Reason is a Whore

Richard Spencer was on a podcast recently with James Allsup and Nick Fuentes.

Richard Spencer joins the panel to talk about the news of the week and the state of the alt-right, as well as Depeche Mode. The first hour focuses on the attack in Manhattan and how we should respond to it, Stefan Molyneux DEFOOing “the time for arguments,” the insane ad being run against Ed Gillespie, and why the alt-lite’s position is ultimately untenable and based around accepting the left’s paradigms.

Hour 2 begins with a look at South Africa, reflects on compassionate colonialism, and takes a look at how to solve the problems in Africa. Then, the guys talk about Charlottesville 3 months later, and have a much-needed conversation on the status and future of the alt-right.

Nick: “As Stefan Molyneux has famously said, the time for arguments may be over.”

“You hear some of these fellow whites, the vitriol against whites, these people have to be locked away. The William F. Buckley Forum isn’t going to cut it anymore.”

James: “Jeffrey Lord-Martin Luther King conservatism isn’t going to cut it anymore.”

Richard: “There was never a time for arguments. To say that we could at one time argue about something is to put those cart before the horse. Reason is a tool we use to justify what we want — emotionally, racially, spiritually. Reason is a means to an end. The idea that should dive into reason and surround ourselves with rationality and end up with what Molyneux calls universally preferable behavior is wrong. Existence is what matters. Life is what matters. Reason is a tool for us to legitimize our quest for life, our will to power.

“If you ever start falling into an argument that is going to reduce our ability to live, our power, our life, then you need to rethink reason.”

“When adopted pure rationality and he just pushed liberalism to its outermost limits, he fell into all of these horrible, life-denying positions. This is a man who was running a cult for divorcing your parents. If my daughter was not rational enough, you’ve got to go. I wish you could have pursued universally preferable behavior. Who does that? Only insane people do this. Because he is big-brained, he pursued logic to its end and you see where it leads you.”

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