The ADD Con

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Even more ridiculous is how they allow players to work around these problems when their personal doctor attests that they have ADD or a testosterone deficiency, so need prescription drugs to remedy it. A-Rod was allowed to do so, but still abused it. MLB keeps the list secret because of HIPAA and all. Sure. Gymnast Simone Biles “has” ADD. How many other American athletes take drugs while claiming that the Russians and everyone else are cheats? A growing number of cops and corrections officers I know get treated for their supposed lack of testosterone by cop-friendly doctors too.

* The good news is that Biles isn’t cheating by being prescribed performance enhancing drugs which would otherwise be illegal for an athlete to take.

No, she’s a brave American “taking a stand against ADHD stigma”.


“Biles isn’t the only high achiever with the condition; a host of other highly decorated Olympians, including swimmer Michael Phelps, hockey player Cammi Granato and Michelle Carter, an American who won gold in the women’s shot put in Rio, also have ADHD.

The leaked medical records revealed that Biles takes Ritalin, a stimulant commonly used to treat ADHD. The hackers accused her of using an “illicit psycho-stimulant” while competing, but USA Gymnastics confirmed that Biles had been approved for a therapeutic-use exemption.”

The incentive for athletes to be diagnosed with ADHD (then being able legally to take banned stimulants) is enormous.

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