Sex Abuse Claims

In a legal claim, the longer you wait to make a claim, the less force it tends to carry (and often the claim is barred by a statute of limitations). For example, if you claim your life was ruined by a car accident but you wait two weeks to seek medical treatment for it, your claim is not strong.

So these women who are speaking up now about sexual abuse that happened years ago are not impressive if you judge them on the same standard that you would with other torts, or on the same standard you would judge men.

If you believe women have moral agency, then women waiting years to come forward with stories of sexual abuse are not impressive. If you view women as a natural resource that needs tending, directing, and protecting, then you judge women differently from men. You don’t expect women to take responsibility as readily as men do because until recently, women were regarded as the responsibility of their fathers or husbands or brothers, and so personal responsibility is new for them.

Women are not valid witnesses in Torah law. Wikipedia: “Testimony in Jewish law consists of testimony by eligible witnesses to a Beit Din (court) authorized to render decisions according to halakhah (Jewish law). Eligible witnesses must in almost all cases be free men who are not deaf, mentally or morally unsuitable, or too young for Bar Mitzvah; in particular, women are in most cases not eligible.”

There’s a myth that prior to 1967, Aborigines in Australia were classified as flora and fauna:

Not being counted properly in the census all those years has fed into the misunderstanding that Aboriginal people were classified as fauna until the ’67 referendum.

In recent years, an Aboriginal politician even referred to growing up under a state Flora and Fauna Act.

Several states did, indeed, often manage Aboriginal affairs through departments that also handled flora, fauna and wildlife.

But there is nothing to show Aboriginal people were ever classed as one and the same, despite the fact they were not being counted in the official human population.

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