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Audacious Epigone posts: Riffing off the previous post, the following table shows the percentages, by religious affiliation, who identify as gay or bisexual (N = 8,582):

Bear in mind that the Jewish sample, at 161, is small, as the question about sexual orientation has only been asked since 2008.

As in the case of condoning gay sex, Jews are gayer than those without any religious are. Stealing Feryl’s thunder, could that be a result of Jews tending to be born and raised in conurbation, and thus exposed to the pathogens that accompany high population density, rather than in sparsely populated flyover country?

Jews are effective eugenicists in part because Ashkenazis are afflicted with rare genetic disorders at rates far higher than non-Jews. Is part of the reason they are so favorable towards homosexuality because they are similarly ‘afflicted’ with homosexuality at higher rates than non-Jews?


Jayman: I suspect self-report bias. Though this could be legit.

* Nothing like the sub-headline: “Anal Cancer, the new gay epidemic the media won’t talk about” to endear people to queers.

Funny how they hide a report blaming rapid increases in STD infection on queers under a headline about the differences between states. Later in the report they admit that blacks have much higher rates of STD’s than whites, but attribute it to “poverty.” Nowehere do they admit that blacks males are more likely to engage in sex with other men, although they do note that blacks have more sex in general.


The GSS has a couple of questions on homosexuality. The percentages, by religious affiliation, who say “sexual relations between two adults of the same sex” are “not wrong at all” (N = 34,713):

Jewish condoning of homosexuality outdoes even that of those without any religious affiliation. Given that some percentage of those without affiliation are ethnic Jews–or “post-Jewish atheists”, as one blue checkmark puts it–that’s quite remarkable since ethnic Jews without any feeling of connection to Judaism presumably condone it even more overwhelmingly than religious Jews do.

The story is a similar one with same-sex marriage. The percentages agreeing with the right for members of the same sex to marry, with “neither agree nor disagree” responses excluded (N = 9,689):

…It is this reality that makes it hard for those on the dissident right who are relatively favorably inclined towards Jews to provide a firm answer on the JQ. We want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but man, Every. Single. Time. Or damned near it, anyway.


* BTW, there’s a distinction between condoning something and actually participating in it. Most Jews don’t want to be in the porno industry on any level(let alone “act” in it), but most Jews instinctively gravitate towards “tolerance” of weird crap often on the grounds that WASPs historically bore a grudge against it.

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