Why Aren’t There Great Jewish Minds Debunking The Alt Right?

The truth about Jews and non-Jews has to be somewhere in between the critics and the advocates. The Alt Right can’t be 100% correct. The Jewish establishment can’t be 100% correct either. I know Kevin MacDonald, Richard Spencer, Andrew Joyce, Greg Johnson and company are not 100% correct about Jews. On the other hand, I know that Jewish advocates can’t be 100% correct either.

There’s no way that the comforting conventional wisdom that each group tells itself is 100% correct.

So the truth has to be somewhere in between the critics and the apologists, right?

What troubles me is that there are no great Jewish minds debunking the Alt Right right now. Those Jews who do engage with the Alt Right throw slurs, but no formidable Jewish intellect is doing battle with the Alt Right solely on the fields of fact and logic. So why is that? Is it because there’s no battle that can be waged against Kevin MacDonald and company on purely factual and logical grounds? No way. Is it because there are no incentives (whether money or status) for Jewish/black/latino introspection? I think that’s it.

Look at what happened to poor Mark Oppenheimer this week. If he does this again, his career will be finished. Nobody messes with the Jews in America today and comes out ahead. All you’ll get is tsures for any publicly declared negative generalizations about protected groups.

In the 19th Century, Jews competed powerfully against Christianity in the realm of apologetics. Frankly, I think we won (after all, I grew up Christian and converted to Orthodox Judaism). We should muster our resources now and sally forth against the Alt Right using nothing but facts and logic. There is no other honorable form of argument.

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