Alt Right Torah – Parasha Vayigash (Genesis 44:18–47:27)

Watch. Wikipedia: “In the parashah, Judah pleads on behalf of his brother Benjamin, Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, Jacob comes down to Egypt, and Joseph’s administration of Egypt saves lives but transforms all the Egyptians into bondmen.”

* Wikipedia: “By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer [1] is a nonfiction book by a former katsa (case officer) in the Israeli Mossad, Victor Ostrovsky.”

* Link: “This week, Netflix released Wormwood, a four-hour mini-series that blends documentary filmmaking with dramatized sequences featuring Hollywood actors to tell the story of the CIA’s top secret MKUltra Program.”

Revelation 8:10: “Then the third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star burning like a torch fell from heaven and landed on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. 11. The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter like wormwood oil, and many people died from the bitter waters.”

* “This video is not intended to condone violence or hate.”

* Spencer J. Quinn: “On Misogyny in the Alt Right” Dennis Dale

* Dennis Dale: Careful What You Bitch For

* Salma Hayek: “Harvey Weinstein is my Monster Too.” Friend: “I like how she’s not aware that she actually does have nothing going for her but her sexuality.”

* New Yorker: Cat Person

* Variety: Inside Matt Lauer’s Secret Relationship With a ‘Today’ Production Assistant

We went to lunch. My intentions were purely professional…

He opens the door. There you go. It crossed the line. It was a consensual encounter. It happened in his dressing room above studio 1A, which was empty in the afternoons. He got in his car and I had to go back to work, and now my life had completely changed…

The last time I saw him that summer was at the 2000 Democratic National Convention in California. The “Today Show” was live from the Staples Center floor. He was looking at a script, and he leaned over and said to me, “Do you see that bathroom over there? Meet me there in five minutes.” I was leaving and I had no other chance to talk to him. So I went—and we had an encounter. He was like, “Alright. I’ll see you later.” He had no interest in making sure I was cool….

Even though my situation with Matt was consensual, I ultimately felt like a victim because of the power dynamic. He knew that I was leaving, and that there was no better prey than somebody who is going to be gone. He went after the most vulnerable and the least powerful — and those were the production assistants and the interns.

* Heartiste says Roy Moore did nothing wrong.

Friend: “In terms of biological realism, it’s more perverse to lust after a 40-year old than it is to lust after a 14-year old. That’s not to say the young ones should be legal, but our disapprobation shouldn’t involve terms like deviancy or depravity necessarily.”

Gen. 46: 3 “I am God, the God of your father,” he said. “Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will make you into a great nation there. 4 I will go down to Egypt with you, and I will surely bring you back again.”

How would the Egyptians feel that the Israelites are going to become a “great nation” within their midst, simply use their land for a pasture during a famine, and then return to their own land triumphant?

Gen. 46: 31: Then Joseph said to his brothers and to his father’s household, “I will go up and speak to Pharaoh and will say to him, ‘My brothers and my father’s household, who were living in the land of Canaan, have come to me. 32 The men are shepherds; they tend livestock, and they have brought along their flocks and herds and everything they own.’ 33 When Pharaoh calls you in and asks, ‘What is your occupation?’ 34 you should answer, ‘Your servants have tended livestock from our boyhood on, just as our fathers did.’ Then you will be allowed to settle in the region of Goshen, for all shepherds are detestable to the Egyptians.”

Is there any down side to a group developing a tricky and dishonest reputation? Will becoming known for dishonesty and running scams and manipulation serve a group well in the long run? How do you think the Egyptians felt when they realized they had been manipulated or are the goyim too stupid to ever catch on? Might there be a backlash for this trickery? How would Jews feel if an alien group came to live among them and use manipulation and deceit to get what they wanted to keep the majority off balance?

How should Egyptians feel about a new group entering their land who made their living as shepherds when apparently the shepherd is detestable to Egyptians and the sheep is worshiped as divine? How would Jews do in the beef industry in India where the cow is sacred?

Gen. 47: 5 Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Your father and your brothers have come to you, 6 and the land of Egypt is before you; settle your father and your brothers in the best part of the land. Let them live in Goshen. And if you know of any among them with special ability, put them in charge of my own livestock.”

So how might Egyptians react to their Pharoah giving the best parts of their land to foreigners? Might there be a backlash? How would they feel about these foreigners getting to run the Pharoah’s livestock? How do they feel about a foreigner (Joseph) being second in power in the land next to the Pharoah? Might they resent this foreign power and intrusion?

Gen. 47: 20 So Joseph bought all the land in Egypt for Pharaoh. The Egyptians, one and all, sold their fields, because the famine was too severe for them.

