Jews & Brains

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Jews are what you get when you have an ethnocentric tribe where about 12% are Mensa level or above in cognitive ability, compared to only about 2% of us Goyim. Overlaid with their ‘clubby’ cultural tradition and practices.

* Mensa membership qualifier is top 2% of the normal white cognitive bell curve, where the white mean IQ is 100 and the Ashkenazi mean is 112. Mensa is equivalent to an IQ of 130 and above. Standard Deviation=15.

* Since Judaism (except for a few branches) offers very little hope for an afterlife (or at least a happy one), a Jew becoming atheist is really just a Jew abandoning the rules of life and finding a new path for the here and now.

Christianity, however, is very afterlife directed, so a Jew who becomes Christian is ostensibly changing his orientation from the here and now to the hereafter.

* I don’t know where you got that idea. One of the most basic and fundamental tenets of Judaism is that we are in this world in order to prepare for an eternal, spiritual existence in the next, where we will be rewarded for how we lived while on this earth. This belief is an absolute sine qua non. To deny it is pure, unequivocal heresy. Any theology, movement or “branch” that says otherwise, no matter what it may call itself, cannot be considered Judaism.

* I get the sense the Coens are sympathetic to Christians, but tend to think true-believers are often hoodwinked by unscrupulous types who feign faith and then use it as a cover for inequity—in other words, a quite standard reading of many scandals in Christian history.

* I don’t hate Jews, but I believe that any time such a small number of people has the power that Jews do today, we should examine their efforts, desires and motives carefully, and we should and must criticize them when these goals seem destructive to others in the same way we should and must criticize any other group. We can and should criticize Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, we should criticize the governments of the US and the EU and anyone else. It seems to me some Jews feel that they are above outside critique. They must be shown that they are incorrect.

* As for the Coen brothers, they’re not converts they’re just smart guys sitting in back of class cracking on anything remotely sentimental or pompous. Larry David is another one. Every American ethnic group contributes to this subculture.

The thing that gentiles interested in figuring out what makes the Jews go must realize is that they see Jews who give them an unrealistic view of how Jews are. If I could tell you how many Jews I know hate Schindler’s List, who wince every time Elie Wiesel cranks up the soft, halting guilt-trip aphorisms, and realize how good we have it in America. Okay, so there are people who hate Jews, think whatever, they go f themselves. Who gives a spit about a swastika in a toilet stall?

Stephen Miller knows it, the Coen brothers know it, Larry David knows it, Spielberg knows it. America is the best thing we’ve ever been a part of. On the other side, Rob Reiner is Hollywood’s JPod, Maddow is a lesbian and has her own problems, Richard Blumenthal is a fantasist who thinks he fought in Vietnam. It takes all kinds.

Jews better figure it out quick which side to take as this country splits in two. The Palestinian flags in the crowd at the DNC should clue them in, not to mention what’s going on on campus. I think we’ll come around. Jews are fairly well represented in what I hope Steve will permit me to call the Citizenist Movement, with their Jewishness secondary to their American-ness.

Turns out ‘what’s good for the Jews’ is also what’s good for America. Imagine that.

* Their recent film Hail Caesar was one of the more sympathetic portrayals of Christian faith (and, specifically, Catholic faith) that I have seen in a movie in recent years.

* The Cohen Bros. are serious critics of Judaism in a lot of their movies, while at the same time revering American Christianity. You’re right about A Serious Man, if the main character had been a religious Christian of that time the support system would have been completely different for him and actually condemned the hussy wife and her lover.

The Cohen brothers keep a lot of their lives private so I would not be surprised if they had converted or fallen away from Judaism at some point in their lives and weren’t advertising that.

* Noticing Jewish control of much of the country and the acceptable anti white narratives can get someone fired and banished from mainstream media, social media, the internet (as the Daily Stormer shows), and even much of the conservative media (as Philip Giraldi found out).

Even worse, most conservatives and evangelicals refuse to acknowledge any of this no matter how glaringly obvious it may be and how much it hurts them.

Do whites simply have to get used to being submissive to their masters? Noticing what is so obviously going on just increasingly leads to frustration and alienation. Kind of goes against the reason for the founding of the country though. At this rate, we may well have stayed submissive to the king of England.

* Steve Sailer: “A desire to engage in inappropriate behavior is one of the main motivations for becoming a star. I remember Nick Lowe explaining his career motivations for becoming a rock star: What other job can you perform while high and still pull tons of birds?”

* White Gentiles need to start an antidefamation league of their own that calls for boycotts and firings. It could buy full page ads in newspapers and television commercial time at first, just to get known. It could call itself the Antiracism League or something disarming to the left just for fun.

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