Alt Right Torah – Parasha Vayeshev (Genesis 37:1–40:23)

Watch. I’m joined by blogger Dennis Dale. Wikipedia: “The parashah tells the stories of how Jacob’s other sons sold Joseph into captivity in Egypt, of how Judah wronged his daughter-in-law Tamar and discovered his transgression, and how Joseph served Potiphar and was imprisoned when falsely accused of assaulting Potiphar’s wife.”

* New Yorker: The French Origins of “You Will Not Replace Us” – The European thinkers behind the white-nationalist rallying cry

The United States is not Western Europe. Not only is America full of immigrants; they are seen as part of what makes America American. Unlike France, the United States has only ever been a nation in the legal sense, even if immigration was long restricted to Europeans, and even if the Founding Fathers organized their country along the bloody basis of what we now tend to understand as white supremacy. The fact remains that, unless you are Native American, it is ludicrous for a resident of the United States to talk about “blood and soil.” And yet the country has nonetheless arrived at a moment when once unmentionable ideas have gone mainstream, and the most important political division is no longer between left and right but between globalist and nationalist.

* Steve Sailer writes: “There’s a saying in Brazil, “White women for marriage, black women for work, and mulata women for [fornication].”

I’m guessing that as a collateral royal, Prince Harry is prioritizing getting royally served. I wish the royal couple all happiness in their coupling.”

* New York Times: “A Voice of Hate in America’s Heartland”

When the media profiles white nationalists and other crime thinkers, their main focus tends to be — how did they get this way? But they won’t trace the person’s intellectual journey with care. No, they want to find discrediting personal details. The MSM can’t match up against the Alt Right in the world of ideas so they have to descend to personal attacks. (Steve Sailer More More)

* New Yorker profile of Mike Enoch: “But Mike E.’s conversion was more quotidian than that, and therefore more unsettling; somehow, over time, he had fallen into a particularly dark rabbit hole, where some of the most disturbing and discredited ideas in modern history were repackaged as the solution to twenty-first-century malaise.”

“Then, in January, 2015, Enoch read “The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements,” by Kevin MacDonald, a former psychology professor at California State University, Long Beach. The book—published in 1998, heavily footnoted, and roundly debunked by mainstream social scientists—is a touchstone of contemporary intellectualized anti-Semitism.”

* The Atlantic: The Making of an American Nazi: How did Andrew Anglin go from being an antiracist vegan to the alt-right’s most vicious troll and propagandist—and how might he be stopped?

The Atlantic podcast:

Andrew Anglin spent his formative years flirting with hippie progressivism, then tried his hand at becoming a tribal hunter-gatherer. But he only achieved notoriety after he founded the Daily Stormer, the world’s biggest website for neo-Nazis. Anglin and his mob of followers have terrorized people around the world, and their influence has been cited by the perpetrators of fatal violence.

What lessons should be learned from Anglin’s radicalization? And what is society’s best response to his ideas? Luke O’Brien and Rosie Gray join Jeff and Matt to discuss these questions, and how far-right extremism is evolving.

In the podcast, Luke says that rejection is what made Anglin a Nazi. Luke says Anglin lacked critical thinking skills.

The podcast says that people who join the Alt Right are looking for a tribe.

What do you make of the MSM’s constant use of “extremist” for the Alt Right?

* Joseph would bring evil reports about the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah to his father Jacob. I’ve always hated tattletales.

* “3 Now Israel loved Joseph more than any of his other sons, because he had been born to him in his old age; and he made an ornate[a] robe for him. 4 When his brothers saw that their father loved him more than any of them, they hated him and could not speak a kind word to him.” It’s natural that you might love one child more than another, but you don’t want to show it by displaying your loved child with special gifts.

* Jacob had a dream that his brothers bowed down to him and so they hated him even more.

A key teaching of 12-Step work is that nobody is above you or below you. You’re never better than or worse than others.

* If you are a slave, you have to go along with your master’s wishes, or the consequences can be dire. By allowing himself to be alone with Potiphar’s wife, Joseph put himself in harm’s way. Also, the story teaches us that women have been known to make false allegations of rape.

* Gen. 40:8: Joseph said to them, “Do not interpretations belong to God? Tell me your dreams.”

That’s a great line.

From a youtube chat:

orlared​Is there a day of judgement when all souls rise up are judged together in Judaism?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​The point is that if the number doesn’t matter, why was it inflated in the first place?

Droctulft Lawrence​Good point

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​The answer is that it has been used to guilt us into submission, as Luke said. Those days are coming to an end.

