Why The Jews? The Reasons For Anti-Semitism

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Postville. Sholom Rubashkin.

You have a functioning high trust community of generally solid citizens and decent people. Some Jew comes in and turns it into a globo pigsty full of Mexicans and Somalis precisely because he is not a member of the actual community, but only his own separate tribe, and hence feels absolutely zero loyalty to it, its people, its culture, its “communityness” and doesn’t care about trashing it for a buck.

Yes, you have crooked, screw-my-neighbors-for-a-buck gentile businessmen too. But you also have–the vast majority–those who are part of the community, feel loyalty to their fellow citizens and want their business endeavor to contribute and make their community–including the families their children will marry– more prosperous. Win-win. Not win-lose.

Forget the Jews, just do game theory. An endogamous middle man minority is not good for you. You–your own people–want to be your own middle men. You want those skills (and the genetic selection for those skills), that money, to circulate in your community–not owned by people who are outside it. You want your cute daughter to be able to marry the bankers son–and have banker baby grandkids. You want the people who are successful and running things to actually be your family, relatives, friends, neighbors–your people.

And most of all it’s just a f– of a lot more pleasant to live in a community where everyone is on the same page, plays for the same team, trusts each other …. is loyal.

Yes, if you’re say, oh … South Africa? and your population is so incompetent that it doesn’t have the IQ and skills to profitabally run it’s own affairs, then you may be better off if some middle man minority is there providing the skills you are just unable to figure out for yourselves.

Essentially “do you want a middle man minority” is the same issue is “were you better off under colonialism”. For white gentiles the answer to this is so obviously “no” it’s a joke.

And we have the history. England and France booted out their Jews. Poland took them in. Obviously Britain and France were then crippled right? No, they took over being their own middle men. Developed their own skills. Developed their own economies. Consolidated as coherent nations with strong national identities. And made a continuing world shattering series of discoveries in what we call “modern science”, technology, industry and became world bestriding collossuses. While the Poles got to enjoy being tax-farmed by a bunch of guys in funny hats. Oy vey! Whose history would you rather have?

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