San Diego Might Be America’s Most Sensible City

Lot comments: I feel good as a San Diego homeowner to know our local gov, like NYC in some respects, considers us too important to tolerate the race leftist agenda.

First, our lack of “affordable housing” makes us the least black metro area out of the top 50 in the USA. I do not think we have any project high rises at all.

Second, we are not a sanctuary city. We might be the largest non sanctuary city in the USA. If ICE wants someone in the county jail held, we hold him then turn him over.

Third, we are pro police. Crime is very low and when there is a LEO shooting, we side with the LEO over the thug he shot. Here is one such case. No criminal charges against the cop, and no jackpot settlement for the thug’s family. Our DA took the civil suit to trial and won before the jury.

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