Sexual Harassment At Work

In my experience, about one woman in 50 at work is hot. But when you see the same woman every day, your attraction to her grows even if you wouldn’t give her a second glance if she were a stranger walking down the street. Only about one woman in 30 over age 20 is hot.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* While a few young workplace women are passable most aren’t that hot. Most of the men being caged up and having sparse outside interests tend to over-estimate the beauty of their female colleagues. And of course the women spend a huge effort getting dolled up for work precisely to pique male interest and to inflict consternation among their female rivals.

Friend of mine at Encorpera went to the company picnic at the local water park. Later he mused “the women all look hot at work but when you see them in a bikini they don’t look so good.”

This latest public outrage over male-on-female harassment needs to include a discussion on female beauty privilege and women’s complicity in instigating bumbling sexual entreaties from their befuddled male co-workers.

* Women dress to excite the envy of other women and attract the attention of alphas. If they attract the attention of betas and below, their unwelcome attention has to be swatted down. What is interesting in what is going on now is that by many measures the male “harassers” meet the alpha test – they are rich, powerful entertainment figures. But physically they are betas and below – fat, balding, etc. Would they be getting ratted out in this way if they were not just rich and powerful but also handsome and attractive (or even just handsome and attractive)? Does their physical repulsiveness outweigh their bank balance in the lizard brains of the women that they hit on?

* The business at my part time weekend job now has cameras covering every nook and cranny of the building interior, at considerable expense. For the simple reason that we once had a female employee who went out of her way to sleep with every married man at that place of business, or shine on every married man she wasn’t attracted to, and then in your face their wives about it while filing sexual harassment charges. I was at work twice when wives came up to confront her.

The reality is that if your business has as many as (as few as?) ten female employees, at least one of them is going to be a grade A sexual predator looking to create as much chaos and harm as possible, to as many people as possible. But of course, we only hold men accountable for their behavior, and that is 100% of why our civilization is collapsing.

* The Jews in the psychotherapy hustle want us to believe that they know more about “mental health” than the rest of us. So what do they tell us to do? Let go of the past, abandon the illusion of the ego and live in the moment, like you see recommended in those one-off magazines for sale in supermarkets about “mindfulness,” “holistic living” and “spirituality.”

But then look at what Jews do when it comes to the things they really care about: They obsess over their history of persecution, they show bruised egos, and they worry constantly about white men organizing into the next Nazi movement and led by a new Hitler.

* Stand up comedians are notorious for swapping “ChuckleF#cker” stories revolving around just what they are able to get away with with both the groupies and possibly struggling female comics.

NSFW but quite revealing.

Porn addiction is just another substance also commonly abused by comedians. There have been numerous documentaries on stand up comedians in addition countless on stage confessions to this.

Combine sexual/erectile dysfunction caused by porn addiction with the access to often willing & troubled groupies and its not hard to imagine the rabbit hole comedians Louis C.K. fall into.

* I remember reading an account by an Elvis groupie of her encounter with Elvis as a teenager. When she was escorted into his hotel room, it was understood that it was for the purpose of sexual relations – this is something he did every night in every city or at least very often. She wasn’t there to discuss her algebra homework with Elvis. So after doing this for a while, you just assume that any female that is alone in hotel room with you is there for sexual purposes like all of the others. We are reading about the 1% of females that objected (retroactively) to what was going on and not the countless others who were fine with it.

* Ground is being broken here. Masturbation is to become “performance art”. Who wouldn’t want to pay to watch Louis CK jerkoff at Avery Fischer Hall? Complementary umbrellas and ponchas provided at the door. Bring the kids and Aunt Gertrude. All proceeds will be donated to Friends of Jewish Jerkoffs. FJJ is the worlds preeminent organizing leading the fight against chronic masturbation in the Jewish community.

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