Rafael​I just wanted to say something on the topic but then I realized I could go to prison for it. That’s the power behind it.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​^ Exactly

gjjd​I feel like slavery and the civil war are just as important as the Holocaust in shooting whites down, but I can see how an Australian and Portland resident don’t see that

Rafael​Wasn’t the number used many times before?

Droctulft Lawrence​Actually they were apparently crowing about this six million figure much before the end of WW II

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Yes, in Russia

orlared​Never really thought about the 6 million figure until I watched the youtube vid ‘SIX MILLION JEWS 1915-1938 HD ‘ documenting all the times that figure was used pre WW2 in relation to Jews.

orlared​And the vid is banned in Germany.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​exactly

gjjd​@Droctulft there are news stories going back to before WWI claiming that siz million Jews died or were in danger of dying from any given world catastrophe or war

gjjd​^the theory is that there was a prophecy that 6 million Jews had to die before Zion could be reestablished

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Dennis I said this to Luke months ago, our neocons are fueling the anti-Russian narrative

orlared​I’ve heard about that prophecy but is it true?

Maximilian​In Двести лет вместе Solzhenitsyn talks exactly about that topic

Rafael​The name (((Genrikh Yagoda))) is unheard of even though he was one of the greatest mass murderers in the 20th century

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​because they are the descendants of Pale of Settlement Jews

Rafael​They do seem to love to open the borders to western Europe though

gjjd​We have tons of Western European Jews. All those Germanic names, those burg and berg names

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Luke get Gilad Atzmon on the show, or Miko Peled, would be epic

gjjd​Didn’t the Jews in Germany constantly ridicule the German goyim in their theatres?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@gjjd yes

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Dennis Germany and Russia were on the cusp of rising, and Anglos got them to fight each other, twice

Rafael​They definitely helped the US get into the war because of the balfour declaration

Western Man​I presumed the 6 million prophecy was in the Talmud literature. Perhaps it was oral?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Yup

Droctulft Lawrence​You say the German Jews loved being Germans and yet look at the complaints of the real Germans about them ever since the 19th century not to mention during the Weimar Republic. If German Jews were

gjjd​Greg Johnson has a piece on why irony (and eclecticism) destroy identity. I think it is the best philosophical work of the alt-right. It also is a crushing rebuttal of the Jewish ethos, tbh

Droctulft Lawrence​so cool explain Hitler.

gjjd​@Droctulft You are right, to an extent, I think Luke is missing part of the picture

Rafael​I also don’t buy that German jews loved being Germany. Albert Einstein hated German Nationalism

Rafael​*love being German​Luke can you go one show without mentioning hitler?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Droc I think the money Jews fucked it up for the average Jews who were content in Germany

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Vivian LOL so true

gjjd​I wish Casey and Vivian could be here​My housekeeper is here and it’s their first day so I’m not doing the show lol​I don’t want to freak them oyr

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​^ good call

Droctulft Lawrence​German jews = cool. Eastern JEWS = not cool. Bullshit I say. Why did the Germans elect Hitler? What am I missing here?​Does the Jewish messiah have to be Jewish?

gjjd​I think the Eastern Jews hating the goyim, and nowadays Christians, could be true, based on my uncle’s wife, who absolutely hates Christians, and hates my mom because of it. Family problems.

gjjd​I’ve only seen my cousins three times in my life because of that…

Western Man​Lol​My aunt at thanksgiving: I’m thankful for Israel

Western Man​Poor Denis​She’s the quintessential Jewish neocon

Rafael​I’m in Germany.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Vivian and it’s statements like that that give credence to what we say regarding Jewish duplicity​She’s so oblivious

Bernard Brightson​@Rafael you would be fine in Norway

john stanton​shalom

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Vivian Do you think there’s a left vs right civil war going on between Jews, as of lately?​She’s not as bad as the Jews advocating for mass immigration. She doesn’t like that. But she totally puts Israel above America and thinks nothing of it

Rafael​@Bernard Brightson I think England doesn’t send you to prison either.​I’m not really around that many Jews tbh

Untethered Tube​Does Vivian have a goy housekeeper?​The only Jews I talk to are luke and my family and luckily none of them are really libs​My mom gifted me this housekeeper service and she made sure they were white​Lol


Rafael​I think it depends most on whether the elite jews were hostile

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Vivian aren’t there plenty of Somalis to hire in Minny? Shame on your mom 😉

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​^ This​Have you heard of that new movie about pederasty?​No somalians in this house​British gentiles have better manners than American gentiles too

Untethered Tube​You mean you don’t want to trust your baby to a 220-lb. Ghanian woman?