Might the Egyptians come to resent Joseph and his people for turning them into slaves?

From the Youtube live chat:

Western Man​Moldbug is a Jewish bugman who’s ideas are philosophically correct but inept in the current year. Stay away from neo reaction from now, it’s stale

James Edward​Pill is right

Pilleater​moldbug is bad

Rafael​@gjjd 4chan and 8chan but mostly 4chan’s /pol/ board

Pilleater​give the kalergi planners california

Pilleater​(sorry cali nationalist)

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​guys, there is no longer any middle ground. These people want us dead.

James Edward​Luke want to do more in the movement you can tell 🙂

4trahasis​I run Ubuntu Linux

James Edward​Pepe is right again

eladsinned​Luke is a fighter

Aeschylus Jones​Im not exactly sure if Im alt right or not…I definitely believe that the white race needs to bring their numbers up…but I don’t believe the country needs to be 100 percent white

Daniel Sturridge​Yeah nigga we’re fucked big time. I’m in a multiculti highschool and almost all the white guys are either gay or walking soy boy memes

Pilleater​give whites whitetopia, like in south africa… let them larp… and if your bicultrual, find your niche.

James Edward​Aeschylus come to your family the Alt-Right. We need eachother

Pilleater​im a Eurasian Futurist

gjjd​@Daniel Sturridge where do you live?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Jones percentage of foreigners can never be in the double-digits, it’s that simple

4trahasis​I did not know this about ‘Ubuntu’

Pilleater​i want anime to be real

Daniel Sturridge​@gjjd Pretty big Canadian city.. this ain’t my real name btw 😂

mummylambs​@Pilleater you mean a supreme gentlemen futurist

James Edward​What state do everyone live in? I am in California

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​IL

4trahasis​speak for yourself Luke

Western Man​@Jones, if you think it’s solely a numbers question then you are not alt right darling. We have a deep societal rot that surpasses merely demographics. We have 2 centuries of cultural decline to fix

Aeschylus Jones​Northern Cali here

James Edward​(((Cut stream)))

4trahasis​I see Luke frozen and silent

Pilleater​@Daniel Sturridge the normal white guys date asian

Deplorable Man​I would love to throw people off of buildings

eladsinned​Luke is working to come back I’m sure

James Edward​No you guys are not cutout for what is needed in the Alt-Right. You guys are kind of cucks.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Deplorable I prefer helicopters

Daniel Sturridge​anybody else here fairly young? who are the young white women dating where you live?

Deplorable Man​Out of helicopters

Pilleater​I believe whites are in a sad agreement where they want the white working class dead and want whites to be rich liberals in a leisure economy

James Edward​I am 35 white straight male

Western Man​Where I am Daniel, Irish date Irish. Simple as that for the most part

Luke Ford​i’m back

mummylambs​Luke, you need to start lifting ASAP

Daniel Sturridge​Rafael are the white women you know dating other whites?

4trahasis​88 is bad optics. but so is 14.

James Edward​Our boy Luke is back.

Pilleater​where i am, white guys date asian girls and white girls are with asian guys. philadelphia.

James Edward​14 words is good

mummylambs​Anything WN1.0 is bad optics

4trahasis​agreed 14 words is good. but anybody pro 14, is, by normies, seen essentially as an 88’er

James Edward​Daniel hahah

Western Man​Nothing wrong with the 14 words. Faith goldy just mainstreamed it on Friday night. Historic stuff

Daniel Sturridge​Pilleater WTF that’s weird af

Pilleater​i know

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​was watching Nordic Resistance videos, I want to march like they do. Love that shit

Pilleater​its philly, the most pozed place next to new york

Aeschylus Jones​I know that….nice t o see

4trahasis​’twas a great Milleniyule @Western Man

Daniel Sturridge​American Vanguard has the best optics now

James Edward​We have to normalize the 14 words

Pilleater​penn is nothing but jews and asians and hip whites

gjjd​Dating Asians is attractive because Asians have positive attitudes and because it is easy to escape white people’s cultural issues by being around Asians

Deplorable Man​@ pilleater – I think that making hapas is a good idea to improve the high IQ fraction of society

Daniel Sturridge​they swapped the white shirts for black shirts and are using american flags

mummylambs​Students for Western Civilization currently has the best aesthetic

Pilleater​@gjjd thats right!

Western Man​@4trahasis twas indeed

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Dennis great point about the traditional ways

James Edward​The Alt-Right are warriors. That why only Luke on this stream is Alt-Right.

