Catholicism Is Gay

Dennis Dale writes:

Was the abomination that has become of the Catholic Church inevitable due to its celibate order?

Was the abomination that has become of Christianity generally also inevitable due to the preponderance of gay ministers?

My impression is the priesthood and the secular ministry alike attract gay men. Ritual and aesthetic devotion appeal to the same sensibility that produces the gay aesthete. The rites appeal to gay male congregants as well for the same reason. The repressed gay Catholic can sublimate his homosexual desire in a ritual order that has meaning and beauty.

It was inevitable that gay men would come to preponderate (I suspect dominate) not only in the priesthood but in its upper reaches. Behind the scenes there’s probably a struggle between a gay and a genuine celibate faction, between competing gay cliques.

But what it can’t have is a family faction, of men with children who have the same concerns as their parishioners. The Church has no skin in the game.

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