Casey R. Pratt​Be there in 10 min

Untethered Tube​”An Open Secret”? Vivian​That’s like my sister in law who lives in San Fran and pays $4600 in rent per month to go work 40 hours a week and pay a Latino to watch her daughter

gjjd​British Jews have got to be happy as clams since the British people are totally cucked and hate Christians at least as much as them​Okay or you could just live here and pay a quarter of that and have your relatives watch your baby and work part time?

gjjd​I mean, Harry is marrying a half-black woman

Western Man​I can attest to the manners of English Jews. They have mostly British mannerisms and support the local yid football club Tottenham. Still are militant about their religion. However orthodox can b rude​Some people think the Prince Harry thing is a globalist ploy

Rafael​No kidding, theres a documentaries on WWI and II every day on ZDFinfo, German state TV. Theres even memes of the TV guide​I think it’s just sad​It’s like the 25th dynasty in Egypt all over again​But on a global scale

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Rafael this only feeds the myth, especially because so many lies about Hitler have been told

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Vivian your in-law is a great example of dumb white people who don’t get identity

Deplorable Man​A Messiah could be from a ‘lost tribe’

Deplorable Man​Not hard to imagine that opening up the job to lots of people

Western Man​@deplorable are there any ‘lost tribes’ among western/Northern European nations​Did someone just message me? It disappeared

Deplorable Man​I’m a secular Jew who does not care much

Bernard Brightson​how black is Meghan Markle anyway, 25%?

Deplorable Man​I think the devout times would say sure

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Bernard one drop is too many

Deplorable Man​Err devout types​Richard was basically saying the ethnistate is too small of a hoal​*goal​He wants worldwide white domination

Bernard Brightson​@Pepe lol

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​He’s a bit of a leftist

Deplorable Man​I’m a fan of Singapore style civic nationalism. I think the ethnostate crap is counterproductive in america.

Western Man​Casey has lost his marbles

Western Man​The Jews got to him

Droctulft Lawrence​If our goal is not to have white ethnostates than what we’re doing here I is just larping and we could be as well drinking in a bar.

Western Man​He lobotomised now

Deplorable Man​🤓

gjjd​Don’t forget that Singapore always rated really low in positive experience. It also majorly cut immigration, and it dominantly East Asian by race​You can’t Foods ethnonationalism on people who don’t get it​*force​It has to be a choice like zionism

Rafael​@Western Man He doesn’t seem to know much about our 7000 year Indo-European history.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Vivian great point, most whites would stay out by default

gjjd​”You fear people who you hate or hurt” is a good takeaway lesson from this, Luke. That is why blacks are the most paranoid about whites!

gjjd​^Also why liberals have such difficulty with Conservatives

Western Man​@Rafael we have a fascinating history. I’ll take the great Iliad, Tain bo cuilaigne, and Icelandic sagas any day over Old Testament stories. The archetypal Aryan hero has morals we need now

Rafael​@Western Man I’m fascinated about how the Indo-Europeans went as far as Persia, India, and China

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​We need a Field of Dreams to promote the ethno-state. If you build it, they will come. LOL

Rafael​White Man’s burden isn’t a meme

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Agree with Dennis. I’ve come to despise non-whites in general but cuck whites maybe even more so.

gjjd​Indians get tons of social cred in their university years because Hinduism is so focused on non-violence, and because India is ostensibly multicultural (at least multilingual)​Omg Dennis me too​I’ve noticed them foo​They’re really overconfident

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I go to grad school with Indians and Chinese. They’re all scrambling to try and overstay their visas.

gjjd​It’s just that many white libs are so much more neurotic and obnoxious. They go nuts about the morality of what foods they eat. I live near a vegan cafe, and it is the whitest place I have seen in Chi

gjjd​@Pepe do you know about Chicago Diner?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​no, where’s it at, Hyde Park?

gjjd​Lakeview East

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I’ll look it up. That’s Boystown, no?

gjjd​Yeah, it is in boystown. It’s a vegan cafe. Only whites go there, because only whites go vegan, because we are so facking neurotic, especially the SJW’s

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Agree, I think these fads are taking the place of ethnic and religious identity.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​that Hitler question to Richard was too broad, needed to narrow it down

Grunteater​I want to have a life like Dennis Dale​Netanyahu would become a kahanist

Western Man​Yes Pepe. If it was narrowed to specific policies we may have pinned him down on it

Grunteater​Hee just looks comfy

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Western too much time was wasted asking Richard generic questions he’d answered a million times before

Grunteater​Hey did you guys know that the iphone has a filter built into it? My mom has my PW and its impossible to accessporn sites now

Untethered Tube​Yes, my q’s were awful

Untethered Tube​We let him talk too long.

