From the Jerusalem Post:

The Swedish daughter of a Holocaust survivor faces deportation from Israel next week, based on claims that she was baptized as a baby and has ties to a messianic organization.

Rebecca Floer, 64, has been living parttime in northern Israel on a renewed tourist visa for the past three years. But after she applied to immigrate to Israel, not only was her application denied, but her tourist visa was shortened and she received notice that she must leave the country by this coming Sunday.

Comments at the Jerusalem Post:

* She’s a missionary. She’s not wanted. And whats more she should be violently resisted.

* This woman is not Jewish. By Jewish law she is not Jewish , and she never lived Jewish life. What more, she is a missionary. That is a no no in Israel.

* If it’s true that she’s a Christian missionary hiding in “Jewish” clothes, she should be booted. But if she’s a Jew returning to her roots, she should stay. The facts should dictate this.

* What a distorted, lying article ! Not only that she is not jewish, she is a christian missionary, working hard to decimate the jewish people through conversions. She is an enemy.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* As the Israeli supreme court ruled in the Brother Daniel case (back in 1960 or so), Jewish converts to Christianity are an existential threat to the Jewish people and can be prevented from immigrating.

It is simple, common sense: the Nation — every nation — should determine which other religions, races, and ethnies are a threat, prevent them from immigrating, and expel them if there is any way possible.

* The comments in this newspaper article are so revealing. If one takes them them at face value there are plenty of (Israeli) Jews who hate gentiles and if it was the other way around have opinions which would be characterised as hate crime in Western countries.

* How do the open borders whack jobs in Congress square these two facts:

1. The United States cannot be allowed to adopt an Israeli-style immigration policy because that policy is racist.

2. The United States should continue to send Israel over $3 billion/year in foreign aid.

If I propose reducing legal immigration and enforcing laws against illegal immigration I am a racist. And if I propose eliminating US aid to Israel, even if it’s on the grounds of objecting to their immigration policy, I am also a racist.

I dare an American politician to use the term “illegal infiltrator.” Democrats, of course, love to pretend to be anti-Israel when it suits them, so that wouldn’t work. The proper place to use it would be in front of open borders Republican – perhaps Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham or Sheldon Adelson.

* Israel is the first First World nation north of eastern Africa on the land route.

* This brings back traumatic memories of the year I spent in East Orange, in the early middle 1970s, as the city began its decline from a pleasant White suburb to a mostly Negro hellhole. When I first got to East Orange there was a pleasant and well-stocked urban supermarket. Then, a few months after my arrival, I noticed the appearance of Negroes, openly stealing and vandalizing as they “shopped”. Before I left the market shut its doors but first not before newly arrived Negroes had trashed the place into a shambles. When I first arrived I felt comfortable walking along Prospect Street, a main drag, at any time of the day. By the time I left Negro harassment might occur at any time. To anyone who has not experienced it, the rapidity with which an influx of the Negro underclass can destroy a neighborhood or city is incomprehensible. The Oranges were once renowned for the quality of their schools. My guess is they began a steady decline starting at about the time I left.

* My point is to close ranks like the Jews do. Jews are successful for a reason. Be ruthless about in-group interests like the Jews are. Conceal advancement of group interests behind something like tikkun olam.

The challenge for Whites will be how to employ the double strategy that Jews do — claim they’re “White” when it’s advantageous, then claim they’re “Jews” when it’s not. Hard for a White to claim he’s a Somali or Paki.

* I recall a post from a while back, where Japanese that spoke English were much friendlier to globalism than those that didn’t. Perhaps the Israeli Jews that only speak Hebrew are disconnected from the liberal English speakers in America.

* Their [Israel] Supreme Court is notable in that its is the only government branch where Arabs have representation. The Arabs in the Knesset obviously don’t count when even Labor won’t agree to appoint them to the Cabinet should they win.

It should not be outrageous for the US right to demand that Israel appoint even a token few Christians into the Israeli Cabinet, as the price for continued military subsidies. It would be even better to demand that Arab Christians in Lebanon are not legitimate military targets, as they were in 2006.

* Our host with the most, Steven Sailer, has pointed out that even affluent black neighborhoods have lousy schools, e.g., Prince Georges County in Maryland.

* Jewish religious doctrine, although fascinating, is not my main interest. I’m more keen to observe (and emulate) how Jews create a strong in-group orientation and obtain positions of privilege living as aliens in an ostensibly hostile society. That would be useful for my group as we become a minority in Diversity America.

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