When Did It Become A Bad Thing To Be Offensive?

When Jews like Lenny Bruce and Al Goldstein were on the way up in America, it was a great thing to be offensive. In the 1950s and 1960s, Jews led the fight for free speech. Now they lead the fight for political correctness aka censorship. Now it is a bad thing to be offensive. When did this change? We used to celebrate transgression in popular culture.

OCWEEKLY: “LA Weekly Interim Editor Hillel Aron Suspended Over “Extremely Offensive” Tweets”

Not only is there nothing in those tweets that offends me, I don’t recall being offended once in my life. Ergo, I regard all people who get offended as gay.

When I was growing up, being gay was horrible. Now it is celebrated, almost mandatory. I blame the Jews. The secular Jews. Orthodox Jews neither pushed for porn and poz, nor sought to impose political correctness.

Not Orthodox:

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