Untethered Tube​Hi Grunteater


Grunteater​whats up

Untethered Tube​who are you/

Western Man​They wernt so bad Denis. A few questions on philosophy would have been interesting. His opinion on Heidegger and dasein would have been fascinating

Grunteater​im an old friend of Luke

Grunteater​I was watching Luke back in the summer of 2012 when he was doing a show called Torah Talks with Rabbi Rabbs



Grunteater​check it out, classic Luke, back when he had a ZZ top beard

Untethered Tube​Don’t remind me Western Man. I’ve never interviewed anyone

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Casey Great point, guys like Spencer think we’re gonna create a new religious paradigm. It’s not gonna happen.

Grunteater​Hitler and the Nazis and the holocaust was a supernatural phenomeon

Grunteater​The holocaust was a punishment for the creation of the reformed movement

Grunteater​As testified by our Torah Sages

Droctulft Lawrence​But what could possibly happen to the Jews if the Alt right views went mainstream and alt right leaders were to take power one day with strong white support behind them?

Western Man​Hitler didnt realise just how much international Jewry could pull strings abroad. I don’t think he fully believed the yanks would be brought in so quick once American Jews done away with isolationsim

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Western Have you read his declaration of war on the U.S.? Blew me away with truth bombs.

Untethered Tube​Where can i find that, Pepe?

Grunteater​Read A Divine Maddness by Rabbi Avigdor Miller

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Dennis, I found it as a free PDF download, but that was like ten years ago. I don’t have a link off-hand.

Western Man​Germans have never gotten recompense for them holding back the Bolshevik beast in the east. They took the wind out of the soviet advance westward

Grunteater​Explains why the Holocaust happened according to the Torah

Untethered Tube​thanks

Grunteater​The Creation of the state of “Israel” was a violation of the Torah

Untethered Tube​What’s that, Grunteater?

Untethered Tube​thanks

Grunteater​what? the book? A Divine Maddness, check out, written by one of the the most brilliant Torah Sages of the modern era, he was in Lithuiania right before the Holocaust, in fact his wife’s mom and sister

Grunteater​wee murdered in th holocaust :^)

Western Man​Havnt read that Pepe but there’s a large segment in COC dedicated to showing how instrumental Jews were in US entrance into WWII. Completely character assassinated Lindbergh and Joseph Kennedy

gjjd​@Grunteater The interesting thing about the ultra-orthodox perspective is that it works: if Jews all behaved as ultra-orthodox, they would have far less trouble unless their numbers got very large

Grunteater​Hashem wants us to be loyaly to His Torah and so really His Sages

Grunteater​It is Hashem who protects us, no other power, everything else is an illusion

Bernard Brightson​what do you call a person from Brussels, a Eurocrat!

Grunteater​conveying His Will

Western Man​Andrew Joyce did a Brilliant piece on it also. Jews were responsible for bringing in income tax to fund it also.

Grunteater​check out truetorahjews (dot)


Grunteater​Exposing the falsehoods of the holocaust and also nazi war crimes of the Zionists

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Western no doubt, America First was assassinated

Grunteater​Also, read Perfidy, by Ben Hecht. Exposes nazi war collarbation of the zionist, even Goerge Soros’ father is outted in it, this book has the backing of leading Torah Sages, including Rabbi Miller

Grunteater​it used to be on truetorahjews for free but was taken down because copyright

Western Man​JFK got in promising isolationism. Son of a bitch was a shabbos goy all the way. Joseph Kennedy was the only one who remained constantly skeptical of warring with the Germans

gjjd​@Grunteater that is believable, as the original position of Nazis was to somehow move Jews out

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I agree with Casey that we should blame ourselves first and foremost, then the rest.

Grunteater​oh dude look what i found on truetorahjews

Grunteater​hold on

Western Man​Not JFK. Roosevelt oops

Grunteater​google nazi zionist medal, it will be the 2nd image posted

Grunteater​that image was on truetorahjews, email them to learn more about its authenticity

Grunteater​you guys will love this (Luke included) /watch?v=lmGqG3grTrg

Grunteater​youtube video called you called me a dreamer

Grunteater​There was a time I would watch this video multiple times a day

orlared​There was the Battle of Khaybar in 628AD when Muslims killed a ton of Jews in Arabia

Grunteater​(Hitler-related) Normies just dont undestand

Western Man​I’m not revolted Luke. Most of that footage was of a typhoid epidemic, though there was undoubtedly executions at the camps. Unfortunate but not the egregious genocide of 6 million we are told

Western Man​Sorry to be blunt

Maximilian​The league of the South is kind of an organization that Casey is describing/advocating for.Besides their horrible optics their form of ‘Christianity’is essential to their ethnocultural identity


Grunteater​more inspirng hitler speeches

Grunteater​this video made me cry

Luke Ford​Why aren’t the early Saudi Kings who insisted “no Jews allowed” remembered as being as brutal as Hitler?

