Why Is Ronan Farrow Leading The Way In Exposing Hollywood Predators?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Ronan took his mother’s side in the divorce-and-Soon-Yi drama, and has stated that he remembers his mother warning him about Allen back when they were together, as well as warnings she gave that the children were not to be left alone with him. He’s also said point blank that Woody was, for all intents and purposes, Soon Yi’s father, no matter the legal reality at the time, and that the relationship is icky as a resuly.

He’s been pretty vocal about bashing Woody (his supposed father) and Soon Yi, except nobody bothers to quote him since Woody’s quite protected.

Ronan has also taken an even subtler personal route against Allen. The rumor goes that Frank Sinatra, not Woody, is Ronan’s true father. Ronan has played this up by coiffing his look to appear more like Ol’ Blue Eyes and not the nebbish Allen.

Anyway, Ronan probably dove into this trying to find dirt on Woody and ended up here.

* Sleaze Lisa Bloom took the cake. Her day job was as a high-profile lawyer, women’s rights advocate, defender of rape victims, etc. At night, however, she was a villainess working to betray rape victims to the King of the Rapists, Harvey Weinstein. Just read a whole piece about her and how she worked against McGowan, tried to insinuate herself into Farrow’s investigation and subvert it, etc. She might just be the sleaziest bitch of the last 20 years.

(((Polanski))), (((Epstein))), (((Weinstein))), (((Weiner))), (((the Nickelodeon guy (pending)))), (((the NPR guy))), (((Halperin))), (((Toback))), (((Wieseltier)))…I know I’m forgetting several. Talk about your echo chambers.

* I wonder about the mentality of agents who went through the whole training process of making it into Mossad, being imbued with the entire history about Mossad being a pillar of the protection of the Israeli state against its destruction by its many enemies, and yet ending up being people who do nothing except help a rapist and sexual harasser stalk his victims, and doing it for no other reason except that it’s a paying job.

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