Deplorable Man​If you breed the hapas back with whites after a generation you’ve basically made the white fertility rate go up by 25%

Pilleater​making hapas would be its own “escape plan” until ehtnostates are form.

Daniel Sturridge​No Hapas are fucked

Pilleater​hapas are not fucked, they are anime people.


Western Man​@james you realise he is Jewish

James Edward​Hapas what is that?

Pilleater​they need to be in their own place. not that or this side.

Daniel Sturridge​Hapas are half asian half white

4trahasis​do a gay scene or go the way of August Ames

gjjd​Hapas all seem to be liberals to me. I see them dating other mixed race people, black, Hispanic, Indian, whatever. Probably not a good plan for whites.

Pilleater​ehtnostates for the most smallest factions. give them deleware, like an amish community

Deplorable Man​I don’t like Asian chicks personally, but I have no problem with Asians. America does not need a Hitler or a Trump – it needs a Lee Kuan Yew.

James Edward​Western just religious not DNA

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Goebbels raised the German birth rate through propaganda, we can do it again

Rafael​@Daniel Sturridge Mostly yes but a lot don’t. Berlin has a huge amount of young mulattos from white single mothers. Every single mulatto I know had an absent father. Literally 100% of ones I know

Pilleater​blacks should get philadelphia.

Daniel Sturridge​Just check out the subreddit Hapas for how mentally unstable they are…

James Edward​Blacks should get New Mexico

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​WTF is a Hapa?

Pilleater​@gjjd The new star wars says finn and rose should have afro asian babies. as long as whites are out of it!

Daniel Sturridge​A hapa is half asian half white

Deplorable Man​Hapa = half white half asian

Western Man​@james I know that of course, so you now accept Jewish converts in the altright? Interesting

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​thanks

mummylambs​Roaming Millenial is a Hapa

Daniel Sturridge​I have no idea why they’re called that lol

Aeschylus Jones​Horrible movie

James Edward​Luke take some questions from the chat??

Pilleater​@Daniel Sturridge the hapa reddit is actully jewish controlled, and yeah, they are kooky.

Luke Ford​I’m reading it all

Aeschylus Jones​Roaming Millenial is hot

Deplorable Man​There are basically an unlimited number of chinks in the world. We should honestly use them to dilute the number of niggers.

James Edward​Ok

Luke Ford​which Qs did I miss that were important?

Pilleater​@Aeschylus Jones I can subscribe to her videos, because i will touch myself to her if i do

Pilleater​i can

Pilleater​i cant

James Edward​Should the Alt-Right allow women to vote?

Daniel Sturridge​pilleater I doubt it lol other Asian identity subredits are the same as them… Asians are just messed up

Deplorable Man​@ JAMES Edwards – only if they are married or in the military

Western Man​Sal mahyack or however you spell it, sounds like a pen name for Sam Hyde 😂

Daniel Sturridge​James not in the ethnostate! lol

Aeschylus Jones​@Pilleater…I think you have a terminal case of yellow fever

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​keep your genes and stay away from Asians

Pilleater​@Aeschylus Jones …I was on lukes show before… do you know about my channel?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​They are not us, that’s it

Daniel Sturridge​I know blacks call us cave beasts but asians are on another level lol

4trahasis​the great economist actress Selma Hayek

Pilleater​Im the “Asian Aryan” guy.

Aeschylus Jones​I think I’m subscribed to it….

Western Man​Yes @pepe guard your precious Aryan blood with your life

gjjd​There is just no intentional movement to make the white/Asian mix thing happen. Mixed race people will continue to mix, with all kinds of races, becoming the cappuccino person of liberal’s wet dreams

James Edward​Casey is a (((professor))).


Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@4 lol

Pilleater​@gjjd I am the only guy and a few of my friends want it to happen. Also I love shock art and punk rock culture.

Daniel Sturridge​do the streamers have kids?

Luke Ford​everyone but me

Pilleater​I think there is a limit to kalergi planning.

Aeschylus Jones​I have 2 white kids

James Edward​Luke why not?

4trahasis​cuz he can’t date shiksas no more

Daniel Sturridge​Punk rock is a joke lol they’re all liberals and sjws repeating state talking points

Pilleater​at one limit, the mixed racer will say, “I want to be white (or) / asian.” Or they decide for the a third position.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Jones are your kids on board with us?

Pilleater​i would be that third position.


James Edward​Luke when was the last time you got laid?

gjjd​@pilleater Asian-Aryanism is an interesting idealism, and reflects the conceivable possibility of real interracial cooperation, but I think it is even more far-fetched than alt-right


Pilleater​thats why i call it an “avant-garde” art project.