Grunteater​I showed it to my slighlty autistic orthodox jewish girlfriend, and she said it had a positive effect on her, she also felt deeply saddened by the edification

Grunteater​(And she is ashkenazi, and her father was an infant in poland during the holocaust and his father was murdered but she still into Hitler)

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Sikh cops in NYC wear turbans instead of a police hat

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Luke what about getting Miko Peled on the show, or Gilad Atzmon?

gjjd​Top universities are extremely sad places to walk through.

Grunteater​how come

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​because they’re filled with non-whites

Grunteater​why are women mean

gjjd​@Grunteater only 20-30% of students there are white goys. As you walk through, there is no blond or red-haired people. To me, these unis are great accomplishments of my people. To them, a career boost


Grunteater​Ive had difficult exp with orthodox jew, but its because I am slightly autistic and recovering, I also have a very unique family background (Iranian parents, father is a goy but mom is religous

Western Man​I don’t think being not hated as a group is an innate virtue. I don’t want whites to be seen as harmless or hated for their weakness. Better 2 b hated out of fear of ure strength & potential brutality

Grunteater​mom is religous but the community she lived i, in Iran, their religosity was uprotted by the Alliance schools, who were a reformed zionist movement from France

gjjd​combinations “work…” Define “combinations”

gjjd​sorry, define “work”

gjjd​not combinations

Grunteater​iranian jews have a unique culture, and I was severely penalized because of the “quirks”

Grunteater​its unfortune, and sadly I have a pull towards anti-semtism because I cant marry into them

Grunteater​thats why I watch Hitler speeches

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Western This

Grunteater​it gives me a sense of fufillment and signifgance, like Im not a loser

Grunteater​Dale is based as fuck

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Dennis, preach it, brah

Grunteater​I get a geshmak out of he stories of Hitler savinmg select Jews

Grunteater​I am the same way

Western Man​@pepe We can be admired for our finesse and high culture but we must equally be feared for the potential barbarity of our shadow self if provoked. An emerging Ethnostate must have this philosophy

Grunteater​Anti-semetic (Orthodox Jew) but there a select Jews I love

Deplorable Man​I’d feel different about ‘the blacks’ Blacks because even the ‘good ones’ - often individually good people – will cover for their civilization destroying coethnics

Deplorable Man​That came out garbled

Deplorable Man​You know what I mean

gjjd​I thought she is 38?

Deplorable Man​36?

4trahasis​I heard Prince Harry met this woman through a Jewish matchmaker

4trahasis​Shadilay alles

Rafael​He used to dress as a Nazi at parties

Grunteater​I wear nazi colors

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Western so true, fear creates order

Grunteater​red white and black, love it

Western Man​I get what you mean deplorable but at least they have their own backs. It would be worse from an identitarian standpoint is smart good blacks were quick to counter signal their own race

Deplorable Man​She could be a bisexual who helps him pick up other chicks

Deplorable Man​That happens sometimes. Helps those chicks punch above their weight.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I thought Harry was an alpha. He’s totally showing his beta self now.

gjjd​Patriotism is getting ramped up in Britain to get right-wingish people to stay happy while they are also getting flooded with Others

Deplorable Man​@Western Man – yeah, if the ‘good blacks’ helped bring the bad ones into line like Thomas Sowell, David Manning, etc. things could be different. But they are totally incapable of taking charge.

Deplorable Man​Fuck ‘em.

Western Man​Winsors out. Return of the Stuart’s now!

Deplorable Man​^

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Bring back Bloody Mary!!!

4trahasis​Mark Collett had a great video on the Multicultural advertising

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@4 you see the Christmas advertising? Puke

Western Man​Bloody Mary to bring rahowa ftw!!

Deplorable Man​I think this was a smart decision for the Royal Family (TM) to marry-into niggerdom.

Wictor Lunde​Why do black guys have so much bigger dicks than white guys?

4trahasis​yeah I did Pepe

Wictor Lunde​Is it just because of their big dicks that black men are rated most attractive by women? Or is it their superior muscles as well?

