemed to be high on his own supply. His success has always been about jumping on these bandwagons.”

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