Do We Need More Trannies In The Military?

Comments: * Trannies are severely mentally ill. They are more detached from reality than schizophrenics. The very last place they should be is in the military, in close proximity to very dangerous weapons.

* I’m sure Hefner’s children dearly loved him. That’s why they sent him off with a tranny porn issue.

* It’s really amazing how all those Nice White Ladies love Gays and Gay Marriage (TM) so much while having ZERO knowledge of (or even curiosity about) the actual behavior of homosexuals. They really believe in the fairy tale that “love is love” and that gay relationships work always exactly the same way as hetero relationships and that gays are just, you know, men who like musicals and interior decoration. How dumb can you get.

* We are told, ideologically anyway, that the US is all about equality, but the icono-politics of homos and trannies — the rainbow colors, the mass festivals, sainthood and celebrity — suggest that LGBTQ community is holier and precious.

Homos have been given tremendous iconic power in the US, and in an age where so much of culture is defined by images and sensory stimuli, the power of ‘iconology’ has a way of overriding the meaning of ideology. Sure, the homomania agenda has been sold as ‘equality’, and at one time, there was some truth to that in the sense that homos wanted equal freedom to do their thing.
But we are now way past that. It’s no longer enough to let homos be free to be homo. We must praise, celebrate, and hail the homo.
The reason why Milo got so much mileage was he was a Jewish-Homo ‘conservative’ with thing for Negroes. In a nation where the three groups with most iconic power are Jews, homos, and Negroes, Milo was the intersection of all three. As Jew, he could invoke Shoah and support for Israel, a blood cousin of Anne Frank. As homo, he could promote himself as Mr. Cool and Creativity, flaming flamboyance. With Bungle Fever, he could defend himself from charges of ‘racism’. (Oddly enough, favoring blacks as superior homo-mates is not ‘racist’ even though it’s predicated on racial differences. But then, favoring Jews over Palestinians is also regarded as okay than ‘racist’ when, clearly, one people are being hailed and favored over another. So, ‘racism’ has come to mean “not recognizing blacks as the superior race”, and ‘antisemitism’ has come to mean “not obeying Jews as the master race.”) Due to the power of ‘iconology’, Conservatives were at a moral disadvantage since the Lib Democratic Party was seen as the favored home of the Holy Three; Jews, Homos, and Negroes. So, when Milo claimed to be a ‘conservative’, so many in Con Inc. bent over backwards to welcome him and worship him like the golden calf.

Ideologically, people say and claim to stand for certain values and principles. But ‘iconologically’, they act at odds with their stated ideology, often without noticing this discrepancy because iconic power has a spellbinding and hypnotic effect on them.
I mean, how can Americans who claim to be for equality of all peoples be so fanatically pro-Zionist while so insensitive to Palestinian issues? It’s because all those images of Israeli flags juxtaposed with American flags, all those chants about “Israel is America’s closest friend”, all the symbols and hymns about Shoah, and etc have the majority of Americans doped on Philosemitism.

In a way, the recent NFL controversy is a war of icons. Patriotism as represented by Red, White, and Blue and the National Anthem and Negromania as represented by black athletes who resist symbols of ‘white supremacism’ that has gone from Confederate flag to the American flag itself.
The thing about blacks is they think everything exists to serve them. Their favorite phrase is ‘have me’. “I wanna have me(this), have me(that).” They had Obama for 8 yrs, and it’s like what Michelle Obama said in 2008, that she was proud for the first time. Blacks are not looking for equality. Like Jews and homos, they seek supremacy and special privilege. And the thing about ‘iconology’ is that icons can never be egalitarian. Icons favor certain images and sounds over others. This is why one set of icons must call for destruction of other sets of icons, like Robert E. Lee monuments. (It’s no wonder Ancient Hebrews came to loathe idols. It always turns everything into a violent sports of iconography vs iconoclasm.) Ideology can be exclusive too, but ideas are more comprehensive than idols, which represent something more specific. So, while ‘democracy’ is an ideology, the image of the Founding Fathers strikes many people as ‘dead white supremacist males’, and as such, those icons must be destroyed. In a way, what we are witnessing today is less a war of ideology than ‘iconology’, with diverse forces vying for Sacred Iconic Status. And this is why the fall of Anthony Weiner and Harvey Weinstein was so worrisome to people like Woody Allen. They really tarnish the iconic image of the Jew as the Eternal Sacrificial Sheep. They come across like Jordan Belfort the wolf.

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