Deplorable Man​Depends on the ethnic group. Look at a map of global penis size. Largest dicks are in South America as well as Africa. I think it’s a testosterone thing.

Western Man​@wictor. So how many thousands of black cuck porn do you watch?

Rafael​@Wictor Lunde Natural selection. The longest dick impregnated the victim of tribal gangrape

Grunteater​I disagree, a man should never date a woman who challenges them

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Blacked ftw LOL

Wictor Lunde​Hey i’m just noticing trends here

Grunteater​if she does, get out of relationship

Grunteater​yes, it means going out with unnattractive women

Rafael​Blacked dot com is run by a jew

Wictor Lunde​You’re not offended by group statistics are you?

4trahasis​or the black dudes who love the obese white chicks

Grunteater​women only become humble when one of three things happens: when they become fat, old, or broke

gjjd​@Wictor is trying to troll, it is not really working

Western Man​White men can be well hung too. But blacks are bigger on average

Wictor Lunde​Sure i’m not denying there’s a small number of white guys with big dicks

Western Man​We are too autistic to be trolled here mate. You’ll have to try harder

Wictor Lunde​i’m just saying we can notice group differences

Wictor Lunde​I’m not trolling because i’m calmly discussing facts

gjjd​@Wictor, we understand it

4trahasis​Oh no some people have bigger dicks than me, call the medics — @Wictor

Wictor Lunde​Do you dispute black guys have bigger dicks than white on average?

gjjd​@Wictor no

4trahasis​we can also distinguish between muscle response times, incubation, brain size or IQ

Western Man​Ultimately whites are consistently polled as the most attractive by females of all sexes. The Aryan is objectively the most aesthetic race, with the second biggest dicks😉

Deplorable Man​No problem noticing the group differences. It’s honestly pretty pathetic how important dick size is to them, though. Like, sportsball and big cocks…that’s it. Never invented the wheel…

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Wictor I think the consensus is, yes, and who cares

Rafael​If you think women rate black men the highest you have no idea. simple dating apps show the opposite

Wictor Lunde​I think it’s interesting to note that black women are deemed the least attractive by all races and black men deemed the most attractive

4trahasis​People are happy about “black” people in the royalty, but they’ll be 1/4 black – the 1/2 black woman looks more latina to me than mulatto

4trahasis​(1/4 black children)

Western Man​Bigger dicks yes. More attractive absolutely not. No data shows that you silly monkey. Now go project your tiny penis problems elsewhere

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​No one advertises attractive white men, whereas all media openly push black men/white women narrative

Wictor Lunde​

Deplorable Man​I don’t think racemixing between Japanese or Chinese and Whites is degenerate.

gjjd​@Deplorable I have seen far too much white/asian couples to tolerate it any longer


Daniel in llinois​Luke is great

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Deplorable Japs and Chinese would prob disagree

Deplorable Man​I have seen that study Wictor, it’s one study. I’ve seen stuff that says that White guys are most attractive on balance.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@gjjd agree

Western Man​Overwhelmingly data and dating apps show white males as the most sought after. Blacks don’t do so well. Just some size queen thots.

Deplorable Man​Yeah, I am not attracted to slant-eyed Asians.

Grunteater​According to the Esoteric Tradition, inter-racial marriage is an expression of how the 70 different karmic pathways of serving Hashem (“Sefirot”) are merging into one

gjjd​blacks have narrower hips and far greater testosterone. So black men have bigger muscles, greater muscle definition, and more of a taper. They have an attractiveness boost there

Daniel in llinois​Luke you should’ve asked spencer if Phillip glass is european

Western Man​And race mixing should be avoided absolutely

Wictor Lunde​I might be willing to grand some social status might be in play to make white men more attractive, but purely physically i’d argue it’s black men who are found most attractive

Wictor Lunde​and there’s a lot of evidence for that

Deplorable Man​But, all I care about is preserving Western culture and institutions with a high IQ population.

Wictor Lunde​not just one study

Wictor Lunde​Women for example find deep voices more attractive and black men have deeper voices

Wictor Lunde​but as white men are prviileged in our society with unearned social status that might have an effect

Deplorable Man​If there’s a way to increase the number of people who are capable of increasing the number of high IQ people there is basically an infinite supply of Chinese

Deplorable Man​Blacks are too stupid to do anything but destroy, collect rents, and debase institutions.

Deplorable Man​Latinos can’t sustain institutions, and aren’t capable of working high IQ jobs, even if they had the interest.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Deplorable not just IQ but I’m interested in preserving US

gjjd​The thing is, we cannot join a tribe with tons of black and brown people, because at the end of the day we do not want our descendants to not look like us

Deplorable Man​If we can skim off a few, 30 million, of the best Chinese it would be good for us.