Pilleater​and its my own project.

Daniel Sturridge​Speaking of music The Golden Ones metal playlist is great lol

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Daniel where is his playlist, on his channel?

Aeschylus Jones​No unfortunately…but the public school system has been working on them for awhile…but I have my alt right videos going thru the household…Im redpilling them slowly…lol

Pilleater​blank banshee is asian aryan music

Western Man​Well you don’t have much of an option @Pilleater considering that’s your identity and you seek to shape the world in your image

Daniel Sturridge​HAPAS ARE NOT WHITE. Literally none of them consider themselves to be white and act just like your typical emotionless weak China bug person

Pilleater​at least i would like to have a niche away from everything else.

Daniel Sturridge​Nah his playlist is on Spotify but if you look up ‘the golden one pwo’ you’ll see that someone created it on youtube

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​thanks, always looking for new metal

gjjd​I met a Jewish guy at my gym who uses a Sugar Daddy dating site. He tries to get girls to do stuff for him without paying them

Pilleater​asian girls are cute, best sex in my life ever.

James Edward​Why are they all Jewish

gjjd​He uses fake facebook accounts to mess with the girls he is into if they block him. He has gotten a few restraining orders

gjjd​@James they are Jewish because of chutzpah, or pushiness, of Jews

Aeschylus Jones​Jews have the morals of a dindu but with 30 more IQ points

gjjd​The sex scandals are just liberal women’s attempt to desexualize our culture. They carry puritan genes, and those genes demand that they create a cultural of chivalry, deference to women, etc.

Aeschylus Jones​Thats why they are better at eluding the police better than a random dindu

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I received the Eucharist this morning. You non-believers need to look into it. That’s my proselytizing for today. You’re welcome.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​of the non-cucked kind, Latin Mass, etc.

mummylambs​@Luke Ford – Should the Alt-right take on a more occult aesthetic in order to capitalize on the current spiritual void that exists in the western man?

J. Smith​Pepe “orthodox” roman catholic? how’s the real, holo-denying one called?

Daniel Sturridge​They wuz chankz

Aeschylus Jones​I think the AR movement would be stronger if there was a return to Christianity

mummylambs​I say occult because most mainstream religions are tainted for us

Pilleater​blacks and asians, if they mixed, have to do there own thing. no white or jewish control. good luck billy blanks.

gjjd​Remember that guy who claimed that we need to breed humanity to be Asian women and Black men and then claimed he wasn’t trolling?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I think you mean SSPX

Pilleater​that sounds like a kalergi planner

Pilleater​fuck them

Daniel Sturridge​As a Christian I struggle so much to claim a denomination..

Aeschylus Jones​Kalergi was eurasian…wasn’t he?

Pilleater​he was just controlled by jew elites

Aeschylus Jones​you don’t need a denomination…just faith

Daniel Sturridge​I really like Steven Anderson but I have to countersignal the fact that he has a strip mall church 🙁

4trahasis​Esoteric Spencerism

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​No occultism, I can’t get on board with that shit

eladsinned​This is why the alt right needs to take over a church that already exists

eladsinned​Occultism is a dead end

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Dennis gets it

J. Smith​Pepe, yeah SSPX, do they only accept whites?

Aeschylus Jones​True eladsinned….people can’t be serious about Odin or Wotan

mummylambs​Taking over a church would be a good strategy for a local group.

Pilleater​women fall down to power and like it… and then lie.

James Edward​Good point Luke.

gjjd​Alt-right should take over a liberal denomination, no joke. They have the best church buildings, are dying anyways, well-located, etc.

James Edward​Luke were you a sex addict?

Aeschylus Jones​I read the Urantia book…if you read the chapter on race you would think Madison Grant wrote it…haha

J. Smith​Pepe: whites need to pick one religion and make it white-only. Churches are already naturally segregated.

Aeschylus Jones​Liberals in church is an oxymoron anyways…They only go to church to excuse their degenerate behaviour

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​as far as I know, they aren’t exclusively white, but they are def based. I’m sure it varies by parish and priest

J. Smith​Jones: the problem is brownies in church – we need a white religion that only whites can join, like judaism practically only jews can join.

gjjd​Women are twice as neurotic as men. They often just can’t handle things emotionally

J. Smith​That way we’ll have a place for white men to talk

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​IMHO the Latin Mass attracts whites because it echoes throughout the past 2000 years in a way the new Mass doesn’t. Just my observation

Maximilian​Since Islam fulfills the requirements of Noahide laws and Christianity doesn’t, would it from a Jewish religious perspective not bee seen positive if Islam would become dominant in the west?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Islam is an external heresy of Christianity. It’s literally a joke.

