The Second Civil War (1997)

This movie is great! It’s got sex and love addiction, Mexicans burning down the Alamo, every ethnic group at each other’s throats, and war!

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* The Joe Dante movie you all need to see is The Second Civil War made for HBO and shown in 1997, which is more relevant today than when it was made. Don’t let the “HBO” part discourage you. It’s a comedy-drama along the lines of Wag the Dog and it has a fantastic cast (including the late Phil Hartman as the President). It also comes down very hard on the mainstream media.

The gist of the plot is that after a limited nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan, a human rights group tries to bring a group of Pakistani orphans to Idaho and the Idaho governor refuses them, leading to an escalating conflict not only between the states and Federal government but between various ethnic groups and interest groups.

The first two videos are the opening of the movie. It starts out a little slow, but gives the set up. The second two videos are from much later and contain spoilers but give a good idea of where it goes, which includes black street gangs fighting a Hispanic mayor and police force for control over LA and both the Alamo and Statue of Liberty being blown up by the opposing sides.

Language in all of these videos, since it was a cable movie, may NSFW.

It’s available on DVD.

* And the most memorable part was the reporter dodging bullets while trying to find somebody who spoke English (and the response from the LAPD officers was “Que?”).

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