Deplorable Man​Keanu-reeves looking descendants are fine.

Wictor Lunde​Do people here argue that all racemixing is bad?

Wictor Lunde​Isn’t it a superior strategy to breed their women but have your own women remain faithful to the group?

Deplorable Man​I don’t think so. But blacks should be sterilized.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Deplorable a few percentage points, that’s it. We need to stay 90%

Grunteater​Because christianity is a crock of shit

Grunteater​a lie

Grunteater​Judaism is the Truth, thats why we have always existed, and why we will always exist, until the end of time

Western Man​Deplorable that’s just against my ethos. We are preserving whites. We can use eugenics to improve ourselves but I would never ‘capture’ another groups DNA. That’s a very Jewish attitude tbf

Deplorable Man​I agree that redpilled White people should infiltrate Judaism. I’m a Jew. It wouldn’t take more than a few million to break the grip Jews have on the left.

Wictor Lunde​We must engineer an Asian Female and Black Male future

Wictor Lunde​Asian woman = Perfect female

Wictor Lunde​Black Male = Perfect Male

gjjd​@Wictor before you accept racemixing, you have to answer whether it can be managed (without destroying your people) if it becomes a common trend, and if it can be “accepted” without it trending.

Deplorable Man​Blacks are savage and low IQ, but they are also ruthless and have no moral limitations on their behavior. They should practice relentless eugenics.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Western, preach it, brah

Wictor Lunde​@gjjd I’m just saying being either for or against “racemixing” as a whole is too low resolution

Deplorable Man​IQ is very easy to breed for. It could take, like, three generations of ruthless eugenics to transform their gene pool.

Wictor Lunde​The goal is to breed their women and not have your own women bred by men of other races

Grunteater​Dennis’ shortcomings was our Gift fom G-d

Grunteater​Now we have his wisdom

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Casey I think you’re thinking short-term because you won’t see the ethno-state in your lifetime. This project will take a few generations to establish. Teach your children.

Western Man​No IQ is not that easy to breed for. You have to have a genetic predilection towards it anyway before you can build on it. Not all IQ traits are inheritable anyway. You are trivialising evolution

gjjd​@Wictor as you troll, you have to understand that we’re not 100% about racial supremacy. We also care about our interests as whites. The whole idea that we are “supremacists” is silly

Deplorable Man​If the top .1% of black men impregnated the top 50% of black women and everyone else was sterilized they’d get at least 20 IQ points per generation.

gjjd​Western Man is a total autiste though

Wictor Lunde​@gjjd Where have I said anything about supremacy?

Wictor Lunde​@gjjd Why not argue my actual point? How is my strategy negative to white interests?

Western Man​@gjjd wew lad. Shots fired

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@gjjd c’mon dude, Western is on point

gjjd​@Wictor It can be inferred that you are trying to get us to take racial supremacy to the logical conclusion, assuming that we here are dedicated only to the evolution of the perfect man

Grunteater​I get it, Casey, I totatlly get it

gjjd​I am not, apparently Western and Deplorable have let themselves get too bound down by the whole race-IQ thing, to their detriment. That does expose them to your criticism, but not me

Wictor Lunde​@gjjd well i’m here to tell you that your assumptions are wrong. Please tell my how my strategy is negative to white interest

gjjd​@Wictor it is negative to white interests because obviously whites would NO LONGER EXIST. GTFO, dumbass

4trahasis​”corporate lesbian histrionics”

Deplorable Man​@Wictor Dmitry Belyayev – have your fellow half-men follow his example; he domesticated the arctic silver fox in 30 years. Breed for IQ like he did. You need the will. That’s it.

Wictor Lunde​@gjjd Whites would not exist if they don’t allow racemixing for their women but only for their men? WRONG.

4trahasis​In high school many students knew you had to write papers to certain teachers tailored to what that teacher wanted to hear. How much more does that hold for higher academia?

Deplorable Man​Right now you are making excuses and begging for scraps like an animal.

Wictor Lunde​@gjjd In fact it’s the superior strategy for reproduction and survival of white genes

gjjd​@Wictor you literally said we need to create a future of black men and Asian women

Wictor Lunde​@gjjd That’s a fucking joke retard, that wasn’t my argument. Jesus christ folks.

Deplorable Man​Black men need to stop having children. They don’t raise the kids they already father – and the black gene pool needs to become less black.