Aeschylus Jones​I listen to Jesse Lee Petersons podcast and relate to much of what he says…I don’t see why a church has to be white only…now I know that races self segregate anyways

4trahasis​Max, I’ve heard multiple rabbis state that Christianity fulfills the 7 Noahide laws – depending on its denominational take on Jesus.

J. Smith​Hey Luke, you could bring on Tommy Sotomayor and have a discussion about taking rights away from women to save society. vids: v=99h_oD8D54s , v=5F1wckoM5n8

4trahasis​And Islam also teaches against Jerusalem and that Torah was abrogated, so how good does it follow the Noahide laws if it says the rocks and trees will call out the Jews on the last day?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Women and children can be careless, but not men – Vito Corleone

4trahasis​Tommy Sotomayor would be great.

gjjd​@Maximilian Jews honestly don’t care about the west, and don’t care about goys. They just want to be able to make money, have power, and be safe.

4trahasis​it was watching a video with Sotomayor interviewing David Duke, that got me more down this path.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@4 saw that one, good call

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Women apparently have no agency, yet they want control. Reeeeee

4trahasis​”well yeah I consented to his words and went to meet him, but that’s assault.”

J. Smith​Pepe, check out the videos v= (youtube links) I posted above - this is an excellent topic, we need to take women’s rights away, across political spectrum

gjjd​Do you see JLaw and Brad Pitt? 27 and 54 year old

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Dude, agree completely, no need to convince

Daniel Sturridge​will it be beneficial or detrimental for the Alt-Right when Asia replaces the West as the clear cut economic and technological superpower? Asia basically already owns Canada, Europe, Australia and NZ

Maximilian​Jews are supposed to be a light to the nations and since Jesus is the false messiah and considered idolatrous to worship him Islam would be the ‘better’ alternative from their opinion.

J. Smith​Pepe, well to me the new idea here is taking this idea of taking women’s rights, and convincing the LEft, etc, of that, and then later having the left/right discussion, or there’ll be no time

mummylambs​I like the idea of Evola’s Pagan Catholicism. Though I haven’t read too much into it, I get the sense that it brings a much needed occult/magical aspect to Christianity.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Smith we should not try to convince the Left of anything. They want us dead. All we need to do is build our communities and reach out to normies

J. Smith​Pepe, agreed, so would you say the same of normies? Do we need to convince normies on the right? soft-hearted idiots etc

gjjd​With normies, you must stay away from talking about Jews and disenfranchising women. Start with Demographic data, using facts that most strongly support us

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@gjjd agree

mummylambs​also, don’t use any racial epithets

mummylambs​prob goes without saying

gjjd​After demographic data, move into sociological data about community breakdown, increase in neurosis in society, etc. We need to convince them first that something is terribly wrong

Maximilian​@pepe Politically it would be a horrible strategy considering the hostility of Muslim towards them however from a religious POV Islam is at least considered monotheistic.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​yeah, just stick with data and observable reality

gjjd​Jews are not going to be pro-Islam, despite all their kvetching about us Christians, they genuinely don’t want to live in an Islamic society.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​this is why you don’t date outside your race

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Egypt did nothing wrong

gjjd​Joseph was just an ambitious, smart kid who was too good for his hometown and wanted to move to a richer area and become rich and famous.

eladsinned​I’m an Exodus Denier

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​^ he started “white flight” LOL

gjjd​eladsinned I tend to think that the Jewish people was created by the slaves who left Egypt, kinda like the powerful identity among African Americans forged by their time in slavery

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Dennis true, but it’s simply in their nature to hate non-Jews, especially Christians. It just is.

gjjd​I can’t believe how much we talk about Jews here, when there are so many more important issues out there

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​^ Take it up with the moderator 😉

mummylambs​^^ found the jew

gjjd​I really meant that Luke et al talk about Jews too much, our comment section is of course perfect

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Luke That is what any healthy society does

mummylambs​also non-whites

mummylambs​I should say NAMs

mummylambs​Honestly, it’s just blacks and mestizos. I would ascribe agency to every other group

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​the nuns played a large role thought history but on a low-level, nowhere near the top

gjjd​white liberals are a bigger issue. If we get rid of Jews, we would still have them

mummylambs​I like the Ben Franklin quote on democracy: “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner”

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Dennis made a great point. The German attempt to integrate Jews turned out to be a disaster. This is why people should live separately by religion.

4trahasis​the Russian attempt to integrate Jews in the second half of the 1800’s, also turned out poorly.

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