LGBT Americans Are Disproportionately Jewish

Forward: “While only 2% of Americans are Jewish, the study found that 6% of LGBT Americans identify as Jews. Nearly half (46%) of LGBT Americans are religiously unaffiliated, roughly twice the American average of 24%.”

There seem to be a lot of Jewish gays.

Charles writes:

Do some ethnic groups have more homosexuals than other ethnic groups?
Of course not everyone will agree with him on the issue of homosexuals being “smarter” than those of us who are straight. I suspect they are slightly higher on the verbal and social abilities. I also do suspect that some ethnic groups might have slightly higher proportion, but it’s not like I know if that is so.
(I notice an unusual number of bisexual Jews in the film industry for example.)

Ray Sawhill: “The sorts of gay guys who succeed in the culture world — who manage to keep their heads above water, and maybe even rise, in fields like the media, fashion, theater, etc — are often impressively talented and bright. They’re often lots of dizzying fun to be around too. They can make a lot of straight people look really dull. After 35 years in NYC, I can testify that warmth, exuberance, brains, humor, charisma and drive aren’t in short supply among Jews.”

Charles: “I met a very flamboyant Jewish guy on set a few days ago. Just thinking about how he seemed to master the crowd after hours. It’s made me consider the differences in social power.”

Adam: “Gay men seem great at having intense knowledge In specific interests but very poor generalised knowledge, systematic understanding or analysis of linkages and cause and effect relationships.”

Chaim Amalek: “This is why God wants us inside the Torah Corral, where the only people we can harm are ourselves, and our rebbes keep a vigilant eye on us all to make sure there is no buggery going on.”

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