The Shuttening

The NY Times has this interesting list of young women rockers, and all the editor can think to do is ask them these boring social justice warrior questions. Why not have a music editor ask them questions about their music? Have a poetry editor ask them about their lyrics? What a waste of a feature. The NYT simply can’t do hip.

Increasingly they can do nothing except narrative, even if they have the contacts to do something interesting.

No wonder Vice is eating all the MSMs for lunch. Vice never used to do narrative. They adopted it — and strictly — because that’s what you have to do to be mainstream. But they still are curious about things outside of narrative, which is more than we can say for most MSM pubs these days.

Big Tech are resorting to shutdown because the regular outlets have become so boring they can’t distract even on a good day, never mind an interesting one.

Learn from North Korea: the stricter you are on narrative, the more you have to repress those who speak outside of it.

I used to spend hours every week reading the NY Times. But since Trump, I find it is a much quicker read, as I skip over all articles relating to national politics, Trump, race, gender, or immigration.

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