Western Man​Will someone just kick this lad and put him out of his misery already. He has no clue what we are about and thinks basic bitch Freudian tactics are getting us rustled. Taking away from good discussion

4trahasis​Don’t feed the trolls

4trahasis​Gamzu l’Tov

Wictor Lunde​@Deplorable Man you’re right, but they are pursuing a successfull reproduction strategy, they must be stopped because they’re not stopped naturally.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Dennis great point. The historical losers took over society and are now running it into the ground. Catholicism FTW

Deplorable Man​Men are supposed to amplify the effect of their genotypes in the next generation. Almost all black men have nothing to contribute constructively.

gjjd​@4trahasis You’re right, thanks for getting me back on track. Not feeding him anymore

Deplorable Man​Civilization literally collapsed when blacks get their way in every place they took over. Your people die like animals in a Malthusian trap.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Luke is a weed amongst plants. LOL

Wictor Lunde​@Deplorable Man Black men have a superior reproductive strategy in our current society to white men. That’s a fact.

4trahasis​is black culture inherently anti-civilizational?

4trahasis​is it a matter of IQ and genetics?

Deplorable Man​No, they are not. They will not last.

Wictor Lunde​@Deplorable Man “They will not last” Meanwhile they’re reproducing at way higher rates…

gjjd​@4trahasis I think black culture is greatly to blame. Many skills can be easily passed down from parent to child. Breakdown of family means breakdown of transmission of cultural wisdom

gjjd​Obviously, blacks don’t really do the family thing

gjjd​they do the promiscuity thing

Western Man​Nor had they much cultural wisdom to begin with

Wictor Lunde​@gjjd That’s because it’s a superior reproductive strategy

Deplorable Man​Their kids survive because white people pay for them, and their mothers can’t get shit together to use birth control or abortion. They’re on a knfe’s edge. Even then their fertility rate is not high.

4trahasis​good point @gjjd – I noted similar things in observing chickens: those hatched en masse were stupid as fuck, but those raised under a real mother hen were much bolder and outgoing, better learners.

Wictor Lunde​@Deplorable Man Citation needed

Untethered Tube​It

Western Man​Any that they had during their peak in the 50’s was forced on them by white society and Jim Crow

Untethered Tube​It’s a superior reproductive strategy in the current environment, Wictor

Wictor Lunde​@Untethered Tube I agree

Wictor Lunde​@Untethered Tube Let me know if the environment changes anytime soon and i’ll revise the statement

Deplorable Man​Black fertility rate in 2013 was 1.88 Wictor. That’s below replacement rate of 2.1

Wictor Lunde​@Deplorable Man In the US?

Untethered Tube​Not disagreeing, just noting

Deplorable Man​Yes. That is correct,

Deplorable Man​White fertility rate went above replacement rate after Trump was elected. A miracle.

Deplorable Man​We are taking America back.

Wictor Lunde​@Deplorable Man Ok but African men are still the most reproductively successfull worldwide

Deplorable Man​Look up Ethnic Bioweapon Wictor. Blacks will never make one. They can’t. And someday a white guy who has had enough of them will do what needs to be done.

Grunteater​im glad that Dennis has surviving seed

Wictor Lunde​@Deplorable Man I wish you were right, but pathelogical altruism makes me think it’s more likely for white people to hand over their power to blacks

Wictor Lunde​Black people have no guilt about winning

Deplorable Man​All it takes is one white genetic engineer with a background in infectious diseases. The it’s over. For all of them. Forever.

Wictor Lunde​Which is why game theoretically, they will do whatever it takes to win

Wictor Lunde​It’s more likely that this person will be a self hating white person

Western Man​A modern version of the French when they sailed up the Congo with a Gatling gun. Mowed downed thousands of spear chuckers with just 2 men 😐

Deplorable Man​No. Whites are simply polite. And white women have guilt. White men, at least in private, don’t. Not enough of us. It’ll be over. Fucking done.

Wictor Lunde​@white men are too castrated to ever lay a finger on black people

Wictor Lunde​@they’re more likely to adopt and take care of their children while giving them money to live on

Deplorable Man​🤣🐸

Deplorable Man​10% of America thinks Hitler did nothing wrong. That’s a lot of biochemists.

Deplorable Man​Shalom Luke!

Wictor Lunde​I think that’s two non overlapping groups tbh

Western Man​Lol. You clearly havnt been to Eastern Europe. They keeps their blacks in line through severe beatings when they get uppity

Wictor Lunde​also, citation?

Deplorable Man​More people hate blacks than Jews.

4trahasis​I’d like to hear this radical inclusion ties to racial separation

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